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  1. Oh, that's a surprise, I'd never have guessed it was a mosque. Thanks for the info.
  2. It's interesting how some of us falter before deciding to upload. I'd have been very pleased to have seen this picture. It's a seller for many purposes.
  3. Interested to know the story behind these structures! Are they Aboriginal?
  4. Sleeping undergraduate: Magazine, any editorial digital use, one time use only, Discounted re-use
  5. Good picture but a fascinating story so thanks for including it. If ever there were a candidate for a kosher PU, it is this one.
  6. Snipers, Salisbury Plain Single company - multiple use editorial only
  7. Oh that's encouraging! I've prepped a few sequences but haven't had any sales of them together. Good to see.
  8. If it was a Live News upload from gallery opening, the picture (assuming it was from this frame) is pretty close in and appears to crop out other ingredients, such as what looks like a mounted caption making it pretty un-newsworthy IMO. As far as BI is concerned though, any competent picture editor should be asking serious questions about its authenticity and double-checking its source. Holiday cover on the desk?
  9. Oh, yes! 20+ years ago a photographer flat-copied a spread from a 'reportage book on an Asian country by world class photojournalists' and passed it off as their own as part of a commissioned assignment for a colour supp.
  10. Yes, I was wondering why there's not more being discussed on this subject. It might happen to any of us while exhibiting in a gallery! Richard.
  11. Rare to get such a brand description: Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 25,000 Duration of License: Life of edition of the SAGE product for which the image/clip is licensed
  12. Magazine, editorial print and digital use, up to DPS, repeat use within a single issue Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
  13. Smile and make eye contact or even have a quick chat with armed Met Police outside embassies like the US Embassy at Nine Elms and they'll be fine. All they want to know is if you're planning to make real trouble. It breaks the ice and won't make you feel inhibited enough to hurry you. Richard.
  14. A rumpled crew bed on a 787. If only my own bed was worth something. Marketing package - Large business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years
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