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  1. thanks for the info re the location and searching. Now I can keyword the image more accurately
  2. I took this 10 years ago and I have no clue where it is... I can't remember where in London and googling has turned up nothing. Does anyone else know?
  3. Nice autumnal display from this norway maple tree, I've learned that they turn red often starting at the top so if you catch them at the right time you get this lovely colour gradient. Colour looks awful and oversaturated in firefox as it appears to ignore colour space. Hmm, looking at this I'm wondering if the issue isn't firefox but that alamy strips colour space info from the images https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop/srgb-color-shift-in-firefox-possibly-solved-please-help-me-find-holes-in-this/td-p/9769262?page=1 EDIT: yes, I guess alamy does strip that info. Changing firefox colour management mode to assign sRGB to untagged content fixes the saturation issue.
  4. I just recently watched it. That 400 f/5.6 must have cost a pretty penny back then.
  5. Orange is a category I can definitely do. Mute swan preening and making herself beautiful. Their beaks turn bright orange at maturity, approx 2 years in, so you can tell a younger swan because the beak is a more pale pink. Sunset over Rivington Pike Tower, Lancashire An almost totally intact row of 180W SOX lamps on the UK M60 motorway around Bredbury. These are now a dying breed on the UK's roads as the last SOX factory, Philips, in Hamilton, Scotland recently closed, so lamps are in rapidly dwindling supply. They produce monochromatic light at 589nm and are extremely efficient - 200 lumens/Watt on the large E designated lamps. The bad news? They're huge, so the fittings are huge unwieldy monsters.
  6. This is it, I don't think anyone really knows! I am happy enough with being three star and remember getting three star status very soon after joining, on something like my third or fourth upload. It may help that early on I sold some images, one twice and for a while had a CTR rating of something crazy like 3.5 but that soon settled as I kept uploading. Most of my submissions are approved within 24 hours... the biggest wait is often for them to be in the search engine.
  7. looked more like chromatic aberration to me, especially given it was at the edge of the frame. Even really stubborn CA can be removed with the click of a button in LR, though if its really really bad you just get left with grey where the CA was.
  8. Just realised that plane you photographed is G-VROM - Barbarella - which is the one I flew out on. The one you flew on with BA in the late 80s was, I'm guessing either a -100 or a -200 and would have had three people in the flight deck and little in the way of glass too! My first flight was a 757-200 with the airline "Flying colours".
  9. I had a go on one when I flew to NYC in 2019. Paid more than I should have to fly across the Atlantic in economy but it meant I a) got to fly on a 747, which is reason enough and b) got to sit in the top deck, with Virgin being the only company I know of that run economy seating up there. It was a very memorable trip for several reasons but the plane was a big part of it. Nothing quite like looking out of the window and seeing two big engines instead of one. Great pic by the way.
  10. I suspect stock is a side gig for many people bar the relatively small number of full time "on the ground" photographers that are also able to capture images in a live news capacity etc and upload. For the vast majority of us with day jobs or simply without the time to dedicate to it you'd be daft to expect to make a living from stock, however one view is that generally there is an oversupply issue which is why stock prices keep falling.
  11. I'm no spelling expert but there seems to be a LOT of illiteracy about where people have failed to get the basics right. Your and you're is a big one, misused by a good 50% of people I encounter in typed form. Alot is another one, then peculiarities like people saying "draw" instead of drawer... as if draw is singular for the item making up a chest of drawers. Sulphur is the correct British English though? I had to google it to see if I was having a silly moment and in terms of muscle memory typing "sulfur" feels wrong and in fact has just been autocorrected to the ph version.
  12. What's even worse is because firefox ignores colour profiles suddenly every image looks like its on acid. Anyway, here's my contrib. This beautiful pen resides on a lake near me. It has not been an easy year for her - she had 7 or 8 cygnets at the beginning but only three survived with her on the lake. Several succumbed to an illness of some sort and one recovered but was raised in captivity. Then her cob was found dead about a month ago. The juveniles are now fully grown and independent from her. To make matters worse a courting pair landed on the lake last week and although it looks like they're co-operating they may try and shoo her and the juveniles off.
  13. Drag and drop from your portfolio the zoomed image into another window with the reply box is how I do it. However it does not work in Safari, I have to change over to Firefox to do that.
  14. I had a flu jab last year after being convinced to by a friend. All the supermarkets nearby were out of stock so I got one from a chemist. I'd phoned ahead but when I arrived they hadn't got the memo and tried to convince me to have it done another day. No can do as I've gone out of my way. The person who did it for me really seemed like they didn't even want to be there at all. The hilarity then ensued when I started to feel faint after having it done (this happens with me about 3/4 of the time I have an injection as I'm squeamish) so I then had to lie down on the floor for 10 minutes drifting in and out of consciousness while customers tried not to stand on me. About 2 weeks after I then came down with an awful "flu"/cold etc. I've had flu once before and this was probably as bad. Looking back a bunch of mates had something similar around this time and we all agree it could have been covid as there's loads of rumours and anecdotes to suggest it was circulating earlier than we thought. if it was just a reaction to the jab then sod having one again. Would I have a flu jab again? Not sure. I'm not in an at risk group and I really really hate needles... and fainting.
