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  1. Images not being added.

    I tagged images on Wednesday and they're still not on sale either. They state 'on sale' in AIM but inserting the image number into the Alamy search shows no image of that number. Yesterdays tagged images are showing up as on sale. I'll leave until Monday then follow up with contributor service if they are still not visible.
  2. Glasgow or Edinburgh group meet-up

    It sounds like a good opportunity to meet and have a chat. I have no problem staying a bit longer. Lynne
  3. Leaf Identification help please!

    34 minutes ago, Allan Bell said: Looks more like Sycamore (Acer pseudoplantanus). Note the reddish leaf stalk. Do not know what is causing the spots though. Allan Thank you both for the really quick responses. I really am rubbish at tree/plant identification!! Lynne
  4. I am trying to get round to reducing my 500 plus QC'd images that aren't tagged yet! Mainly ones which are more complicated and that I'm no expert on the subject matter and therefore need time consuming researching. I'd really appreciate some help with this leaf identification. It was taken in Scotland. I've been researching it and it looks like Douglas Maple (Acer glabrum) leaves with Purple Bordered Leaf Spot? But I am no tree expert cant find info that it even grows in Scotland! I've read that Field Maple are the only native maples in the UK but it doesn't seem to be that. All help appreciated Thanks Lynne
  5. Payment date keeps moving?

    I get one from Paypal as that is how I receive my Alamy payment Jill Thanks Thyrsis & Jill, it's not an issue to me at all, I was just curious and it obviously just depends on different circumstances. I've always been paid straight to my bank. Lynne
  6. Payment date keeps moving?

    That's interesting, I've never ever had a payment notification email!! Even though I've received a payment every month for years and years.
  7. BBC News 3 September 2018 Mary Evans Picture Library & Illustrated London News/Mary Evans
  8. August Challenge - NEWS

    News submission of: Lenticular Clouds on the Isle of Mull British supporters at the Rio Olympics Armed Soldiers patrolling the streets outside the João Havelange Olympic Stadium where the athletics were held at the Rio Olympics
  9. Thanks once again Bryan for the spot! 😀
  10. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    6091 images 206 zooms Mine is 29 Lynne
  11. Sorry I quoted the post above but it hasn't worked! I cant find the first one either. I recognise the view, I'm sure it's Loch Lomond from Conic Hill but did various searches and still couldn't spot it. Lynne
  12. Actress identification

    Could the 3rd one be Magrit Nunke? Her blouse has Magrit Nun... You may be able to see more if you zoom it. I've googled her image and it may be her. Hope that helps. Lynne
  13. Sales versus actual profit

    The (X) is uncleared as you said i.e invoiced but not paid and the (0) is cleared in this month i.e. the total of paid invoices this month and this or these added together are the figure which is shown as cleared funds. When it reach $50 or more a date will appear which indicates when these funds will be paid to you by Alamy although depending on payment method it will be a few days after that date before the payment reaches your bank account.
  14. Glasgow or Edinburgh group meet-up

    I managed to find Kay straight away from the search and I'm definitely no Facebook guru!!! 😀
  15. Glasgow or Edinburgh group meet-up

    Thanks Kay, I've sent you a message via Facebook messenger with my email address.