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  1. It's a Games Workshop Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets.
  2. I know I'm mixing threads, but if Fujifilm were food it would be Bacon....mmmm Bacon...🤤
  3. A belated happy birthday Edo. Did you get that lamp fixed?
  4. Very good news, very happy to hear this! All the best!
  5. It's not as though he will be the last politician to fall from grace, just he's the first today. 🙄
  6. I'm trying to get some politician pictures, but the competion is a lot better at it then me. What I am confident about is getting some topical editorial pictures that can/might be used to fill in the gaps. Good luck eveyone!
  7. Hello, I like your pictures. Alamy is an open agency so there are no right or wrong subjects, don't worry about that. Some people start selling quickly, for some others it takes longer. 122 pictures is not many, I was at 694 when I made my first sale. Good luck.
  8. Tim, Some of those minor officials have a wealth of experience and likely have your best interests at heart, if they say don't cross the line, then there is a reason thats apparent to them. Printing up a press pass? Maybe not. A smile, professional attitude, saying please and a big assed lens are a safer bet.
  9. Hello Edo, Smashing pictures and keyword focus is OK. I'm keeping my feedback relevent to the minimalist caption and keyword style you like. One keyword I would be tempted to use more often is Merseyside, this applies to most of the travel pictures. Keywords and captions are so very subjective, any comments I make are trying to steer you away from false views. 2A5Y566 Maybe missing:- Golden Arches, Sign I query big mac, burger, burgers, cheeseburgers. The associations are fine but they are not pictured. 2A64H0X Maybe add: - Sunny; low sun; brown hair 2A64HCK Spelling on “Grand ii", try “Grade Two Listed Building”, also a more British phrase. Maybe add “Victorian Architecture”. 2A5Y4N3 Maybe add keywords “Plastic spoon” and soup. 2A5Y5E8 Spelling is stained glass. 2A64HGP Maybe add shopping mall exterior 2A5M4RE Maybe add Keywords:- “shop window” and sign 2A53PP6 Maybe remove keywords food and “household food”. Different recycle collections and food is not pictured. 2A53RHW Maybe describe as Beer Pumps in an English pub. 2A4HHNC Maybe add “betting shop” and “fixed odds”, fixed odds is a topical phrase. 2A49GN5 Western England has connotations of a more southerly location. Hope this helps, James
  10. The little critter on the right says it all.
  11. Hello Edo, a thought full topic as always. I do like monochrome with deep blacks and real whites, but I'd like to speak up for those pictures which engage sensitively with the silver's and grays of the middle tones. Although not on Alamy my favourite exponent of the silver and gray is James Ravilious. He said he became frustrated with water colours of the English countryside because there were so many greens and I think he still tried to capture their middle tones with Kodak. His work can be seen on the Beaford Archive website and there was a film on YouTube narrated by Alan Bennett. Well worth a look. So silver and gray is for photography as well, not just beards 😏 All the best.
  12. Good to hear you're back in your favourite hotel Edo. Weather forecast for Liverpool looks reasonably today. Cheers.
  13. I'll pop down to the post office and see if any one in the queue knows. Won't be long!
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