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February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

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So February has Valentine's Day, which is celebrated, in one form or another, in much of the world.  I want to see your images expressing LOVE! It does not have to be humans loving humans, love can be so much in so many forms!  As usual, up to three photos from each person and the photos must be on Alamy and taken by you.


The challenge will close on February 28th at midnight GMT.  The winner will get to run March's challenge!


Looking forward to some "lovely" photos!!


Here are a few of mine to get you in the mood :wub:....


Couple just married kisses MR white Stock Photo



white Caucasian mother with her baby boy 7 months old Stock Photo


Heart drawn in sand Stock Photo

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Good subject.. I have to admit, I struggle with this one a little, but my efforts are:


Grandfather and toddler grandson sharing a moment:



Love locks on Pero's Bridge in Bristol.. left be romantics:




A child's love for his mother (the older child is the toddler from my first image) :



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Three from me





Mum and son sharing a fun moment in the Alps





Mum with a protective hand on the four day old baby





Wife (mine) and dog (my brother's) curl up for a rest together.



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Congratulations on your win. Great topic for this month. My three:


Guillemot Love



A bronze plaque 



A mass of love locks (on the Forth Road Bridge - the old one)



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Congratulations Michael. Love the topic. These are my three.







Lasting love





Romantic love (forbidden love?)





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Congrats on your win Michael, it was a lovely photo.


Here's my 3.


Monkey love



Romantic drink



Brotherly love


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Love in the rain, Paris, France.





Love after the ceremony, Paris, France.





Autumn love between a grandmother and granddaughter, Central Park, New York, NY.



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Thought we would have nothing suitable for this theme but an AIM search for 'love' brought up this one!



Fairy chimneys in Love Valley Cappadocia

Fairy chimneys in Love Valley Cappadocia Stock Photo









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I used to go to copy the link address and then paste it into the post via Insert images from URL. Don't find this is working anymore. How do you get to post your pictures? I'm on Google Chrome, also tried Firefox. Nada.

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I go from AIM because I like the size better from there. I enlarge the image, right-click and copy image. Then I paste it into the post. I know some people are still able to drag and drop but I don't know where they begin.



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