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  1. medical assistance in dying, death, life expectancy, depression, quality of life, suicide, end of life, will, power of attorney, pandemic, freedom, risk, never get old, live for today Sometimes photo editors have to illustrate the above keywords but need a much softer image than a dead body. Extend keywording beyond the specific image content.
  2. A few dropped in today. NOT microstock prices. Here is one of them. RF $$$ Intertidal zone Maui Hawaii
  3. With Covid lockdown I have been mining my image collection for image bits and pieces to combine for new photoshop illustrations. I have been getting zooms on artificial intelligence and the singularity, so thought I would do some more. Monoliths are in the news recently so I thought I would rework a photoshop illustration from the early 1990's that did not quite work at the time.
  4. My experience is, with the camera on a tripod, that halos are due to mainly slight subject movement between shots. I use photoshop. Load all shots as layers in one file. Select all layers and auto align layers. Photoshop will make each layer slightly smaller to compensate for the telephoto effect when your layers have different focus points. A 100MM lens at 1:1 is actually a 200mm lens. At infinity only, it is a 100MM lens. Size of subject changes as you focus. Can cause halos. Crop your aligned image to the smallest layer. Focus stack the set of aligned ima
  5. There is the story that when Picasso was having a argument with a critic about how unrealistic his cubist paintings were, he asked the critic to show Picasso a picture of the critic's girlfriend. Picasso looked at the photograph and said "but she is so small". The photograph was about 2X3 inches. When replacing the sky make sure that the replacement sky is not so sensational that it detracts from the subject matter.
  6. If you think a drone is in your future then forget about image quality. Instead buy the cheapest one available and learn how to fly it. Learn about positioning for photography, flight rules around urban places etc. Then buy a drone with a better camera if you are still interested. One of my mentors was aerial photographer George Hunter who had his own airplane. He sold the airplane because he said the most interesting aerial photography was done at treetop level and he kept getting fined for low altitude stunting. He started renting an aerial ladder instead. You can alw
  7. Decisions decisions concept. Sign created in photoshop, rest of image, was taken in the early 1990's. I use Adobe Bridge to browse my archives to make new images from old. Anytime I see a sky, background, foreground, texture etc that is incomplete but that could be combined in photoshop, I archive it for possible future use.
  8. Never assign a photographer that has not been arrested at least once.
  9. Environment environment. Both quick shots, no planning. Not pretty or deep meaning. Gut reaction shooting. RF textbook $$$ RF mid $$ magazine & books
  10. If you are shooting for assignments, either portraits and weddings, or commercial/advertising work, then I think finding your distinctive style is very important. Clients assign photographers to assignments because the client wants their particular style. When I was a photo editor at a book publisher we assigned photojournalists to shoot interesting places of worship for an illustrated book on religion. We did not hire architectural photographers because we wanted images of the buildings being used by people. We did an illustrated book on early Canadian furniture. The author said h
  11. RF mid $$ worldwide magazine and books. Environment, particularly plastic in environment is a hot topic with me. I found this plastic bottle while walking on the beach. I moved it into a position near the water, so I could include the pristine lake and room for type sky in the background. Low angle camera resting on small case for batteries, no tripod. Placed the focus on the bottle only to emphasize the bottle. Rotated the bottle so the brand name was not visible, making the bottle a generic bottle representing all discarded plastic bottles.
  12. Well worth reading. https://petapixel.com/2021/01/23/how-to-find-your-photographic-style-2/ You may have to cut and paste this url into your browser
  13. The subject or centre of interest in a photograph should be sharp contrasty and saturated. That way your eye will be drawn to the subject. Anything else in the photograph should be softer, lower contrast, and a more neutral colour. Distance should fade off to a bluer, less sharp, lower contrast. This way the foreground or middle ground subject does not have competition, and the final 2D image has a 3D look. In his notebooks Leonardo da Vinci suggested that distant backgrounds be painted with a blue soft cast so the resulting 2D image has a 3D aerial perspective, and the warmer for
  14. On the Mac you can set up the log in screen to also include your own message that you write yourself. I use it to to give a written clue, for my wife or executors, as to the password. A clue that would help only you or a very close family member. A clue too difficult for strangers to guess, easy for you to remember. A password like where and how you lost your virginity. But not an easy one like the name of your dog.
  15. RF mid $$ 50% royalty. Single company - multiple use editorial onlyEditorial print + digital use. Thanks Alamy. This RF image has sold multiple times on Alamy. It makes a point so it is useful to the client, it is timeless, it was cheap to take as it was taken in Toronto where I live, it is also generic as it could be in many places in the Northern Hemisphere. The duck makes the image. I was photographing the garbage only, so was ready for luck when a unplanned duck wandered through.
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