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  1. I would add all the engineering ones too...overloaded, overloading, load factors....this is a prime example from one of my engineering texts as to what NOT to do.
  2. my thoughts too....that's alot of loading for wood planking.
  3. AIM Uploader working?

    Still homebase is Memorial.
  4. AIM Uploader working?

    the fancy new library?
  5. AIM Uploader working?

    try Filezilla..pretty easy
  6. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Just got my first payment November 1st and payment just cleared so getting my second on December 1st.
  7. I had to look this up, and I have made sure that some of my friends are now traumatized as
  8. I love these little guys...want to see one in person one day.
  9. After I downloaded the csv, the website shows me all 3058 needs.
  10. download the csv file to see everything.
  11. Desktop or laptop?

    my system at work...the regular gig...still a laptop and 2 monitors....grab and take it everywhere, meetings, home if I need too...can't do that with a desktop.
  12. Desktop or laptop?

    I run on a laptop right now, too...have a couple monitors. Works for me just fine and more functional for me too. I can keytag and curl up on the couch.
  13. Payments

    I am waiting
  14. Somehow I am going to Havana?

    nice! I try to do alot of reading before I go, but this one came up fast. I went to our brand new fancy library yesterday and snagged a few books to do some planning this upcoming long weekend.
  15. Somehow I am going to Havana?

    thanks! this is so helpful...yes, Varadero and resorts aren't for me. I am a history nerd, I want to explore and see things that are new to me, so resorts are a turn off for me.