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  1. RF exclusive to Alamy $$. Started at the distant road down below, and walked my bum off uphill in the searing midday heat to get this shot. Another side of Maui.
  2. Good for Allan Bell for doing the right thing. That is not disclosing or interpreting in a public forum any information, confidential or otherwise, he may have learned in direct conversations with Alamy.
  3. RF $$ educational use website for only 50 years. The location is actually Lake Ontario but is very generic, and could be anywhere on the shore of an ocean or large lake. This opens up markets world wide.
  4. At one time clients would lease one high priced high production value, creative, still stock image for print. Today clients lease 100 images for the internet for the same project. The cost to the client is the same, but the total stock photo buy is spread over the 100 internet images. The client is not spending less money. There is probably more money spent on still stock images today than ever before, because there are many more still stock images leased than ever before. Part of my solution is not to resist low prices, but to increase the number of low priced images leased. So I sign up at Alamy for absolutely everything, and I try to create better images. All of the high production value, high price, creative photography, has fled to videos on assignment for music, documentaries, television commercials, and drama. Clients have abandoned premium still stock. They do not need it for the internet.
  5. I am not blind to Lightroom's charms. It is a great program. As part of my Adobe photo subscription I have a up to date copy of Lightroom Classic on my boot drive. I watch the Lightroom videos and fire it up yearly for educational purposes. However for my exclusively stock photo workflow I know that Bridge for selecting keepers, Adobe Camera Raw for preliminary processing of keepers, Bridge for processed RAW renumbering and keywording, back to ACR to output a TIFF from the keyworded processed RAW to be then finished in Photoshop, Photoshop action to output a Alamy JPG from the finished keyworded TIFF. All works for me I then save the processed RAW and the final TIFF masterfile to my Photo Archive that is on an external Thunderbolt Drive. I believe that the keywording in Bridge is more robust than Lightroom and being able to order your supertags to the top of the heap instead of alphabetical makes the supertag selection in AIM go much faster. As to speed. With the exception of the Photo Archive drive, all applications are contained, and work is processed, on a 1 TB SSD memory boot drive in a desktop iMac with 32 gig of RAM. When the finished files are moved to the Thunderbolt Archive drive, then their duplicates and Bridge cache are deleted from the SSD drive. File compression is turned off, thumbnails are medium size embedded in the file, the cache for the SSD is non existent once you delete the SSD images. I am running Bridge on a powerful computer in 2020 so I do not experience any of the problems with slowness you experienced in 2012. Bridge gets faster with every upgrade. Even when using Bridge to view a 50 megapixel file at 100% it only causes a momentary hesitation. When searching the archive on the thunderbolt drive, usually by keyword, same thing. Fast and efficient. When a search turns up thousands of images then Bridge first builds thumbnails from the images displayed on the screen. Go down the page and Bridge will switch to building thumbnails for the images newly displayed. The thumbnails are built as fast as you can look at the images, so there is really no waiting. I am also concerned with importing the RAWS into lightroom, the creation of Lightroom sidecar files, and the necessity of using only Lightroom to move your RAW and sidecar files amongst your drives. I think this last requirement is Adobe usurping the function of the Apple OS and can lead to all kinds of mischief. At the time Lightroom came on the scene, Adobe and Apple were engaged in a Tasmanian death match, so I have to wonder. One size does not fit all, so if I was processing on the road, or from a less powerful laptop, or needed the speed of news, or was doing assignments, I would be using a different setup. Maybe Lightroom, maybe not.
  6. Editorial RF $$. No releases so editorial mainly because of the location in a museum. This early image was rekeyworded and supertags selected in the new Alamy Image Manager. I think that collection maintenance work paid off, as it reawakened older images like this one.
  7. I use Adobe Bridge, that comes with photoshop, to both keyword new images, and to search a hard disc image archive with 31,413 keyworded image files. Bridge does not alphabetize your keywords, so I put the supertags first and that is the order they come into Alamy AIM. Bridge also allows you to build a keyword tree so one click on one keyword will give you all related keywords right up the tree. You can use the tree over and over again. A few clicks and you may have 30 related keywords. The search function in Bridge works and looks like the client search page on the Alamy site. I think both keyword and search functions in Bridge are more robust than anything else available.
  8. RF exclusive to Alamy personal use calculator price. Taken with my small, always on me, Sony RX100. I have taken this shot with a higher resolution, much heavier, much bigger, more expensive, more professional looking camera, but this is the one that sold. There is a lesson somewhere in there.
  9. First Alamy sale RF $$$ on July 23 2004. Pinney's Beach on Nevis where Betty and I combined photography and housesitting back in 1985. Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end.
  10. Commuting by both train and car in Toronto. Commuting by public transit an ongoing soft news issue in Toronto. This image, submitted as stock, has sold several times since I created it in 2011 RF $ through a distributor for a Chinese website, but there were 10 other sales to the same client on the same day. Hopefully the higher number of sales because of this client, will be taken into account when calibrating my image search position for the big spending clients.
  11. I use a 50 megapixel Canon the most, but I also carry a small Sony RX100 version 1 on my belt for the unexpected, or for very very long walks. I have had a lot of stock sales success with my Sony, however I am thinking of replacing the Sony with a Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II. The Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II is only very slightly bigger than the Sony, but has specs more to my liking. The Sony RX100 series are all great cameras, but consider the Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II before you buy. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-powershot-g5-x-mark-ii-review
  12. Number of images sold plus 25% in 2019 over 2018 Revenue plus 25% in 2019 over 2018 Thanks Alamy
  13. I use photomerge handheld for panoramas in photoshop all the time. It is very powerful. I use the in viewfinder level, to level the camera and make the back shoot straight ahead. Not tilted up or down. Make your first shot in the centre of the subject and then go on to the next shot with a 40% overlap. As Chuck says hold the camera vertical, use a wide angle lens, and leave lots of room to crop. In this handheld panorama, I used a wide enough lens to get the entire chimney included while shooting straight ahead to get the first floor windows centered in the image at the same time. No tilting up to get the chimney. I then cropped out the foreground in this final merged image.
  14. Not looking for images, no hi rez DSLR on me, yet stumbled upon this artfully arranged angry fish out of water. With one smooth motion I whipped out my handy Sony DSCRX 100 version 1 that is always on my belt. I am thinking of replacing the Sony DSCRX 100 version 1 with the lightweight beltable Canon G5X Mark 11 in the New Year. The Canon seems to have specs more to my liking, while being almost as small.
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