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  1. Edo, How about getting your favourite St Peter's picture printed and framed, put it up in the kitchen. If the picture buyers can't see its worth, you'll see it every time you put some pasta on the stove. Cheers.
  2. Well Mrs Standfast got a new knee today, courtesy of the NHS and a rather clever Iranian anaestheist and an Indian surgeon. She was intentionally awake through the operation, the three of them were chatting about politics and where to get a good curry. She is recovering well and has spent the evening telling me about listening to the sawing and hammering. Yes, a strange and wonderfull new world we live in. Cheers everyone.
  3. In the comics I read as a kid, non of the wrist watch radios or pocket computers had passwords and security. Still waiting for my flying car.....
  4. From the wish list... For the city. Low winter sun, long shadows, a clear blue sky and small subjects in an open place. For the country. Low winter sun, long shadows, a clear blue sky and a honey coloured cottage. From the pragmatic list... Anything I can document without intersting light. The NHS Odd British customs... All the best every one!
  5. The dashboard sometimes gets out of sync with the account balance at the end of the month. It settles down after a day or so. An odd but common feature of Alamy world. Cheers.
  6. If the picture is telling a story which has movement then motion blur may be part of that story. Experienced QC people will be able to make a judgement if the blur is in context or not, this is more relevent than trying to quantify the amount of blur. So when doing your 100% check if you ask yourself the question, "Is this part of the story", and reject the picture if it isn't you should be OK. Good luck.
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