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  1. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Payments cleared, so first payment November 1st, and should get one December 1st too!
  2. How was your September 2018?

    I I have alot of content from far, and very small sample...4 of 5 my are specific to Calgary/Banff...only 1 from Europe.
  3. thanks older one from the archives, but it works...and in 5 years, I may actually be caught up.
  4. yay! my first $$$ and 5th sale
  5. Hi from Canada...

    hi from Calgary!
  6. we have alot of these's to prevent people from sleeping there.
  7. How long before you sold your first stock photo?

    6 weeks and about 300 images.
  8. Huh. First zoom. Wasn't expecting one yet

    I did when they first started showing
  9. I have come across a few bears while hiking...scary, but yet I would never think to be scared of a moose.
  10. and then of course I just saw in the news that a local family of 4 just hit a moose, and 3 died, the 4th in coma...ugh. And I am heading to a funeral tomorrow for a coworker who fell off a mountain on Saturday....mother nature has not been kind lately around here.
  11. I'd rather be taken out by a moose.
  12. it depends on where you live here. Alberta: brown bears BC: cougars Manitoba: bear or wolf New Brunswick: Moose Newfoundland: Moose NWT: Black Bear Nova Scotia: Deer Nunavet: Polar Bear Ontario: Wolf PEI: Dog Quebec: Black Bear Saskatchewan: Wolf Yukon: Wolf