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Images sold in December 2020

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On 31/12/2020 at 12:47, Vincent Lowe said:

This was a pleasant surprise which dropped in yesterday.  It was first submitted to Leslie Garland Picture Library 20 years ago following a 'wants' request and it had to show the UV Protection sticker.  By coincidence I had bought the sunglasses just a few days earlier and was able to retrieve the sticker from the bin!  Education text book - I got £20.00


When LG retired all the ones which he had scanned and uploaded to Alamy were transferred to my account and so here, twenty years later, is its second sale.  Education use again - maybe they've just re-printed the text book or are putting it online.  Good fee too - just short of three figures.   Bronica SQ - 50mm lens+18mm ext. tube.  Kodak EPT160 (tungsten).




Well this is a bit weird - not sold for over twenty years then two within a month.  Another sale dropped in this morning, low $$ this time and a distributor sale to Brazil.


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