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  1. When I pop my clogs...

    I have two wills. One will that covers my entire net worth, except my photography. A second will that covers my photography only, to be administered by my executor. The executor can do anything, always in the best interests of the estate, with the photography. This is not specified in the will, but he/she could sell the images outright and add the money to the estate, collect the Alamy sales money and then distribute it amongst my heirs on an ongoing basis, close the business down, donate photos to a charity or educational institution in return for a tax exemption for my estate. It is up to the executor to make any judgement in these matters, or any other devices that come to his/her mind. My wife also has two wills that accomplish the same things. We have always been 50/50 in our marriage so this makes it easier. If my wife survives me, she is the executor and sole heir for both my wills. If I survive my wife, I am the executor and sole heir for both of her wills. If we are both dead, there are a number of undeserving heirs with a media lawyer as the executor. I would not want Alamy to become involved in splitting sales money to pay heirs. Alamy pay the money to the estate, and have the executor split the money. The estate could run your Alamy account if it wants to, if you leave a proper will. Everyone, regardless of their net worth, or age, or health, should have a will. When you set up any will, consult a lawyer.
  2. Inserting Images into post

    I have the same problem on a Mac and drag and drop does not work for me Go to the Alamy general website front page. Search for the image by Alamy file name. In the search results Hold down the control key and press down and hold the mouse on the image. You will be given a choice of actions. Choose "copy the image address". On your forum post select insert other media" then “insert image from a URL”. Paste URL that you copied into that box. Image should be intermediate size like one below. For some reason a simple drag and drop does not work for me on my Mac, and I cannot get a bigger image as before..
  3. Equipment security

    Every Canadian citizen has a unique federal number that is used on all government communications. As a theft prevention measure the police encouraged Canadians to engrave their unique number on their possessions. I did so, but it reduced the value of my photography equipment at trade in time.
  4. Show your newest image

    Agonistic behavior of red-winged blackbirds. That is not a typo there really is a word “agonistic”. Will update my keywording in due time.
  5. You are correct. In addition the publisher is responsible for anything they publish anyway. However, working in contract law, you would know that any fool can sue in order to pass the buck onto the agent or the photographer or the photographer’s cat. There is no way around it. Any photograph containing people or property, released or not, editorial or not, captioned correctly or not, RM or RF, carries a very very very small legal risk to the photographer. Think about that portrait of a model released real family used editorially to illustrate incest. That has happened.
  6. Infringement claim - UK Small Claims

    Most publishers require the authors to pay for the photographs in their books, but it can vary depending on the clout of the author. Heavily illustrated books would be an exception. Your gut feeling is correct. The publisher is actually responsible for anything they publish, so you should go after the publisher. The publisher could then easily deduct the payment they make to you, from the author’s royalty account. Don’t let the publisher put you off. The agreement they have with their author is irrelevant to the situation, and no concern of yours.
  7. OMG! O.M.G. (= $1MG)

    Wowie, congratulations Jeff. Now Jeff is working on his second million. OHH OHH Jeff has been to Toronto recently. I might as well give up. The million $ is about his really really great people pictures. How many of us can consistently take people images of strangers like this one of his on the fly? I know I can’t.
  8. Show your newest image

    As ferns unfold on forest floors. Spring has sprung, the ferns has riz, I wonder where the birdies is?
  9. No 'Save Image Location'

    went to Alamy front page. Searched this image by Alamy code. Was able to control click to copy image URL. Pasted into "insert other media" from URL. drag and drop did not at all work for me. Safari on a Mac
  10. Images sold in June (one per day per contributor)

    Usage: Retail book. Editorial print + digital use. Up to DPS.inside. One time use only. In context re-use permitted for life of title RF editorial only $37.71 taken with handy Sony RX100
  11. How important is CTR really?

    I shoot only stock and not live news. CTR is a good indication if clients think your images are useful. It is also a way to measure if your keywording and captions are adequate. I think higher CTR over a year or so will result in more sales. However it is only part of the secret Alamy sauce that will determine your success. I try to avoid keywords that will result in false positives. Sometimes I use keyword phrases to cut back on false positives. For instance turkey; male turkey; tom turkey; but not MALE all on it’s own, as there will be too many false positives. Total elimination of false positives is not possible. I try to upload images that have a high sales potential. I will start to get picky once a group of similar images goes over five. However I will often add more than 5 images from the same shoot in order to give clients a choice of images. Anything more than 5 should have different photographic approaches to the subject, or different subjects. Remember this may mot apply to live news. With people, without people; portrait format, landscape format, room for type, no room for type, humorous, not humorous, backlit, not backlit etc. Sometimes I will do a search for the subject on Alamy to see the competition before uploading. I shoot stock images in abundance and experiment a lot. I usually only submit about 10% of a shoot. Remember I do not shoot live news I delete images if they are out of date, but not yet historical. This probably does not apply to live news. I delete old images that are inferior to my newer images. I never delete good images because they have not yet sold. I think the idea of uploading a very large number of images and sales will follow, is a trap that you will have trouble escaping a few years down the road because you will have a lower CTR. Submit for quality and variety, not quantity. At an event you want to get good shots of all personalities and some good action, so at events you submit more. When you get away from events you probably submit less. Just the way you are doing with your 332 submission to date.
  12. signing away rights

    Colblimp: They did not offer that, they offered "a small fee" for giving up copyrights, in addition to the day rate. John: If you are charging a day rate the copyright is negotiable. The client is being upfront about their needs. They are not grabbing anything. As Colblimp says, Alex has the option to walk away if he things the additional fee for copyright is too low.
  13. signing away rights

    Ian your use of the “F” expression could be considered as creating an atmosphere of bullying sexual harassment in order to intimidate some forum members into not commenting in the forum. This attempt at bullying and intimidation through the use of sexual expletives is just not acceptable. So recover your head, and lets have a rational discussion.
  14. signing away rights

    Agree 100%. That garden designer may have a steady stream of future assignments. The last thing you would want to do is loose a paying client now, and in the future, because you want the remote possibility of selling the occasional stock RM/RF for an average return to you of $45 dollars per sale. Build an assignment relationship with the garden designer and his client. Gain their trust, and you may be able to use your assignment relationship to gain special garden access at another time for a 100% stock shoot. Assignments and stock can be connected. Just not on the same commercial shoot.
  15. Images sold in May (one per day per contributor)

    RF editorial and digital $45.17. Images in this science series have sold several times since I made this earth shattering discovery in 2012. Captioned: Scientific proof that Bigfoot roams the very remote corners of Rouge National Urban Park inside Toronto Ontario Canada. More information: Photographer available for interviews and consultations for outrageous price