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  1. Here is a great video about how to preserve the 3D look when your camera reduces your image to 2D. Depth of field or lack of it, light direction, contrast, colour, perspective, haze, fog, are all our friends. Sometimes conventional shooting, and by the book processing, works against 3D and diminishes the image. The presenter uses the word "landscape" but it applies to other subjects as well. https://fstoppers.com/education/how-create-more-depth-your-landscape-images-368548
  2. A3NRP7 $$ distributor sale Editorial royalty-free. Undershot mill wheel in Nova Scotia. Image made circa 1975 for my illustrated book 1976 on historic mills. Collectable copy of mill book, signed by me, available on Amazon USA https://www.amazon.com/Mill-William-Fox/dp/0821207024
  3. I find that present events will always have a positive effect on stock, not just news, sales of your images taken years ago. Canada's 150th birthday. Official opening of a park that has been in the planning stage and photo accessible for years. Famous person who dies. Plastic pollution. 40 year old image of glaciers. Everything that is old is new again. Good reason to update your keywording. For instance "global warming" too hard a sell, so it becomes "climate change". Make sure you have both keywords.
  4. Trumpeter swan and swamp. Poor photography weather in Toronto so I used Bridge to search through 30,620 images and found a 2 year old matching swamp background that I could combine with the newish swan foreground in photoshop. Notice reflection in eye matches background.
  5. The economic argument is, because of prices, stock photographs have to be a byproduct of one of two situations. If you are a full time professional photographer and your profitable photography business leads to a lot of leftover photographs, then why not add extra money to your bottom line by placing those byproduct photographs with a stock photo agency? If you are a dedicated amateur photographer and would make photographs without overpowering concern for the cost anyway, why not recover some of your costs by placing the byproduct of your hobby with a stock photo agency? This is why there will always be a ready supply of good stock photographs, in spite of selling prices that do not begin to cover the entire cost of the photographic activity.
  6. Presentation use calculator price, at 50% exclusive to Alamy commission. No tripod but electronic shutter release. Camera rested on ground to look up. Wide angle lens to include forest environment. Wide angle lens, set on macro, positioned close to flower. F stop selected so depth of field restricted to flower. Knees on pants dirty.
  7. Great answer Joseph. Is teaching in your background? Bill
  8. Today FTP uploaded 166.5 MB at average speed 68.8 KB/S in approximately 40 minutes using a cable modem and Fetch software from Toronto. Usually upload a 2 or 3 of times a month, and never have a problem. FTP is the way to go Maybe the problem is at Michele's end.
  9. Thats the mount I used with my Nikonscan 8000 and later when using a Canon DSLR as a copy camera. Not only did the Wess mount show the entire image area, but it held the film the flattest of any other mount I tested. For optimum sharpness in the scan I turned off the Nikonscan dust and scratch removal function in software. Get out the pec 12 cleaning fluid and your clone tool. Kodak coated very old iso 10 Kodachrome with a shellac that becomes sticky (embeds dust) and yellow with age. You need to remove the shellac with the pec 12 cleaner before scanning.
  10. $$$ Corporate client. Television Broadcast. Any size. Any placement. Documentary & entertainment use across all broadcast media, worldwide distribution. Single use in one episode. A shot made circa 1965 of aboriginal pictographs on assignment for a postcard company. Costs and a profit already covered by the assignment. Stock image series has sold over and over since then.
  11. Yes, hopefully Alamy will use image exclusivity as a way to increase the price, and attract clients to the site.
  12. Keep going, your good photography of locations people and culture of the US South East means you will do better than most here. You are doing most things right. I always try to start the caption off with the most important tag, as it is my theory that the Alamy search looks for tags near the front of the caption as well as looking at the super tags (super keywords) For instance You wrote "Master Mike, a double-rig shrimp boat, is docked along the bank in Bayou La Batre, Alabama." - Image ID: T63HR7" I would write "Shrimp boat double-rig named Master Mike, at Bayou La Batre, Alabama." - Image ID: T63HR7 You wrote "A statue of Jesus stands with open arms on the grounds of St. Margaret Catholic Church, April 20, 2014, in Bayou La Batre, Alabama." - Image ID: T63HTE I would write "Jesus Christ statue with open arms at St. Margaret Catholic Church, in Bayou La Batre, Alabama." - Image ID: T63HTE My captions are not written for publication, but rather written for searches. If you do a series of images on one subject start all captions off with the same words, if possible. That way your entire image series should appear together in the "Similar stock images" section on your image download page. Check out the download page for your image T3CE66. Notice with the same caption you have a good showing amongst the "Similar stock images". However you need more tags and supertags, as well as the caption for this image. One cannot search stock photos by caption alone. You need tags as well. Particularly a super tag; laughing gull, and the scientific name a super tag; Leucophaeus atricilla.
  13. $$$ RF 50% exclusive to Alamy commission. Kite festival at Key West Florida shot around 1988 on higher rez more future proof 6X7 film. Also nothing significant in the image to date it. 2 month late winter trip Toronto to Key West and back, with 2 of us in an RV. Florida and Washington DC, were extensively covered on a very profitable trip that continues to pay dividends 30 years later. If you are building an image collection, try to future proof your images. If you do, they will still pay dividends years later.
  14. Good pics, good use of depth of field to simplify background. I had a look at your portfolio. All your images are good. Keep your chin up because you are going to sell a lot more.
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