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  1. I would add all the engineering ones too...overloaded, overloading, load factors....this is a prime example from one of my engineering texts as to what NOT to do.
  2. Just got my first payment November 1st and payment just cleared so getting my second on December 1st.
  3. my system at work...the regular gig...still a laptop and 2 monitors....grab and take it everywhere, meetings, home if I need too...can't do that with a desktop.
  4. I run on a laptop right now, too...have a couple monitors. Works for me just fine and more functional for me too. I can keytag and curl up on the couch.
  5. nice! I try to do alot of reading before I go, but this one came up fast. I went to our brand new fancy library yesterday and snagged a few books to do some planning this upcoming long weekend.
  6. thanks! this is so helpful...yes, Varadero and resorts aren't for me. I am a history nerd, I want to explore and see things that are new to me, so resorts are a turn off for me.
  7. thanks! I have been warned about the food, but it's hardly a hardship and I live on eggs anyways.
  8. oh yes..ALOT wrong here..ALOT, but I am speaking in terms of MY comfort level and MY safety.
  9. and what about Canadian and US tensions? I know alot of people being send back at the border just based on our new cannabis laws and social media accounts. Why bother?
  10. No, I have many friends in the US (including my 2 best friends...one in the navy, the other the army), and I lived there for a short period of time myself. I just choose not to travel there, or spend any money there if possible. It's not a personal afront to the majority of the population there. I can't vote there, all I can do is have a say with my money. Alot of places I want to go to in the US, and alot of people I want to see, but given the current climate there. I refuse to travel to Texas for work, it's my choice...I don't feel safe with guns everywhere. We see things differently....a ma
  11. that's one thing I learnt! I tried to shoot more stock/every day stuff my last trip...rather then make my photos fit stock. I still take what I want, but I am developing a better eye for it...but a long way to go.
  12. I booked a day trip to Viñales already, but other then my hotel and flight, that's all I have done.
  13. I have my foot repair kit in my suitcase all the time...this I am always prepared for....and yes, there will be ALOT of photos.
  14. I wasn't planning on going and next thing I know....oh yes, plane for sure...will be a long time before I set foot in the US again.
  15. hi everyone, somehow I am going to Havana in a couple weeks....any travel tips for this local and guidance would be appreciated.
  16. 1 for $$$...and first payment November 1st...so it's coming.
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