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  1. One of the foullest mornings of my life so far. Fleet Sewer, 20 years ago. Editorial website: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jan/22/george-eustice-says-water-firms-must-cut-sewage-releases-into-rivers-and-sea
  2. There has to be a setting that stops both rendering in b&w or as a square - as one has chosen to view in-camera. Of course, one would rather have a full-size colour version as back-up. Perhaps that's for another thread about LR.
  3. What does irritate me isn't so much a Fuji foible, but a LR character. I (may have already said) that I use the b&w simulation for a specific monochrime project which I love. BUT LR shows me the colour version when I click on a RAWs detail which makes editing a real pain - I only want to see the b&w while editing and the colour rendition interferes with my visual decision-making.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. It reminds me to check a more current issue of Holyrood Magazine - the Westminster version was harder to track down.
  5. Anyone had these usages before? Haven't found the links yet. "Editorial, 550 images UK Based Websites & The House, Parliamentary, Civil Service World & Holyrood Magazines. Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic."
  6. They're not very bright, those people. They happily launch a tirade about journalism and quote the scum media trope - then ask who I work for? And when I say I work for myself, I'm suddenly their best friend. Anyway, as I said in my OP, I'm always happy to take the money and grab the screen.
  7. Editorial website Social distancing during the third lockdown - although to note, at the nearest end on a Fuji 50-140.
  8. LR can be counter-intuitive, yes. When I mean a missing file, I mean that if the file in a LR catalogue, there will be a "!" in the top right corner of its small window (in Library Mode). This usually means that it's missing and you need to point LR to where it now resides (assuming it still exists on a local or externatal drive. So you click on the "!" and it'll ask you where to look for the file's new loaction. Once you find it, and perhaps other missing files reside on the same place, click on the missing file and LR will update that and all the others in that folder.
  9. Editorial website. I love it when the holders of these media placards don't quite get the irony of me photographing it and having it published.
  10. It's a good technique but the difference between looking into a dark TLR v/f and a sunlit screen (for example) is that you still miss details in the frame. I know you can review before leaving but that one frame where you've got the moment but cropped that annoying item in the corner is really annoying.
  11. When needs must, I suppose. Something primeval in me still wants me to look through the viewfinder, though.
  12. That's a factor I wantd to avoid. I can't tell you how much larger the cells for the 4 are but they do make a difference.
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