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    Documenting what I see. Topical issues that make good stock pictures, a picture taker not an image maker, LRPS and one day ARPS. Helping contributors hoping it improves the whole portfolio. Inspiration, Atget and Ravilious. Hedgehog feeding.


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  1. Gary, I had a cheeky look at your pictures, hey we all do it! 🙂 I saw one which matched your description, a chap with Colas on his jacket. Images of this sort are commonly used in the press on an editorial basis.
  2. I think they are taking the mickey! UK newspapers are full of pictures such as your description. Is it Colas? James
  3. Hello Jason, obvious question, is your cleared balance over $50?
  4. Another book sale via French Distributor. Hope we see a few of these today.
  5. Straight to Sale today. Is too early for a ice lolly? (Rhetorical question, don't mean to take this off topic...)
  6. Last upload was Sat 8th, went straight online.
  7. Bigger licences but also a $250 payment threshold, people would not wear that these days.
  8. Saturday's and Sunday's are not working days...
  9. Newbie here, first upload Nov 2007. SRGB Jpegs upsized to 48Mb from a 6 Mpix Konica Minolta 5D, what could go wrong?
  10. Sorry Edo, PU is short for personal use, when somebody buys a picture of a tv remote thinking they are getting a tv remote and are disapointed when they only get a picture. I was typing faster than I was thinking. Good blog! I think stylised food and lifestyle pictures are fascinating. I just can't see the image in my head to be able to create them. Cheers 😀
  11. mmm... The villagers will be taking up pitchforks, lighting torches and marching on the castle! 😀
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