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  1. OK accounting fans here is the way I see it. Sale made in 2020 for $40, I receive $20. That sale cancelled, I receive nothing. That sale billed again for $40 and therefore I receive $20. Today I receive an extra credit of $20 against the image. So It looks like I am receiving $40 for each sale. This would be 100% commission on the sale of $40 to the client I had 4 sales, all following the same accounting path.
  2. Editorial RF Personal Use calculator price. In the mid 1970s I photographed a large coffee table book that was published by The New York Graphic Society in the USA and McClelland and Stewart in Canada. The book covered historic mills in eastern/central Canada, and the north eastern USA. This historic grist mill, in Ohio, was in the book. The publisher still passes on requests for prints or digital files, of specific mills, from people who have seen the book. People who feel they have a connection to a specific mill. These people are willing to pay a reasonable amount fo
  3. It does make financial sense, as the amount demanded is not for an image license but for a copyright violation. The price demanded for a copyright violation has nothing to do with the price calculator for an image license. In my knowledge for an image on a personal facebook page, personal blog, church newsletter, small business website, the demand is $900 per image. If the copyright violator responds, then the $900 could be reduced to $450 per image for a quick settlement. If a settlement is made and the user wants to keep using the image, then a license is issued for a license fee
  4. Plus widows and orphans because of their Facebook pages. Sad because they could have purchased a Personal Use.
  5. Editorial royalty free use on websites apps social media - $ This sale would have been suspicious to some, if priced as a Personal Use, but the price would have been 8 times higher. Not complaining however, as the Alamy monthly payment is more important than any individual sale.
  6. editorial Royalty Free $$$ Sale resulted from two separate searches. First search terms were "ming dynasty civil official". That showed one image of mine among 36 images by others. My one image was zoomed, resulting in highest possible CTR of 100. Second search terms were "ming dynasty civil military". That showed one image of mine (the same image) among 10 images by others. My one image was zoomed again resulting in highest possible CTR of 100. I am getting many one image shown, then image zoomed, resulting in highest possible CTR of 100, and th
  7. I would like to know about any potential collection partners as well. I would feel better if the outside collection agency would use their software to pinpoint the infraction. The outside agency could then turn that information over to Alamy who would do the actual collection. Would this company be one of the potential collection partners? It seems to be owned by 3 individuals whose stock photo agency went bankrupt owing mostly photographers $4 million dollars in unpaid royalties. Having said that, in my opinion, they are organized, knowledgeable, and effective. I notic
  8. The above image of mine was sold for $ for the following honestly declared use. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Global Capital website, Emerging Markets Printed Magazine & Printed Supplements Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic It would havehad a higher price if it had sold at $$ for Personal Use. Lets have more dishonest Personal Use sales. I think the original $ price is fair for this particular stock photo. I see my image as boring and uninspiring. The image is something that any untalented photographic poser with a camera could h
  9. I was walking through the Mall thinking of having sex with statues, (Agalmatophilia) when there she was. So I whipped out my camera and took a picture. There was a Alamy search using the keyword Agalmatophilia and there she was again, only my image KDNC3G returned, which was then zoomed. CTR 100.00. No sale however. The moral of this story is to have a fertile imagination, camera in hand, and a good vocabulary.
  10. RF 50% exclusive to Alamy $$$. Straight RF without RM terms. Image never zoomed. Shot from an off trail location in 2020 in first URBAN (within Toronto city limits) National Park in Canada. I wander the park off trail to avoid other hikers in Covid times
  11. I think it is based on the camera's time metadata in the initial RAW file. Line up with the earliest shot in the matrix. I have tried locking down only one photoshop layer that was not shot first, and also tried changing the layer order in the panorama stack. It still lines up with the earliest shot. Here is a panorama with first shot straight ahead, second shot looking down, third shot looking up. No retouching overlap mistakes necessary, everything lined up with first shot. Cropped because before cropping merged panorama image had shape of )(
  12. In shooting a matrix either for a horizontal panorama, vertical panorama, higher rez file, or a super wider angle beyond your wide angle lens, the key shot is the first shot. Make the first shot holding the camera looking straight ahead, neither up or down and without horizon tilted. The rest of the overlapping shots in the matrix will all line up in relation to the first shot. My Canon 5Ds has a level in the viewfinder that I use to line up the handheld first shot. I then shoot the rest of the matrix handheld by twisting my upper body. If however I am going wide to the point
  13. RF (all of my images are RF). This sale with RM terms $$$. Rights granted for the image to appear in an exhibit for new visitor displays at Volcanoes National Park, Kahuku Unit in Hawaii. Term of the license will be for the life of the exhibit. When I make any sale I think about why the sale was made so that the next time I find myself faced with a similar situation my photographic interpretation can stand on the shoulders of the previous sale. Here is my opinion of this particular scene, of plants reestablishing themselves on the bare rock of a lava flow. T
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