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  1. I agree with Chuck, sales for me were through the roof (six) but the royalties are low enough that my cut won't be enough for a payout this month, in fact it will only net me about half of what I need. Four were $, one barely $$ and the other mid $$ it's nice to be paid for a hobby, but god help those who rely on it for income, particularly with the value of currency ever declining.
  2. The real kick in the nuts is that not only are royalties decreasing, so is the purchasing power of the currency, so it's a double whammy. I have only been here two years, but even in that time I have seen my average royalties go from mid to high $$ to low $$ verging on $. I'm hoping it's not a trend, but all markers suggest it is. On the other hand I like seeing regular sales coming in.
  3. February and March have been wonderful months for me in terms of volume, four sales in Feb and six this month. I now have a clear repeat seller as well. Zooms also up considerably from what was for a few months a very very unhealthy trend. The royalties are a bit disappointing though. A fair few high $ and low $$ with mid $$ or up uncommon. When I first started here and in my first year mid to high $$ was the norm. Second to last sale was for 2$ gross.
  4. What a collection! I hope by "tossing it all out" you don't mean literally binning it, those would fetch decent money on ebay particularly as some still look to be in the cellophane.
  5. Unless it ruins the image small areas of blown or very bright highlights and indeed totally dead areas of black won't be a problem. It is unreasonable to expect all areas of the image to be within the 0 and 255 ranges of exposure unless the scene itself had very low DR, like an even softly lit room or an overcast sky and a flat subject. You can actually make an image look far worse by trying to make it too technically perfect and Alamy's QC employ enough common sense to work past that. They simply ask that blacks be within a few percentage points of 0 and whites within a few percentage points
  6. I emailed CR a short while back over the fact that two sales from approx 2.5 months prior hadn't yet cleared into my account. The same two images were actually zoomed the month before they registered as a sale and one would assume bought at the same time, so it had more than likely been at least 3 months since they were used. The reply I received was somewhat curt with the wording "we haven't given up or forgotten about it". Oddly enough, very soon after the payment for those two images did clear. They also mentioned, regarding another query I had that they could see a download for
  7. Great photos, I have a similar themed one with swearies that I never uploaded as I thought the content would flag a reject. It's a pity these vocal people (on either side of the argument) can't spell though. I've seen stickers placed with a sheep wearing a mask and words on it, half of which are misspelled. Completely ruins the potential impact of said message
  8. I seem to be bucking the trend with a significant uptick in both Feb and March, 9 sales across those two months with a bit left to go. Fees however are another story, an almost continuous decline with my most recent being for the grand total of just over 2$ for a worldwide in perpetuity licence. As ever the kinds of images I am selling don't tend to involve people (apart from one of a certain character who appears at protests which is a repeat seller), proving that you need to have a port full of people doing things to make sales is a myth.
  9. I've got to agree. For the best of both worlds, I do raw + jpeg. It makes it nice and easy for quickly previewing photos on the computer before I export them into LR, and it also gives me the opportunity should it arise to work directly with the JPEG should the image need to be pushed out very quickly. 99% of the time though it's raw, even if it's just to run it through LR and input metadata before putting it straight out again to JPEG.
  10. I'm borrowing a Nikon APS-C camera at the moment with the very highly regarded 200-500 for birding. It was given to me with back button focus set and since this is how I used to work in the Canon days, I never bothered changing it and within a couple of shots I remembered all those years back why I liked it. As you say it means that you can use AF-C but have the equivalent of AF-S with only a momentary press. Personally I've never trusted AF-A or its equivalents because it can introduce hunting on static subjects where there shouldn't be any, but may not track a suddenly moving object quick en
  11. I started in 2019 and was definitely on two stars, going to three soon after and remaining there until present day. To the answer the OP, I have found that mostly my submissions go through within 24 hours, but have recently tended to be longer, anything between 2 days up to 4 in two cases I can recall.
  12. Well done for the sale. As a fairly low volume seller (currently) my "worry" about getting one of these larger sales is what if it got refunded and then I am left with months of future sales royalties just falling into a black hole to fill the void. Have I misunderstood how this works? Haven't yet had a three figure sale here (or a refund!) but there is a first for everything in life.
  13. Nice shots as ever, though I can't quite get my head around the idea of a mono only digital camera, particularly given the price assuming I'm looking at the correct model. Could have a Canon R5 for that!
  14. I used to live near the coast and so I have seen this before though usually to a much lesser extent, the effect in this image is very pronounced. One the things to do on my bucket list is to take a trip to the the USA and attempt to photograph Chicago across Lake Michigan. It's only possible if the conditions are just so, so I'll be at the mercy of the gods. The photos some people have managed to come away with are quite spectacular - but at other times the science is such that even the tallest of the buildings are barely visible.
  15. When I was covering the anti-lockdown protests here, the first couple of times I'd cover the event then scurry off to the car and upload my photos with a laptop. By the time I had, it was too late as all of the regulars that, as Avpics says, are backed by entire teams of people were way ahead of me. So the next time I went, knowing there was going to be a well-known face there worth documenting, I changed my tactics and periodically zapped files to my phone from two cameras, added the IPTC in lightroom, uploaded and then carried on shooting. Later that day I sold one of the images to the DM as
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