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  1. The other two are: Image ID: CFD43Y Contributor: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo Neale Clark Image ID: B8H38H Contributor: Russ Bishop / Alamy Stock Photo
  2. BBC 12 September 2019 https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20190912-what-wartime-munitionettes-can-teach-us-about-burnout Contributor: Kevin Schafer / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: G1ENK
  3. Thanks for sharing Wim - Great graphics and enjoyed the test - I'm 'The Adventurer" Back on topic - month started off very slowly but ended up with 12 sales - all under $$$ some quite a bit under! - Not a great month, average for now but way under compared to a few years ago!
  4. Thanks Bryan once again. As an aside - I don't contribute much to the forum any more - too difficult and frustrating to log in!! I can view the forum easily enough just cant log in to comment. Took more than 10 minutes to get in by having to close Alamy down 3 times as well as identify 100's of sets of traffic lights and 'Cross walks!!' on terrible grainy images. Not worth the wasted time but I do appreciate the hard work done by all contributors to this thread, so a big thanks to you all.
  5. I had 15 sales which is about average for me. One just under $200, the rest a mixture of newspaper and magazine sales. The downside is that this is the first month I haven't reached the threshold for an Alamy payment in over 5 years! A sign of the times!!
  6. BBC News 23 December 2018 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46359419 Credited to Orion/Alamy - several versions of the image available but couldn't find one by Orion! The main illustration or vector in the article is also credited to Alamy but I couldn't find it either on Alamy but could find it with another agency!
  7. An Turus, Tiree, Scotland Olympic Agora Athens 2004 Games Greece Covered walkway which connects Glasgow's SEC and Pacific Quay with Finneston rail station
  8. I don't know of a quick way to do that. I suppose there is a long laborious way to check in measures for the last year which is by clicking on each individual blue linked search term. That shows which images of yours appeared in a search, the ones with the blue border being the ones which were zoomed in that search. It would have been straight forward but very time consuming if you had a complete list of all your numbers and they followed a sequential pattern - you could simply put a tick or mark against ones viewed. However I noticed that it is the Alamy reference number which appears on the images making this a cross reference nightmare! Sorry I can't think of any easier way.
  9. I've had three over the $1000's. The first was my second ever sale in 2005 and it was for $ 1216.61 The second which was my highest ever, was in 2013 for $ 1815.98 The third was in 2016 for $ 1023.26 The good old days right enough! By contrast yesterdays license was the smallest I've ever had!
  10. I've not got many but here goes: Welcome to Las Vegas..... Donald & Daisy Duck! Most pierced Woman! (I know the shadows need lightened but taken long ago and the original succumbed to a hard drive failure, many moons ago!)
  11. I tagged images on Wednesday and they're still not on sale either. They state 'on sale' in AIM but inserting the image number into the Alamy search shows no image of that number. Yesterdays tagged images are showing up as on sale. I'll leave until Monday then follow up with contributor service if they are still not visible.
  12. It sounds like a good opportunity to meet and have a chat. I have no problem staying a bit longer. Lynne
  13. 34 minutes ago, Allan Bell said: Looks more like Sycamore (Acer pseudoplantanus). Note the reddish leaf stalk. Do not know what is causing the spots though. Allan Thank you both for the really quick responses. I really am rubbish at tree/plant identification!! Lynne
  14. I am trying to get round to reducing my 500 plus QC'd images that aren't tagged yet! Mainly ones which are more complicated and that I'm no expert on the subject matter and therefore need time consuming researching. I'd really appreciate some help with this leaf identification. It was taken in Scotland. I've been researching it and it looks like Douglas Maple (Acer glabrum) leaves with Purple Bordered Leaf Spot? But I am no tree expert cant find info that it even grows in Scotland! I've read that Field Maple are the only native maples in the UK but it doesn't seem to be that. All help appreciated Thanks Lynne
  15. I get one from Paypal as that is how I receive my Alamy payment Jill Thanks Thyrsis & Jill, it's not an issue to me at all, I was just curious and it obviously just depends on different circumstances. I've always been paid straight to my bank. Lynne
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