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  1. The only people that really know the answer to that are Alamy, and they won't be telling us anytime soon.
  2. Mark, I can't find it myself now! It was produced around the time when commission rate was reduced from 60 to 50%, to clarify what Alamy meant by exclusivity. Think its also been referred to in the forum on previous occasions. Generally, I think your post above is a good summary as far as I can recall.
  3. Please read the Alamy blog post on this issue.
  4. I know what you mean, but Alamy already indicate that being on another website by itself, does not contravene their exclusivity requirement.
  5. I think the main point is that images should not be available for 'purchase' from another website/stock agency, apart from circumstances I mentioned above. Theft, or copyright violation of images is another matter.
  6. Alamy have produced a blog about exclusivity, so suggest you check that out. My understanding is that images marked as exclusive to Alamy should not be available for purchase from another stock agency, but they can be available for purchase from Print On Demand (POD) sites and the photographers personal website if they have one. I'm not clear exactly what you mean by a 'hobbyist photo sharing site', but by 'photo sharing', if your images are available to others for commercial use on the hobbyist site (other than through purchase directly from Alamy), you might (???) be breaking Alamys definition of exclusivity. If you still have doubts after reading the relevant Alamy blog, you could always contact contributor relations and ask them directly.
  7. I was about to ask the same question, have also been waiting since Wednesday. Usually takes about 24 hours, must be a blip with the Alamy system.
  8. There was a BBC programme on TV last night about Hippos in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and I think (if memory serves me correctly) they said that Hippos kill about 500 people a year. Thats presumably all Hippos, not just those in the Okavango.
  9. I think we need a second opinion, I heard it was 52% 😉
  10. My image was of that well known democrat, Lenin. You could be right about Brussels, probably one of the apparatchik checking for guidelines on how to deal with insurrection on the western front 😄
  11. ...but sadly, only 1 from my portfolio. My CTR has been reasonable the last few months, but is in freefall this month (July), so when I noticed some nice person had 'zoomed' one of my images, I looked at my Pseudo info and saw that someone had searched for 'Russia historical portrait', and zoomed 3404 of the 4003 images they viewed. Occasionally, I have seen up to perhaps about 50 zooms for a single search phrase, but never anything remotely near the 3404 in this instance. Unless this was a bot stealing our images for display on some dodgy website (unlikely? given that only Alamy customers' zooms are recorded??) just curious as to why someone would have the time and inclination to zoom so may images?
  12. I have noticed within Alamys Image Manager that there is now a checkbox for imagery within the 'public domain', so that might (???) explain some imagery on Alamy that does not appear to conform to the guidelines. Still suggest you look for the Alamy guidelines on their Blog or Twitter pages rather than asking in the forum, and if you still have any doubts, go direct to Alamy and ask them for clarification. It does seem to be a slightly grey area.
  13. I believe Alamy has issued guidelines about submitting such imagery (don't have the link though), saying it is OK, providing there is additional context within the image. So a photo of an artwork just by itself is not wanted by Alamy (copyright violation etc), but a photo of such artwork with, for example, people viewing it (perhaps a tour group) is acceptable. Suggest you do a search on the Alamy blog or Twitter pages for further clarification. Also, I think Alamy suggest any such submissions from photographers should be marked as for editorial use only, ie, no marketing, commercial use.
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