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April 2022 challenge: Cats and dogs.


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Thank you all who took part and everyone who voted last month!


April 2022 challenge: Cat(s) and/or dog(s) or maybe an elephant.


It turns out up to now we have never had a challenge involving cat or dog.
Those are some of the all time favorite searched subjects by clients.


It actually started when I was researching War and Peace. -just kiddin'.
I did however stumble upon this quote:
Last time I saw her, she was peeking out from one of the bookcases next to the fireplace.

She's the first cat I've ever seen trying to pretend she's a condensed version of War and Peace.
And I thought: that is funny!

Now the images don't have to be funny, but they do need to have a caption.

Which makes it a bit conceptual: the caption must be a saying or proverb or quote or truism. Which you may invent yourself.

All Bark and No Bite.
Raining Cats and Dogs.
Fighting like Cat and Dog.
Every dog has his day.
Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God.
Dogs have owners; cats have staff.
Cats have an amazingly keen sense of hearing but go conveniently deaf when you call.
When I am in the doghouse, my cats still come to visit.
I got rid of my husband. The cat was allergic.
Dogs kind of default to making friends unless provoked. Cats seem to default to making enemies unless convinced otherwise.
Never feed your cat anything that doesn't match the carpet.
To live long, eat like a cat, drink like a dog.


If you happen to be attracted to totally different animals, and don't mind clients are not looking for those, find yourself another pet with a matching saying:
Elephant In The Room.
Go Down The Rabbit Hole.
Happy as a Clam.


If you really are not attracted to animals at all, you may find yourself a person in disguise.

Same rules as always - choose 3 of your best cat or dog pics, entries close at midnight on the 30th of April local London time.



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Three from me



Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. My (now ex) wife asleep on the sofa after the rigours of an overnight flight with two small children. My brother's dog thought she was setting a good precedent and joined her.




The dog may be wonderful prose, but only the cat is poetry. - French Proverb





“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”—Orhan Pamuk


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Wow, tough one Wim...with the added English challenge, takes me back to my school daze.😎


1) Nothing like a haut dog!




2) She thinks she has "Gone to the Dogs"




3) "look what the cat dragged in" said the cat burglar.



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15 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:

Wow, tough one Wim...with the added English challenge, takes me back to my school daze.😎


Any language is fine. - as long as either Google Translate or DeepL knows which it is. 😁

Actually To live long, eat like a cat, drink like a dog is originally a German saying that rhymes:

Willst du lange leben gesund, Iß wie die Katze, trink wie der Hund.

Plus you can always make up your own!


Part of it is realizing it's not finished after click. Part of it is looking for that little bit extra when a client looks at those results for just Cat or Dog and on hovering sees your caption.


As always let us know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe! -Sorry have been watching too many YouTube videos.😎

Just give us your best images.



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4 hours ago, VbFolly said:

1. Where's the poop deck?








I love it. "POOP Deck".😊


Good play on words.




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"So a lorry load of tortoises crashed into a train load of terrapins. I thought, that's a turtle disaster" (Tommy Cooper) Sorry, daft jokes make me laugh at least.



Hakuna Matata (Lion King)



"I'm fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." (Winston Churchill)

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Good idea for a topic Wim, though you gave me a real problem as I have hundreds of cat/dog/cat and dog/photos.
Anyway, from which I chose...


Washing My Cares Away.




The Bigger The Better



Best Foot Forward


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Like mistress like dog.  (not easy to see but both were asleep)




Is it safe to come out?




My vain attempt.  I won't bore you with another.




Changed my mind. I am going to bore you with a third.


I know something YOU don't know.






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