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  1. Quite. I have an uncanny knack of selling unremarkable photos (but that illustrate a point well) usually taken on a whim when heading "on the way" to somewhere else. Indeed I think it's futile to try and put yourself in the position of thinking "who would buy this" because you can't possibly get inside the head of every prospective buyer to know the answer.
  2. I don't see an issue. It's in the alamy T&C that they can use your images in situations like this to promote the brand. There is no difference here to another blog or site (maybe like the culture trip) buying stock photos and of course showing them without any watermark.
  3. I have an Epson XP-8500 which I got cheap and is marketed as a decent inkjet photo printer for enthusiasts. With some decent gloss paper and the high quality printing option it does produce some very nice prints. I mainly use it to create prints from the various holidays I've been on as I do occasionally like to have a physical copy. In a pinch it could be used to produce a couple of prints for paid work, perhaps, but would I use it to run a business - absolutely not.
  4. Posts like this make me think I'm missing a trick by being mostly exclusive here, but then I don't think I can bring myself to prop up the MS industry. In the end I go through this thought process every few months and still have not changed my mind.
  5. I have been using EVFs for a couple of years now and despite my systems being a few years old I still find them very very good. I suspect some people that are skeptical about them still envision it like '90s camcorders where you were looking essentially at a tiny CRT screen with a lot of lag and poor dynamic range. I have personally got used to a lot of the features offered by EVFs such as the ability to display a live histogram and even live exposure. To go back to a DSLR now and have to rely purely on the light meter and memory of settings I would normally use in such events would feel antiq
  6. I believe you have a typo (well, two) in the title of image 2E9J6JB
  7. Gutted for you, but better now than months after it has cleared...?
  8. are any of those other magazines photography related? I had a photo of a vintage stereoscope sell last month for around 9.61 - can’t check exactly as I’m on phone atm. Usage was stated as editorial magazine.
  9. thanks, yes LFH have been around for yonks.
  10. Never thought of that but would be a good idea, assuming that still goes on with Covid floating about.
  11. What I can't get my head round is how the client can download an image but it is then basically left up to their honesty to report usages. I do know from a recent contact with CR that they can tell when an image has been downloaded, but the implication was that it was still then up to the client to own up to it. I can't say any more than that as I don't know the intricacies of how they work, but I have seen more than one instance on here of people saying they had to report usages themselves as the client hadn't, which to me is massively concerning. Without wanting to sound sanctimonious we pay
  12. I remember those. Motorola RAZR I think. Seem to remember the advertising campaign featuring David Beckham. There was the candybar (non flip) equivalent which had similar capabilities and interface which was the SLVR I think. Not sure if that was meant to be silver or sliver - they were very thin and mine was red. Hopefully not a PU as if it is maybe the person is expecting one to turn up on the doorstep...
  13. I have, the Tamron too. However I quite often read that in terms of sharpness they aren't much different to a crop from the Sony 70-400. I can say that the 70-400 is very sharp indeed, 2D51K3H is a significant crop and still maintained sharpness, and that was on APS-C. I just wish my A77ii gave much more consistent results but after spending months blaming myself I tried the 70-400 on my A99 and suddenly found my keeper rate shot up, despite a much more primitive AF system. That has unfortunately left me craving the superior FF sensor quality for long lens work and as such has landed me in thi
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