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How was your May 2016?


Mine was average with 9 sales.


Only $160 gross in total though.


Lowest $2.23 (x2), which were distributors sales so netted me $0.67 -so about 40p!


Highest $57.05.


Views another record rolling month high.


Zooms holding up to about average.



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A $200+ sale at the end of the month (thank you sales persons!) lifted an otherwise mediocre set of results.


14 sales 1, fortunately small, refund grossing overall  $437


A couple of these


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial
Media: Editorial website
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Image Size: Any size
Start: 01 April 2016
End: 01 April 2021


for the princely sum of $5.71

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Poor month here: 2 sales, $28.50 net totaL.

Including a file which was refunded and resold for the same use and price sometime after 0115 BST today (but counted as yesterday).

Zooms were at their lowest for years.

Let's hope for a better June.


Still waiting for 20+ unreported sales to be actioned (since early January).

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Only one sale in May? Oh common Alamy, did someone block my account for sales...?  :unsure:  :huh:  :angry:  Alamy will not pay my bills this month :(

Not what I expected to see after good April and increasing trends...

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May was not looking good until the last couple of days when number of sales just about doubled.  Ended with 45 sales plus 5 infringements but many of the latest ones were small editorial website licenses and a few more have dropped in today.



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2 for $69 gross


An interesting post - I did some maths. On average contributors to this post saw 1.75 sales/1,000 images this month. The share of the portfolio sold in the month ranges from 0.32% (best) to 0.02%.


Revenue however is a completely different issue.

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23 for $ 711 - Worst for this year; second worst for the rolling year.
average: $31 - Worst ever.


However if I discard the 5 Novel Use for $7,

I get:

18 for 703
average: $39 - Only second worst ever: Feb 2016 was worse with $ 38

Zooms = 100. I have to go back to 2008 to find higher numbers.

Views = 8,376. About average.





edit: zooms: 100

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Strange month for me, less sales than normal - 8 not including a refund.


The month started with the refund of a personal use image, which I think is a strange concept - download it, pay for it, keep it, then say you don't want it. Can I have my money back! I have to admit, I thought it a strange image for personal use!!


Then I had a large four figure sum which cheered me up - a distributor sale but still happy as long as it clears.


Towards the end of the month I had $5.71 for an image that I found and reported a few months ago from a 2012 article which had never been paid. I don't understand why there are no penalties for non reporting of images in the self billing system! It cost me more to find the article, print a copy (as evidence), take a screen shot, fill out the Alamy form, including address, phone number, links etc - never mind the time to take the image!!


Surprised that some of the 30 plus image uses that I know of since the end of last year, have not shown up yet either!


Not complaining though as it ended up a good month financially.



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