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  1. Sadly, Picture Post's Grace Robertson must be added to the list: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2021/jan/14/grace-robertson-pioneering-photographer-in-pictures
  2. Corporate Package Use – Internal use and external non-advertising use Industry sector: Construction & Property
  3. Following on from that thread about only shooting on sunny days - more proof that bad light shouldn't stop play.
  4. And I really like the toadstool fungus which it's a sure seller. BUT, with only 17 keywords - none of which include the words 'toadstool' or 'fungus' it's unlikely to sell at all. You might visit sites like this that are populated with invaluable keywords, to get the number of keywords up nearer to 40.
  5. I thought you might be in awe of the car! But, okay, the barn was pretty special too.
  6. Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: Unlimited transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 29 December 2020 Duration: In perpetuity Licence covers uplift of existing rights to all media worldwide and in perpetuity $xxx
  7. I do think that the whole story hasn yet played out and we should be out there recording what's happening as circumstances change day-by-day. That said, it's been another exhausing year for photographers reporting on these issues. If I could actually reach Dover, I would - but I think I'll take up the pace again in the New Year. It's not over till the fat lady .. oh, never mind. A Merry Christmas to you all too!
  8. Editorial newspaper any editorial digital use, one time use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
  9. Gloomy light for gloomy times. The current mood around the country should be photographed on days like these - especially with bight Xmas lights which benefit from darker backgrounds. And then, if it rains ..
  10. Thank you, Harry. A very useful read, although I'm now searching for the setting to turn IS Off on my Fuji. Not as simple as you'd imagine.
  11. I'm somehow managing to get sharper files from handholding my 23mm f2 and 50-140 f2.8 (at higher ISOs) than when using a tripod! There's something that's not quite working for me though it may be to do with an IS setting.
  12. A very poor month for me but this from French Guiana popped this morning: Usage dans un magazine ou un livre (presse et/ou numérique), usage à l’intérieur, parution à 2 500 exemplaires, international pendant 5 ans (publicité exclue)
  13. Commercial electronic, Website Use, Social Media, Worldwide, 5 years
  14. This life-long Canon user is transitioning from 5Ds to Fujifilm X-T4 which I've been using for jobs and personal work since late Summer and fidgeting about dropping my Canons for good. Fujis RAWS are terrific and the battery life on the T4 is much, much improved (the battery is almost as large as Canon DSLRs) and the 4 shutter options are really useful. Yes, the EVF takes some getting used to but quite frankly, going back to Canon would be a step backwards for me.
  15. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: Unlimited transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 17 November 2020 End: 17 November 2025 5 Primary TX / 8 play weeks (clearable for 32) / 5 year VOD on Five branded channels.
  16. Oh, my, I've opened a cano o' worms here! 20 pages of results of which I'd imagine many are false hits. Something else to do on a dark day!
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