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  1. Woman Eating Doritos

    alter ego for sure!
  2. Woman Eating Doritos

    I give you Doris...Queen of the Doritos. P38612
  3. Woman Eating Doritos

    just did a search....I will forever see that blonde woman as the dorito lady now
  4. Who Are We?

    that's what has kept me from taking on more paid assignments....I have enough deadlines and pressure with the regular I like this instead.
  5. Anyone know what this would be used for?

    my thought was something survey related...
  6. wow...I get to start this. Country: World English LanguageUsage: Direct mail and brochuresMedia: Travel brochuresIndustry sector: Travel & tourismPrint run: up to 250,000Placement: InsideImage Size: Full areaStart: 1 June 2018End: 1 June 2019PDF and electronic version rights included Brilliant...I put the wrong photo up initially!
  7. Number of pics gone down

    I am out by that I have 2 more for sale then I actually have...
  8. "images offline"

    yes it does seem odd that if it was an automated email that it would send hours after that information is captured?
  9. "images offline"

    one explanation...we are time travelers.
  10. "images offline"

    I just got this too...for 30...that I already dealt with about 15 hours
  11. Who Are We?

    I have had professional photography assignments, but economics dictate that I do something else (construction law by way of engineering and economics degrees) I would rate myself a hobbyist at this point.
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018? GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM and Loop Images Ltd
  13. Google Analytics

    it was me!
  14. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    You'd be okay in Canada, but it's cold and if you want to live in a major centre with access to good medical...$$$$ (but not NYC $$$$).
  15. Upload not working?

    and 14 minutes later....showing in all good here.
  16. no problem...everyone should know when they get to be on nomnomnow
  17. Upload not working?

    mine uploaded about 3 hours ago, but still stuck in processing.
  18. I'm not! Same article...all with publishing dates in late May.
  19. Keyword advice

    you can always add more keytags later once you know more!
  20. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    toot away, that is awesome!
  21. Uploader Down?

    I uploaded a few last issues, and it was from my very slow connection at home.
  22. Very good to know, but very unlikely for me.
  23. how can a photographer be sued when they sell the image and state the releases that go with it? the publisher would have a hard time claiming anything...ignorance isn't an excuse. Now if I give false info, then that's on me. How can I control what anyone does with a download? how could I? no one would ever sell anything if they had to be responsible for where it ended up. This clause is correct, I am responsible for making sure the images are mine and the data (and releases) that goes with it is correct, but I'm not responsible for how it is used.
  24. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    over 50% of the way to my goal of 3500 images up by my next 1789 up, another 1167 to keytag and caption...guess I better plan a couple adventures before September to find the other 544.
  25. oh yes, which is why I think if I were to start using model released photos, my release would be airtight in my favor...I however have no plans to do this. AND a good understanding of the privacy laws within the country you are shooting is needed for both public and private spaces. I always err on the side of caution as it is. Thankfully, we live in's pretty easy, but I do look up alot for when I travel. I look up every venue I plan on visiting, and the country's laws as well.