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  1. Presentation sale again - and a second sale this week about the Guardian. It's their 200th annversary, you see.
  2. Even though it doesn't show up as a zoom and has yet to pop up as a sale, I noticed it in the Guardian today.
  3. Commercial electronic Media: Website, app and social media Industry sector: General business services $xx
  4. Is Alamy real .. or, is Alamy Satan? Ohh, they're watermarks. I thought they were the titles of the pamphlet.
  5. You're correct about adding new RAM and ditching old cards, Betty. Thinking I could maximise the memory, I tried that once and its behaviour was very erratic so immediately removed the older ones from the slots. Also, the brand of cards are important so do check which are best-suited to your Apple model/manufactured date.
  6. Ah, well - I made sure they put the RAM in before shipping it as I suspected that would indeed be problematic. Mind you, there's a huge jump from the 16GB I purchased to the 32 which was prohibitive.
  7. Thanks for the reply which allowed me to dodge the entire thread, Harry. These dilemmas will keep us on our toes for as long as we're in business.
  8. Apologies for not reading this entire thread about iMacs. If I may add my tuppenny-worth however, I had the same dilemma last year but it was my son who instantly told me I was crazy forking out for one. Instead, he said (he's not in IT but taught himself home-computing in his late teens, to a very respectable level and reads more than I do on latest trends), consider a Mac Mini and fill it with RAM. This I eventually did (although just 16GB) and I have to say I don't regret this. Also, I may have to temporarily move my office system for a short remote editing session later this year and can m
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