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  1. Commercial electronic Media: Corporate video, including web use Industry sector: Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical $xxx.
  2. Editorial website (from a family wedding). Decent $xx
  3. Coals to Newcastle! "550 images UK Based Websites & The House, Parliamentary, Civil Service World & Holyrood Magazines."
  4. Usage: Blank! Industry sector: Media, design & publishing £xxx
  5. From the weekend's Scotland match - non-Live News. Imperfections galore!
  6. Rather than coals to Newcastle - pasta to Italy. Worldwide: Usage: Marketing package - Small business, Utilizzo in materiali di marketing, in tutto il mondo per 5 anni (esclude la pubblicità). Questo pacchetto è destinato a campagne di marketing che promuovono aziende con meno di 10 dipendenti. $xx
  7. Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education high $xx
  8. German Speaking Countries Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic - $xxx I'm guessing German Geo
  9. I missed your ad at the time so had to make do with this inferior one:
  10. First ever royal sale. You can see why I don't cover royals for a living.
  11. It's that time of year again. 9/11 in NYC: Editorial, Online Learning, Editorial Wesbite/Video, $x
  12. I wholeheartedly agree. There appears (to me) to have been more thought put into your post than in the actual contract changes. Alamy, please take note of this.
  13. I'm never surprised by the methods and frequency that corporates demotivate their contributors (and/or workers ). By the levels of collective discontent, and reading the (already) 6 pages of comments, it's clear that Alamy have achieved this spectacularly.
  14. Presentation sale again - and a second sale this week about the Guardian. It's their 200th annversary, you see.
  15. Even though it doesn't show up as a zoom and has yet to pop up as a sale, I noticed it in the Guardian today.
  16. Oh, well welcome back! You'll soon get the hang of it again.
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