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  1. Polar bears are thriving in the arctic today. The conventional wisdom was that they would not be able to survive because they needed lots of sea ice to hunt. In Canada bears used to wait until the shore ice froze over, and therefore loss of sea ice due to global warming would mean that they would wait forever and starve to death. Environmentalists continue to mislead the general public by publicizing images of the occasional bear sick by other means, and attacking scientists that assert polar bear are not endangered by the loss of sea ice due to global warming. The scientific facts are that the bears have adapted their hunting methods to the loss of sea ice. Polar bears are thriving in an age of loss of sea ice due to global warming. With the loss of sea ice, the bear population is increasing. Anti fur activists made the white big eyed seal pup their mascot, and shut down the Newfoundland seal hunt. Environmentalists chose the white cuddly polar bear as their mascot, but it has not worked out. Global warming is a real problem. To continue to mislead the public and attack science, only hurts environmentalists important cause. It really annoys me when I see a good cause hurting that cause by using fake news. Paulette, as to the insulting price of your fantastic bear photo, we all share your pain.
  2. Good $$$ at direct 50% RF sale. Had a second image of same general area on same day for same price RF only sold for $ for presentation, but this fish sandwich image gives me more personal pleasure than the $$$ image. For the reason see the people in the non selling image below This image did not sell, but here is the reason for the personal happiness with $ image above. My sister-in-law on the left and my wife on the right. Happy times.
  3. Image created in photoshop using a scripted random pattern fill of 5 or so individual flower images defined as patterns. This wee fairy person showed himself to me while I was daydreaming amongst a field of sunflowers.
  4. Using LAB is a new one for me. I have always used all RGB swap with less control. Thanks DDoug I am going to try it. If you want to make big colour changes without affecting the neutral and other colours, swap channels in RGB only. This green maple leaf original was turned to red, by swapping the Red and Green channels. In such a swap any neutral colours or other colours will remain neutral or the same because there is very little difference between channels in neutral colours. Notice the blue colour at bottom left has not changed very much from the top original, only the green
  5. The in camera histogram is read from the extra small JPG file made for the RAW file header. This header JPG is made from the camera's JPG settings acting on the RAW info, but does not capture all of the info in the RAW file. I only shoot RAW, and so I have the camera's JPG settings set as bland as possible. Everything in the camera JPG settings turned down, shoot in Adobe RGB. This bland setting produces a camera display JPG, and the camera histogram from it, close to the unprocessed raw. So now the in camera histogram, although read from the bland camera JPG settings, is very close to the information in the RAW file. I still get a slightly misleading JPG camera histogram, but it is only slight, and I can usually mentally adjust for it in order to get individual RAW colours at no more than 254, when necessary.
  6. Jim Pickerell has been dispensing stock photo advice since the early 1980's at least. He considers himeslf a journalist. He has got under everyone's skin, both agency owners and photographers, at one time or another. He has been right more times than wrong. Many photographers have made more money because of his advice. Myself included. I think some of you are shooting the messenger.
  7. Yellow is a combination of the red and green channel with red higher than green. Images with yellow should be underexposed to hold detail in the red channel. Take a test shot at normal exposure. Consult the camera 3 colour histogram and note the red channel climbing up the right hand side, indicating that the red channel is overexposed and has lost detail and shifted the yellow colour towards green. Cut back exposure until the red channel meets the end of the histogram but does not climb up the side. So now, on the final exposure, you probably have red 254 Green 235 and blue 20 in the yellow areas of the image only. This means that the red channel is as exposed as much as it can be and the green is bright and the blue is dark in the yellow areas of the image. All colours have the same ratio to each other so colour is correct without detail loss. However elsewhere in the image all colours are correct but underexposed. Raise all the shadows in software so that the Red and Green are not changed in the yellow, as Red and Green are considered highlights. However all shadow underexposed RGB are brightened elsewhere in the image. The final image is correctly exposed overall and retains the correct yellow without loss of detail. Full harsh sunlight. Note the open shadows on the blue and correct yellow.
  8. Here is writer Harlan Ellison's "Pay the Writer" classic rant on freebee requests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj5IV23g-fE
  9. Illustration of the multiverse as predicted by quantum mechanics, using the scripted random fill option and a few other things, in photoshop. With covid-19 I have had the time to do some experimenting. Circumpolar Arctic horizontal view Australasian vertical view.
  10. Created in photoshop from a single image. The technique, using random fills, is explained here: https://fstoppers.com/photoshop/hidden-photoshop-script-allows-you-create-random-fills-507365
  11. I was unaware of the album cover when I did my shot. It was The Prisoner closing that inspired me. The shot of Patrick McGoohan being chased across tidal flats by a giant balloon. Made my man naked because there is no hiding anything from surveillance We all stand on each others shoulders. A few years after I made my image there was a Canadian movie made by an Inuit filmmaker called "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner" that had a naked man, showing all of his naughty bits, running across a vast ice field. In a fit of patriotic fervor the CBC ran the film after midnight in the Inuktitut language, naughty bits and all. read about it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atanarjuat:_The_Fast_Runner
  12. People objecting to being photographed in public is because of surveillance fatigue. Here is an image of mine circa 1995.
  13. All alone in the forest on a side trail known by very few. Part of Toronto's urban wilderness.
  14. Wilderness call. Composite illustration made from 4 photographs taken over the last 35 years, combined in photoshop. Style inspired by this top of the page 100 year old illustration with the scenic background here. Story of the artists is inspirational as well https://www.brainpickings.org/2020/07/30/harriet-helena-scott-butterflies-australia/
  15. Photographers having to refund proceeds of a sale paid four years old is just another nail in the coffin of Stock Photography. What happens if a photographer closes the account after a large refund of an old sale? Does the stock agency seize the images and continue to sell them until the debt is paid off? It would take an eternity at today's prices. Photographic sharecropping. The internet cries out for regulation. Facebook and others are now being asked to explain themselves by the US congress, so maybe it will happen. In the meantime if you are selling your stock photographs to generate a small amount of money to help pay for your expensive hobby, without much risk, you may want to look at means other than selling them as stock. With todays absurdly low stock photo prices, and now chargebacks for old sales, there are better ways of covering your photography costs.
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