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  1. No, I was doing a story about graffiti on London's transport system and it's from 30 years ago.
  2. Single Company - Multiple editorial use Fleet sewer, 1993 on Fujichrome
  3. Not directly Alamy business but can you share any rumours (I know, sometimes not a good idea) about G, Wim? Forgive me, mods.
  4. I have one from Egypt too. Book, unlimited run $xxx. A mural on wasteground! And just re-reading my caption, the Battle of Kadesh was extraordinary: ".. probably the largest chariot battle ever fought, involving perhaps 5,000–6,000 chariots."
  5. I burned my old accounts a few years ago. Careful not to show any names or account numbers. National newspaper
  6. I think we should be compensated with - say, an upgrade of our CTRs to 10% above the Alamy average. A raising of my search results from page 10 to 5 will be most welcome, thank you very much.
  7. I've little idea exactly how many but think I need to tackle approx 5,000 and make them non-excl and I've gone through various excl/non/excl/excl deals over the years without keeping a record of those affecting dates (who knew I'd need to!). At this point - apart from isolate each one individually, I have no idea how I'm supposed to do so. Alongside creating new pictures, it'll take me months. I have 10,000 elsewhere and probably need to look through them and check. I'm procrastinating but made a start, though. And anyway, it's very possible that I'll make unintentional mistakes.
  8. Those teeth still are feeding my coffee habit. Editorial national Newspaper, this time.
  9. Hoot of a picture. My Focus is in for its MoT this morning though I've carefully avoided any baboons from getting anywhere close to it.
  10. Yes, I was deliberately downplaying the idea of raging against the machine.
  11. Me too - and there are still old notifications still showing for posts already read.
  12. There's several ongoing issues with Measures and the forum. Relax everybody, it's frustrating but they'll sort it.
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