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  1. After getting used to the instant QC pass for 5 star status, I had a delay of about 18 to 24 hours recently, after which I discovered the batch had failed. Have not submitted since then, but surprisingly, am still showing as 5 stars for QC status.
  2. My experience is that the screen on a mobile phone is too small for using AIM, I even find a tablet size screen far from ideal too.
  3. When I click on the link you provided (using my Samsung tablet) it says: Sorry, the page you were looking for on this blog does not exist. A page headed Stranger In A Strange Land is displayed, with a photo and profile of you on the right hand side, but no blog about Merseyside.
  4. As far as I am aware, mobile phone images are not accepted by Alamy itself, but they have an App called Stockimo which is specifically for iPhone images, so you might want to check that out. I should mention that forum rules do not allow discussion about Stockimo in this forum.
  5. Steve, guessing you have not seen this thread? https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12279-qc-speed/?ct=1577023513
  6. Buffer is an App that can be used to schedule Twitter Tweets (posts), ie, automates posts rather than having to do each one manually.
  7. I got the 'ignore email' first, and then the 'number of offline images' email afterwards! And of my 58 offline images, 40ish were passed by QC only the day before!
  8. Like Ed, I'm also not keen on bothering Alamy with minor matters, so when I re-edit an image, I upload it while the original is live, then change the title of the original to 'Awaiting deletion, see image ID (ref no) for replacement', then save changes and delete the original. If a potential buyer should see the 'awaiting deletion' image during the 6 month wait for deletion by Alamy, they will at least know the replacement image ID should they wish to see it.
  9. The only people that really know the answer to that are Alamy, and they won't be telling us anytime soon.
  10. Mark, I can't find it myself now! It was produced around the time when commission rate was reduced from 60 to 50%, to clarify what Alamy meant by exclusivity. Think its also been referred to in the forum on previous occasions. Generally, I think your post above is a good summary as far as I can recall.
  11. Please read the Alamy blog post on this issue.
  12. I know what you mean, but Alamy already indicate that being on another website by itself, does not contravene their exclusivity requirement.
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