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Images sold in December 2020

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5 hours ago, John Richmond said:

11 in this morning including this one with sales to two different buyers,



Crocus chrysanthus 'Dorothy' taken in my back garden.  Both sales $ tiddlers - but enough to pay for the bulbs.


...but will it cover the electricity?

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brassica growing in a cage in the allotment in july Stock Photo


brassicas on my allotment


sold for just enough to buy a packet of seeds for next year !!!!


Country: United Kingdom
Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
Print run: up to 500,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1 page
Start: 01 November 2020
End: 01 November 2025
Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.


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This was a pleasant surprise which dropped in yesterday.  It was first submitted to Leslie Garland Picture Library 20 years ago following a 'wants' request and it had to show the UV Protection sticker.  By coincidence I had bought the sunglasses just a few days earlier and was able to retrieve the sticker from the bin!  Education text book - I got £20.00


When LG retired all the ones which he had scanned and uploaded to Alamy were transferred to my account and so here, twenty years later, is its second sale.  Education use again - maybe they've just re-printed the text book or are putting it online.  Good fee too - just short of three figures.   Bronica SQ - 50mm lens+18mm ext. tube.  Kodak EPT160 (tungsten).



Edited by Vincent Lowe
Forgot to insert the pic!
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This, probably last one of the year, will not make it a good year:

Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ;  Media: Website, app and social media ;  Industry Sector: Entertainment & Leisure ;  Start: 31-December-2020 ; End: 31-December-2025 ;  Additional Details: Any size; Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity



Empty music stage of the Barbican Centre Concert Hall Theatre Theater Auditorium London. With audience public visitors Stock Photo

Barbican Hall



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RF mid $$ 50% royalty. Single company - multiple use editorial onlyEditorial print + digital use.

Thanks Alamy.


This RF image has sold multiple times on Alamy. It makes a point so it is useful to the client, it is timeless, it was cheap to take as it was taken in Toronto where I live, it is also generic as it could be in many places in the Northern Hemisphere.


The duck makes the image. I was photographing the garbage only, so was ready for luck when a unplanned duck wandered through.



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Presumably my final sale of 2020, which at $1 nett I hope isn't a sign of any kind. Image taken roughly one month after going digital in 2005, though I'd worked it hard already as it's image number 1278.


Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Editorial website ;  Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ;  Start: 31-December-2020 ; End: 31-December-2025 ROW




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Last sale of the year, December has turned out to be quite a good month volume wise.

Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Editorial website ;  Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing - $



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