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  1. When you hear about dead people because of a shortage of ventilators, or the death of a middle age father to 3 kids, or when you see the video of the large refrigerated truck backed up to the hospital, when you hear about the crematoriums running overtime, when you hear about people passing alone without family, because they are in isolation. All of these things are happening right now. Think about what has been said in this thread, and remember who said it. Freedom of speech is a basic right, but there is a responsibility that comes with that right.
  2. Wife and I are self isolating inside our apartment. I go out twice a week to do grocery shopping, as my wife has food allergies and can only eat mostly fresh. Doctors dentists appointments all cancelled. At the supermarket line up of shoppers outside waiting to get in, all standing 6 feet apart. Everyone staying social distance once inside, even at checkout. I think Canadians have been well led from the start by our politicians who followed the science early. Social distance, go home and stay home, is the message. Police have powers of arrest and have been using that power on the worst offenders. We believe we will eventually get Covid-19. Best to delay onset as we do not want the hospital overwhelmed if we need help. Peace, order, and good government.
  3. This old map image concept was once about globalization and how we are all connected over the internet. I just added "covid-19"as a keyword. On the home front we have a 20 day supply of meds and food on hand. The Prime Minister of Canada and his wife are today in self isolation pending outcome of tests. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-trudeau-in-self-isolation-as-wife-sophie-tested-for-new-coronavirus/
  4. Had some interest in Gaia this month, but image was a tight in crop on the flower world globe. So decided to put world in space leaving lots of room for type. Three versions collectively showing entire world, as Alamy is an international agency. AustralAsia version
  5. Last week in Toronto 25,000 people from all over the world met for a mining conference and trade show. When asked why they were there, in light of Covid-19, attendees said they could not afford to miss the Toronto conference. This week a conference attendee from a mining town 400 miles north of the nearest Covid-19 sufferer (Toronto) tested positive, and is in isolation. The photography show did everyone a favour.
  6. Matt you are right. Don't overthink it. Your great people picnic image came about, because you had fun making a lot of good pictures. Lots of good images helped you develop an eye for a great image. So when the chance at your great picnic picture came about, you probably reacted from your gut without a lot of thinking. Most of my thinking is done later when looking at the surviving good images from the shoot. What should I have done, at the shoot, to turn this good image into a great image?
  7. Martin. Don't feel down, you have started uploading good images that will sell as stock. There are three types of images, bad, good, and great I take lots of images. I delete the bad images. I upload the good images, and the occasional great image, to Alamy. Good stock images will sell, but great stock images will sell more often. When a client does a search they are presented with 100 images on the first page. Some of those 100 images are good, and some are great. The client will compare good images to great images. When the client makes a selection they may rent a good image, but they will more likely rent the great image. So photographers producing a larger number of great images will have higher sales, other things being equal. Producing great images is like excelling in any endeavor. Practice practice practice. If you set out to produce only great images it will lead to creative block and no images. Do not overthink it. Practice often enough by producing good images, and you will start producing great images. It is like playing the violin. With more great stock images, you will make even more stock sales.
  8. RF $$ Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use onlyUpgrade Note the upgrade charge for an RF image Caption: Scientific proof that Bigfoot roams the very remote corners of Rouge National Urban Park inside Toronto Ontario Canada. What started out as a joke, has now sold 3 times in 2020 alone. Plus a number of times before 2020.
  9. Photoshop combination of many stacked images, shot over a year ago, for extended depth of field . Something to Photoshop on a cold winter day.
  10. I hear about the growing number of free public domain images all of the time. The Smithsonian is not the only museum doing this. What is the sale value of a stock image curated from the public domain? https://petapixel.com/2020/02/25/the-smithsonian-just-released-2-8-million-images-into-the-public-domain/
  11. A thought provoking talk about good photography that we all do most of the time, and the great photography that we all do only sometimes. https://fstoppers.com/education/good-or-great-photo-opinion-self-righteous-sanctimonious-or-absolutely-correct-458290
  12. Or maybe a do it yourself circumcision handbook. Used in a 'Health & Safety' handbook, perhaps? 😮
  13. RF editorial $$ South Korea book. Caption: Log sawing contest at the Maple Syrup Festival in the early spring in Elmira Ontario Canada A bit of spring Canadiana eh, shot on assignment for Harlequin Magazine in the late 1970's. The same assignment also produced a series of good selling images of old time Maple Syrup collection by horse drawn cart.
  14. RF $$$ exclusive to Alamy, direct to client Alamy sale. Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only Caption: January snow top of Mauna Kea from Hilo on the big island of Hawaii in the state of Hawaii USA Shot from my hotel room. Always get a room with a view. I think the caption and keywording slanted the image towards the educational market.
  15. I think the amount of diversity in the media reflects the diversity in a particular society. Toronto is a very diverse city and most TV commercials have a diverse cast of characters. This is not just a multi racial group of friends snacking on the product while watching a hockey game on TV. It extends to a black/white couple in bed joined by their sleepy multiracial child in the morning, to advertise a mattress. The above depictions are not fantasy, but are real life in the Toronto area. A popular TV show in Toronto is a cable television hockey broadcast with on air game commentary all in Punjabi. Punjabi is the most-spoken native language in Canada after English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese. There was a stock photo agency called BLEND specializing in diverse images, that was successful for about 10 years, but just closed down last year. So TONL is a good idea, but not a new idea. Personally my extended family has a sampling of every major racial group on the planet, and many combinations thereof. Makes for some interesting family dinners. This Canadian guy is the minister of immigration in in Canada's federal cabinet. An immigrant to Canada himself, with a interesting life story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Hussen
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