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  1. Lots of newbies (and me) out there benefiting from your help on captions. Take care. James.
  2. The golden hour views are a crowded market. No reason not too compete, but I'd be tempted to not overlook the quirky details, a named room key, embroidered towel, dressing gown or room service menu. A page in a travel article will have the big artful picture but also a couple of thumbnail details, no need to exclude yourself from the whole market. Good luck
  3. Well that's the housekeeping done... Dunno about you chaps but I feel frustrated that the only help I can give is to stay in an keep out of the way.
  4. As they say on the BBC, other galleries are available. I've just spent 1/2 hour wandering around your southern Cornwall pictures. I had a good stare at the people on the wall at Coverack but I wasn't there that day. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I'd recommend Henry V, he'd fight the virus to a standstill and then marry its daughter to keep the peace...😉 Cheers all.
  6. MDM, Let me re-phrase and simplify my comment. I hope none of us die. When this is over we exercise our votes, hopefully for the politicians who showed their worth. I fail to see how that sentiment can justify a reply such as yours. Good night everyone. James
  7. Ortho, Don't be scared by the occasional QC fail, it's all part of the Alamy Learning Experience. We've all had them and it's a how we've learnt where the limits are. Good Luck, James
  8. Well I hope we're all here to take a long calm look at our Politicians next election time.
  9. Mike Fischer is on BBC news now.. his company Sbi is doing 300 to 500 covid19 tests for local gp's a week. Bravo sir.
  10. The dashboard and account take a while to sync at the month end. Business as normal...
  11. Families squabble, at least thats what the people in the laboratory told me.
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