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  1. Rotating images of "move to historical <English area> near <famous castle or really pretty landscape> in an estate agent's window probably wouldn't be a problem. It's using editorial pictures of people if you guys there are not protected against misleading uses of public figures. If you are, shrug. I can see rotating advertising photos for estate agents being harmless if property shot from public view doesn't need to be released.
  2. What are the rules for political ads in the UK? The US has a public figure rule that says that if you've chosen to put yourself out there (politician, prominent actors and musicians, etc.), you aren't protected in the same way as a private person. People sometimes use real named politicians in fiction and satire, but are more cautious about using real names for non-public figures (with some debate about how public a figure various people are). In the US, many political ads used released or not photographs that had absolutely no connection with the particular side advertising and
  3. Ah, Phil K. Dick's future. Soon to be followed by MDFTI (Media Drones Following Targeted Individuals).
  4. From other things I've read, Deviant Art has been trying to ID the fakes, and OpenSeas has a bad reputation for not really blocking people who do this. I've blocked a number of BitCoin people on Twitter. One thing I've noticed is they often make outrageously wrong statements about Nicaragua and how it handled Covid by not mandating masking, vaccines, or quarantines. Sigh. The FSLN has some political reasons (see 2018) to not put the National Police in the position of enforcing masking and quarantines, some good reasons not to have lock-downs (people work day to day and many work
  5. My three: A Giantess (how the Indigenous Nicaraguans saw the Spanish women) walking away from a street performance: Tourists walking into Teotihuacan's Avenue of the Dead. There was a stray foot between the legs of the man in tan pants. Learned how to do Context Aware Fill for this one. Old woman walking with help here in Jinotega.
  6. I debated uploading this one for a while, but decided that even if that finger was dedicated to a fat white Gringa, she was being real, not a stereotypical "deaf girl." What I'd wanted to get was deaf children communicating with each other through video calls. She cooperated but added another sign.
  7. My helper, Luis, found a dead cat in my upstairs studio over the kitchen. I gave him all my spare issues of La Prensa, a plastic bag, plastic gloves, and he bagged it, then double bagged it. Then he said he knew someone who could take it away now for 100 cordobas (around $3.50), so I gave Luis that and the cat corpse is gone. Luis thinks the cat was poisoned. I know that's happened around here at times. The cat was fairly rotten (Luis took a cell phone photo of it). Luis did a cleaning job and opened the ventanas (glass slat windows also called jalousies) so the place could air out. C
  8. I think I've played with some of these before, and yeah, you have to know what the code is to do anything useful.
  9. I'll stick to talking to people who've been watching the El Salvadorean dumpster fire first hand, and people who are not propagandists for the BitCoin boys. Also, people who know what precisely a cryptographic signature is and isn't. Or how useless a deed is if the nation you're buying in doesn't allow foreigners to own beach front property or land within a certain distance of a international boundary. Artists getting hustled is ancient. People in Greece wrote plays for possible awards at once a year public festivals. No royalties. One of the problems those of us
  10. I looked at one of my JPeg files with a text reader. I'm temped to see what happens if I cut and paste chunks of of two different files together. My impression is that most of the enthusiasts are not particularly knowledgeable about either programming or economics. People who claim this is like the start of the internet are lying. Telegraph, very 19th Century, was the beginning of the internet, everything else has been refinement of the interface. First photos transmitted by wire were before my birth. in 1935. Telegraph was the first near lightspeed network, just that the code was clunk
  11. I switched to LibreOffice. It's available for MS Windows, Macs, and Linux. It's Open Source, comes in a two different releases: one is for non-adventurous users and the other is for the adventurous. I'd heard good things about it from trusted friends before switching. MS Office isn't that expensive for what it is, but LibreOffice is pay what you want or not, or help them with testing, or not. It's got all the bells and whistles of MS Office as far as I can see. MS Office also had a potential gotcha -- if I sold a book, then I was using it professionally for the version I had. Nothing
  12. I always keep the raw files and keep the copies I've sent to Alamy. Raw files may be reprocessed in the future (LightRoom Classic has some useful new tricks).
  13. Not a major win, but one of those necessary small pleasures: I dialed in the brewing process on my BonJour coffee dripper and with 23 or 24 day old coffee got the best mug ever from the local growers' coop roasted beans. My helper brought in more freshly roasted beans (the coop has someone or some people who know how to run a Probat, nice moderate roast) as I finished off the older beans and explained why I was using a hand grinder and let him see and smell the grounds it produced. Had been grinding a bit coarser, but what I set last night works better in the dripper and probably will work
  14. Most people don't know what they're buying with a Non Fungible Token. Goods that are fungible are generally bulk items like oil. One barrel of oil is like another. With Non Fungible goods, one is not like another. If what you're buying is a genuinely unique copy, like a physical painting, you're buying the only version of that painting. Once you get into prints, the prices drop, even for artist-made or supervised prints. Price a Jasper Johns print and a Jasper Johns painting. If what you buy is a link to a web-hosted jpeg, then you don't really own anything. If I have the jpeg file, I
  15. Sounds terrible. Hope you get sufficient meds to keep the pain under control so you can keep up with the physical therapy and hope that your physical therapist is a good one.
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