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  1. Thanks everyone. All very helpful. Think I know how I am going to approach this, and then we will see what happens!
  2. I never count on anything until it is complete and I am paid...this I have learnt. ☺️
  3. hi all, I have been approached for one of my photos to be used as a book cover. It would be exclusive of course and require me to limit the use of any sister images or which there a couple. I have never sold a book cover before, and the price seems appropriate $$$$, but would you have any hesitation given the restrictions now placed on images of the same subject, but that are entirely different? Thanks.
  4. well these big fish just came in Royalty-free 5 MB 1688 x 1125 pixels 189KB compressed Bulk discount, flat rate $ 0.10 Royalty-free 5 MB 1688 x 1125 pixels 221KB compressed Bulk discount, flat rate $ 0.27
  5. now up to 3 foot snow drifts....it was a lot of shoveling
  6. Had 2 very nice sales drop, however since I possess 3 of the 5 photos for this subject, I will be keeping it a secret. ☺️
  7. I had my first cut the other day in 461 days....by the same woman who cut my hair as a kid. I didn't have to sit on the board to make me taller or anything this time. 😄
  8. I got my Mom booked for her first dose of the vaccine!! And Molly the cat update...her kidneys are not failing, her thyroid was just out of whack so the permakitten will make it to 16 years in 2 weeks time.
  9. We are having some on Monday...it's my birthday meal 😊
  10. Mine too. Had a few, but Molly is will always be my best bud. 2.2 pounds when I got her...always been a kitten.
  11. Looks like I will have to saw goodbye to my little cat Molly soon.
  12. Same here, 3 stars a no more than a day usually unless it's a weekend.
  13. Mdina, Malta Valletta, Malta St. John's in the Latern, Rome, Italy
  14. Potash Mine; low $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 17 February 2021End: 17 February 2026
  15. I had 6 sales in January.. highest volume in a month for me...quite pleased by it.
  16. When I get there...might take a year yet at this rate. In the meantime, stuck in SK where I have nothing else to do but work on photos and recover. And I can think of many places I would rather be than Alberta for the foreseeable future.
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