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    Documenting what I see. Topical issues that make good stock pictures, a picture taker not an image maker, LRPS and one day ARPS. Helping contributors hoping it improves the whole portfolio. Inspiration, Atget and Ravilious. Hedgehog feeding.


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  1. Commendable idea. This is the sort of editorial stock Alamy is good at. Good luck.
  2. So what would be safe/appropriate for a text book? Just curious.
  3. Enjoy your Fuji's Simon. They are a bit habit forming. What are you doing about flash?
  4. Much fun to be had here! https://camerasize.com/compare/
  5. I'm guessing these are your 3 qc pictures. You can upload more after you pass qc. Lots of info to read on the help page.
  6. Remembering this is'nt really a bad thing but I had a saturday job in woolworths and had to pack the seed potatoes. Just over 7 pounds in each bag, or else! As for a bad thing, I've just spent 29 minutes talking to my broadband provider. It was a "give me a discount or I'm off" conversation, a bot long overdue I'm afraid. As for a good thing I now have a lower monthly bill! After watching a lot of antiques programmes on the BBC I didn't take their first offer or their second! So I'm about 39% better off but it's not all roses because a new customer still gets a better d
  7. My sales for 2020 were the same as 2019. To my mind this is an indicator that Alamy know how to sell pictures. Distribution is part of their game plan. It makes sense to me to take advantage of what they have to offer. A picture on Alamy is worth two on the hard drive. Stay safe kids.
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