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  1. Alamy measures

    What he said!
  2. Images sold in February 2019

    I burned my old accounts a few years ago. Careful not to show any names or account numbers. National newspaper
  3. Alamy measures

    I think we should be compensated with - say, an upgrade of our CTRs to 10% above the Alamy average. A raising of my search results from page 10 to 5 will be most welcome, thank you very much.
  4. I've little idea exactly how many but think I need to tackle approx 5,000 and make them non-excl and I've gone through various excl/non/excl/excl deals over the years without keeping a record of those affecting dates (who knew I'd need to!). At this point - apart from isolate each one individually, I have no idea how I'm supposed to do so. Alongside creating new pictures, it'll take me months. I have 10,000 elsewhere and probably need to look through them and check. I'm procrastinating but made a start, though. And anyway, it's very possible that I'll make unintentional mistakes.
  5. Images sold in February 2019

    Those teeth still are feeding my coffee habit. Editorial national Newspaper, this time.
  6. Images sold in February 2019

    Hoot of a picture. My Focus is in for its MoT this morning though I've carefully avoided any baboons from getting anywhere close to it.
  7. Alamy measures

    Yes, that's increasingly desirable.
  8. Alamy measures

    Yes, I was deliberately downplaying the idea of raging against the machine.
  9. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Me too - and there are still old notifications still showing for posts already read.
  10. Images sold in February 2019

    Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Up to DPS, inside
  11. Alamy measures

    There's several ongoing issues with Measures and the forum. Relax everybody, it's frustrating but they'll sort it.
  12. ISBN Search Website?

    I did too yesterday with minutes of waiting for their server to Find a publication or go to page 2 of titles already submitted. Also, I kept getting logged out so that was an added pleasure ..
  13. ISBN Search Website?

    Thanks Regen. I've successfully used the ISSN site and have bookmarked your CLA alternative for next time round!
  14. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    My post re-appeared, was then answered (thanks fellas) and has disappeared again.
  15. ISBN Search Website?

    Thanks, both. I've now discovered you need to delete the dash in the middle for DACS to find and ingest the title. The next issue is that DACS keeps logging me out! Many thanks. Richard