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  1. A rumpled crew bed on a 787. If only my own bed was worth something. Marketing package - Large business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years
  2. If it was mine, I'd add: children youth kids fitness activity health race/racing competition enthusiasm dash/dashing speed sprint fast numbers community town etc.
  3. Magazines and books, Use in a magazine article (print, digital, electronic),
  4. I know that bus stop (its my usual bus route into town) and imagine that you were up the steps of the Tabernacle, opposite the Shopping Centre.
  5. You're still lucky to have lived there for so long. I last walked there in '76 while on Outward Bound and never experienced that thrill since.
  6. I keep thinking of this picture, reminding me that we really ought to return to the Lakes after many years. The influx of visitors puts me off, though. Anyway, it's a beautiful landscape.
  7. Educational Website Editorial digital Poland 1990 on Kodachrome
  8. Had a couple of these licenses: Worldwide: Usage: Ad and design. Marketing Package Use. Any size. Any placement. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license. Industry sector: Construction & Property
  9. Got the email inviting me to re-apply but I won't be filling the form in. Since 2008 I have filed 1,700 News pictures to Alamy which usually sell as stock weeks/months later. So there's nothing wrong with the images themselves but everything I shoot, News and non-News, is processed at home so I'll never be able to get them up within 60mins - a very deliberate personal choice from the very beginning of shooting digital. And anyway, what I give Alamy are alternatives to the first edit to "G", who, by the way, make sales for next day usage even though it's eventually uploaded sometimes 2-3hrs after the event. So, if it's the golden hour that's affecting my News sales then I'd rather not bother - preferring instead to get the material on Alamy as fast-turnaround Stock which allows it to be in the wider marketplace much sooner than News.
  10. I'd say that if one's pictures are interesting, then finding descriptives won't be a problem and paying others to insert them is only going to reduce what little profits there are left in this industry.
  11. I can see this going red at some point. Two simultaneous sales - similar rights, very different fees: £xx v £xxx.
  12. Well, for all of this: Usage: Business use, One of each of the following uses: Presentation, internal communication, student project, business website, small book (up to 1000 print run, excluding cover use), small magazine/newspaper (up to 1000 print run), a digital marketing campaign. Worldwide license. Excludes advertising. They got a good deal.
  13. I posted it because of the controversy that a picture has caused where the winner was purporting it be unstaged but where it clearly was.
  14. In case you missed it: https://blog.photoshelter.com/2019/03/the-problem-isnt-the-photo-contest-its-us/?&utm_source=memnl&utm_medium=PS_Emails&utm_content=contestsitsus&utm_campaign=&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWm1Fd05UUm1ObVl4T1RjNCIsInQiOiJZV2lHNDJYMkFhd1Y3SUFmQVlhRnpFNG83QWdZSTVCWFRZXC9sV0NMWkhCVGV5MDJKWHdcL0R2b3I0RjBZSnp1Y1FIS29ybUIzV1JsZmNscjZpMXBsWUZzM3RXM1c3ek5PMGNxUFhqb01NMDdiaFwvOUUrVkRBXC9pNkEwZDZ5dzhIS3QifQ%3D%3D
  15. A classic reason to keep in touch with local issues. To those wondering what to go out and shoot, I say read your local news - more especially if it has a national topicality.
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