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  1. Juvenile Moorhen having a good flap about here. Felt very lucky to have captured this and in nice light too. They're so shy that several previous attempts failed.
  2. Glad it's not just me then! It takes me awfully long to go through some sets of images and after the hours spent I often tell myself I must speed up the process... but I know it just means I'd let silly things slip. One of the last things I do before hitting the export button is a final sweep at 1:1 for dust spots and I almost always have to go back and make corrections. Now that the nights are drawing in I've also taken to waiting until morning to do an export as editing under artificial light can cause funny things to happen.
  3. I guess if you're used to that process and it works for you then that is all good, but that sounds like a faff to me! Those adjustments can be made almost instantaneously in LR as per space cadet's reply. I find even doing spot adjustments to remove particularly stubborn highlights or blackened shadows to be preferable in LR too, and you can keyword right there in the library. Not only that, but the "heal" tool in LR is unbelievably good at removing dust or small areas of image you don't want and making it look totally natural. It beats clone hands down except in a small set of specific situations I've encountered. That said, if I have an image that needs some particularly hard editing I do use PS to do the heavy lifting. An example of this is an image in my port which was covered in power lines. I made the decision that without them it would turn out to be a really nice image and between LR and PS I embarked on several hours of fine editing to remove them all. I'm confident that unless I pointed out the edits on a per pixel level no-one would ever know and I couldn't have done it without PS. The result is an image I am very proud of not necessarily in terms of saleability but just that I took and produced it. I'm guessing the folks that use PS to do basic touchups and adjustments have been doing it since before LR existed and PS was really the only option for this, or have I got that wrong?
  4. Not sure. Thought provoking question though and probably a bit of a can of worms. I'd think that if you uploaded something to social media and then effectively donated it to someone else it would be a stretch to find the OP liable. This is one of the reasons I really like the Alamy platform. Not filling out the releases section on the optional tab (either by accident or on purpose) ensures your image will not be sold under the pretence of being released, so if some bozo uses it commercially and then gets sued that's on them and not you. As perhaps evidenced by a thread I made on here a while back, I have what is perhaps a slightly irrational fear of someone recognising an errant fencepost or other such object in one of my images and trying to sue me into oblivion just because they could. I often don't mark up the releases section unless I am absolutely positively sure I can, even down to the fact that the ground the image was on not being privately owned. Well, I try my best at least.
  5. Agreed. I've stopped commenting to this effect on social media. Too many people on instagram and the like - who are actually decent photographers - willing to give their work away when company XYZ asks "can we feature this on our page". They don't get that the company isn't doing it for the good of their health, but to SELL PRODUCTS and that in a just world the photographer should be compensated accordingly.
  6. If you've used first aid through disk util then that assumes that the drive hardware is at least recognisable to the system otherwise it wouldn't appear in there at all. Does the bar that indicates how much data is on the drive appear filled or does it look like a blank drive? What happens if you select it on the left side and click the "mount" button? If it is working as normal, it will appear on the desktop. If you've encrypted it, it will ask for a password first. If there is no mount option, the drive may not be formatted and/or contain no partitions, possibly due to a fault.
  7. Does anyone have or has anyone ever had the four star rating? I've read about it in the contrib guidelines but I only ever hear of people talking about 5 star when above the standard 3.
  8. I think buying anything for stock is a bad investment if you see it that way, unless you live, breath, eat and sleep stock. I know there are some on here who do a fair bit of live news and get a good whack from it but they have to put the hours in and I respect that. For most of us who do day jobs or otherwise don't have the time to "have the jump" on what's going on I suspect it is at best a passive trickle but a hobby's a hobby and any return I get from that is welcome.
  9. I use Lightroom so it's done in batch before I export. Still the last thing I do though and the thing I find a PITA. Lovely photography though. Your image 2CEE0F5 is particularly nice, I rather like the swirly bokeh effect. I get that from my old Minolta 50mm f/1.7 - out of interest what lens was used in this shot?
