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How was your October 2021?

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15 licences, 2 of which were refunded and re-billed at double the original price!

Average gross $23, which is lower than usual. Nett average $9, which is crap!

All the low ball deals are ok for Alamy who are selling thousands of licenses at sub $2 prices but as individual contributors we are left feeling it's not worthwhile.

It's definitely time that we can set a minimum price we're happy to accept!


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August and September....crashed and burned!! 



Started October with my lowest price yet ..... $1.02.

Then a trickle of slightly better $ and $$.

Last gasp on 29th got two decent sales...... one mid $$ and one very welcome $$$.

Gross for the month $393.

Maybe things are looking up; hopefully will keep Gold status for the year.

Just hoping nothing gets refunded further down the line unless, like Phil, they get "re-billed at double the original price".

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5446 views.  24 zooms.  Average CTR 0.44.

16 sales for a gross total of $650.  Highest $175.  Lowest $1.02.  Average $40.62.

This monthly average price is very slightly higher than my all-time average (over a period of 15 years with Alamy), which is somewhat encouraging, after years of steadily falling prices.

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On 01/11/2021 at 10:55, meanderingemu said:


nice number of licence 

but wow 68% commission....  some big distribution sales, or all affiliates? 

I had one for low $xxx but a distributor, not much left of that for me after commission is deducted. :( 


The remaining licenses were all tiddlers unfortunately, 


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78 for Gross of $1694 - average gross $22, average net $8.68 which is very poor.


4 in the $$$ category - 3 in the $100+ were editorial book, TV and Museum display; 1 for $350 was again TV use


Views c28K - better than last year marginally, but still only at about 60% of pre-pandemic numbers

Zooms 191, average for this year, running at about 80% pre-pandemic; CTR 0.69 - I haven't really noticed a reduction due to what Alamy described as lower zoom numbers from end September - hopefully they were actually higher than that!




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Not bad amount of sales at 16 but terrible prices at $136 gross for only$36.38 nett!!!!!


Highest $22.40 lowest $1.71. 9 were single very low $ amounts.


Not a good month as only $38 has cleared from the previous couple of good month's sales. So no payout this month!!


Oh well, next month's payout should be good!



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