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How was your October 2021?

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I don't expect any more sales will arrive now, so here are my stats for the month.

Oct 2021 : 6 sales for $135 gross, $54 net (the recent commission change hurts!)

A poor month for me. Rather unusually I made more $ (Net) with my experiment on a micro-stock site with ~1/10th of the number of images. How weird is that??

Alamy zooms have all but disappeared in the last few weeks (Alamy said they might drop temporarily due to software changes)

So my CTR% has fallen from 0.98 to 0.38. :(

The majority of my images on Alamy are still Alamy exclusive, as I was waiting/hoping for reports of infringement revenue before deciding whether to keep them that way. Has anyone had infringement revenue yet??



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After my best ever month last month, back down to earth with a bump 🎢 7 for $76 gross, so even worse than normal for the last few months.


Oh well, I was out at Silchester Roman ruins yesterday and got some great pictures of somewhere no one goes to; can't imagine there's any demand for images either..... 🤦‍♂️

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I had 27 sales for $537 gross/ $214 net, so quite a good month. Surprisingly my zooms and CTR were about normal.


My payout this month is quite low though, so I guess the commission change is starting to hurt. I haven't had any $$$ sales since July, and that one still hasn't cleared.

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20 sales for $ 262 gross and $ 96 net. My best month so far. Half of the sales were distro to Finnish Media, most of you know the score (and for the rest: it's about the same as Culture Trip). No $$$, but one good $$ and one decent $$. 

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6 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

I'll give you my reply tomorrow after the last rush of sales come through.😳




Oddly the end of month 'UKNS' surge hasn't hit, which is unusual. I can generally expect a fair quantity of low value web news sales to be reported a few days before the end of the month which would have pushed me into the sixty or seventy sales for the month, but have stalled on fifty-nine for just shy of $1000 gross. Still, not bad.

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Its all gone wrong this month for me


Terrible zooms

Terrible CTR


1 x sale nett 20p


Not much else I can say sadly ! 

Had some very nice years but don't hold out much hope in the future 😞 

Feeling as flat as a pancake........

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24 licenses for $456.71


This month's volume sets the record for the highest number of licenses in a year ever. And still two months to go.

As for net revenue, only my 7th year. It says it all, doesn't it?




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A nice bounce back from September 12 month low to October's 12 month high. 23 sales for total gross of $1375, including five $$$. Best month for a long while. 

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