  15. I can't say I blame him. It's lovely how people are trying to help, but the thread is headache inducing.
  16. put the email address you use to sign in into the website: https://haveibeenpwned.com This is safe and legitimate and is run by Troy Hunt, a well known name in IT security. It will tell you if your email address used to sign in to a service on the web has been subject to a data breach and what that service was. You should not use the same password across multiple sites for this reason.
  17. Leaning on something and holding your breath is a perfectly valid way to steady a shot though I usually run out of other options first like increasing my ISO. I've got really into birding lately (I never thought I would to be honest) and while I've "made do" with a Tamron 70-300 that weighs as much as a packet of crisps I found it necessary to upgrade. The problem with the Tammy is while it's a nifty little thing and surprisingly sharp at F/11, you /must/ use it at F/11 to get a sharp image. Any lower OR higher and quality suffers. With "last year's" ISO performance on my kit that constrained me to sunny days only, which for birding is actually less than ideal.
  18. I was going to say are you using a 100-400 given you're an E mount user. I recently got the 70-400 being an A mount hold out and I've yet to field test it with the weather being so miserable, fingers crossed it stays OK tonight. Though I have in body IS I still find I need a decent shutter speed to keep the image perfectly still, perhaps my hands are not as stable as they once were.
  19. Love that. The curve of the bookshelves draws you right in. It's a pretty ordinary situation but very well executed as a photo.
  20. I'm surprised there isn't another sign stating "beware of the swan" as they seem to have just about covered all other bases.
  21. I have just taken delivery of the above lens in good second hand condition for a nice price. On inspecting it the condition looks good as described. I notice that when I hold it and rock it gently back and forth there is a slight "thunk" noise which sounds and feels like something moving inside the lens. Not unreasonable for something of such heft, but it reminds me very much of how my Sigma 85mm sounds since dropping it (entirely my own fault) - which didn't affect the optics but did somewhat bugger the focus motor. So I did a few tests. If I put the lens cap on (or otherwise point the lens at something it would struggle to focus on, like a plain white surface), zoom to more than approx 150mm and trigger the autofocus to rack it from infinity to MFD and back, the AF moves a LOT slower than I'd expect. It almost looks, going by the speed of what's in the distance window that the focus motor is struggling, though the speed is consistent. At first I thought I had the same issue as my Sigma, but it looks like this happens regardless of what angle I point the lens (the Sigma more or less packs up if I point it downwards). If I take the cap off, focussing appears to be mostly fast and consistent, but I haven't yet done a proper field test. I am somewhat encouraged by the fact that if I turn the camera off with the lens at MFD, with the lens cap on, it returns to infinity focus very quickly so I suspect the AF motor is actually fine. I do however notice a very slight, though definitely present high pitched squeal from the AF motor usually when returning to infinity. Mind, I do have sensitive hearing so perhaps don't read into that too much. Can anyone with the same lens perhaps test it for me with the lens cap on, at 400mm to see if this racking behaviour is the same? It's almost as if it slows itself down under challenging conditions at the higher FLs in hope of obtaining a lock. I bought the lens from MPB so have 6 month recourse but I don't want to go through the faff of returning it unless it is genuinely faulty.
  22. Inspiring. I only have a Mavic Mini, so anything too contrasty (like sunset skies) are out of the question, as it just does not have the dynamic range. But when you fly it up and point it downwards the unique perspectives can be quite powerful. Looking forward to "peak autumn" to try it again although of course the camera quality won't be Alamy suitable it'll be a nice personal project.
  23. I wonder if, as was the case with someone's remote (was it Betty's?) they possibly thought they were buying the item in the photo and you'll get a refund in a bit...
  24. I'm not sure whether it really counts as "good" but I've managed to snag a Sony G lens to replace my current telephoto (a Tamron that cost less than a night out on the town) for a really great price used. About 1/2 the new price. Only caveat is it has "slight" dust inside, so we will see. Lens is very highly regarded and looks to be considerably sharper at f/5.6 than my Tamron at f/11 so looking forward to the opportunities I was otherwise missing. Oh, and it's a Monday and I am still employed. So that is good also.
  25. well the advice in this thread and the learning points have been more than welcomed today when I went out to shoot a sunflower that has sprouted out of an old swan nest - presumably due to all the birdseed thrown. I waited until the clouds covered up the sun and remembered the colour histograms and the likely need to under expose a little bit as sure enough the reds were creeping off the right. I was able to use proofing in LR to make sure that once exported to an sRGB JPG I wasn't losing the red at the right and the result, after a few trial and error exports appears to be fairly good with the petals looking clear and sufficiently contrasty - at least to my eyes. The bit about under exposing goes against everything I learned way back when about ETTR, and is perhaps a habit I need to become less keen to use in all situations as digital sensor noise isn't what it was 15 years ago. Most of the time I deliberately push the histogram to the right (though not clipping) and bring back exposure in post if needed.
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