  10. This is a great post, I didn't understand the significance of the colour histogram until now. Will change how I shoot going forward particularly with shots where I'm having odd colour balance issues. Every day is a school day... even had to get my camera out to remind me that yes it does show a colour histo!
  11. I would be inclined to agree. Most of the time I don't even bother loading the JPEG into Lightroom. It's only done if I have a raw that is being a pain and is a last resort as the JPEG has already dumped a good bit of data before it even gets to the computer. Outputting a processed JPEG as a TIFF for instance would be pointless - and I like to keep TIFFs as part of my process. Regarding processing, I tend to actually avoid import presets as what is needed can be quite different depending on how the set of photos was shot and the look I was going for. Instead what I'll usually do is process the first one in a set of similars, make that a preset and then apply it to the rest. Thanks Steve. What did you think when you compared the straight-from-camera JPEG and the raw? It's academic if you have been able to reshoot but I suspect that like me you'll have found a difference. Even with much fiddling I couldn't get the raw to look quite as good as the above so I gritted my teeth and just used the JPEG. I love my Sonys (the A99 also has two card slots) but all three of the ones I've used have had this strange thing with certain bright colours, usually flowers. I can't say I never noticed it with previous systems, because most of the time I shot only raw not raw+jpeg.
  12. At the risk of being absolutely crucified for saying this, this is one of those instances where if the conditions are right I'd use the in-camera JPEG. As I shoot raw & JPEG I can see the differences and with all of the Sonys I've had so far shooting flowers in sunlight produces the same issues you were seeing. I found that no matter what I did to the raw I couldn't get it to have the same clarity and "pop" as the JPEG produced by the camera itself. As Keith has mentioned above though, I try to avoid shooting plants in direct sun for this reason. The below image looked ok in raw, but compared to the JPEG the detail and clarity of the petals just wasn't there. I spent about 15 minutes faffing with it and in the end just went with the JPEG. I can't say I like doing that, but it seems with Sonys they have trouble in certain rare situations with the colour rendition. Do you shoot JPEG and raw?
  13. Given that the Finder is crashing/hanging as is previewing images with quick look this suggests either a Mac problem (rather than an Adobe one) or more specifically an issue with the storage the images are on. Leaving aside Lightroom for a moment, try copying a few images to the internal storage on the Mac and see if there's any issue with opening them and previewing with the quick look feature. If the issue appears to be that the Mac is generally "unwell" then my experience suggests the internal storage may be on its way out, ie failing. If there is no other obvious cause (rogue software, high CPU usage, out of memory) the storage struggling to read and write as it goes bad can cause long periods of freezing. If you can rule out the problem to the external drive, it's likely to be that. Regarding the speed of the drive, as long as it is functioning properly even a slow drive shouldn't be this slow as to cause problems. Even cr@p drives can generally achieve 30-40MB/s transfer rates which for just moving data around is fine. I have a total of 5 (five!) external hard drives plugged into my Mac, some of which are absolutely ancient and still using USB2 enclosures (remember them?). Aside from the fact that USB2 is only half duplex most of the time I don't even notice the speed drop as the limitation is still caused by the spinning disks and the slower nature of random reads/writes. USB3 in most cases is absolutely wasted on the external storage it is often attached to, save for the advantage of full duplex. Anyway, waffling over, once you can isolate whether it's an external HD problem or not will give further clues. However, my gut feeling is given that you're also getting issues with Finder is that this is not an Adobe issue and I wouldn't, for now, be pursuing it further with them.
  14. I most often find my zooms do not translate into sales... I'm assuming that's because they're being bought by clients of Alamy that don't have the credentials to register as actual zooms? I understand that not all zooms will translate into sales but to buy an image you must have to zoom it? Most of my sales have "apparently" never been zoomed!
  15. this can happen after an app updates. My whatsapp quite often does it. App updates, opens, but leaves the old icon in the dock. You can remove it from the dock.
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