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  1. Thank you for including one of my photos. I have voted for a far better photo than mine 🙂
  2. young girl reads the list of names on the Royal Navy war memorial in Southsea, Portsmouth, England Open Active service testament 1914 with an old photograph of members of the Manchester regiment and a handwritten note The drum used by a Royal Marine to signal the sighting the enemy at the battle of Trafalgar, hung on-board HMS Victory , Portsmouth, England
  3. My three for the month: A steeplechase race at an athletics meet. A mountain biker in the Lake district, UK A young scooter rider competing in a street games competition.
  4. My Three. Female Muay Thai boxers A female member of Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery A Thai "Ladyboy" performing at an outdoor festival
  5. My three Wasps eating a Haribo sweet ruined garden strawberries, eaten by Woodlice A common Garden spider consumes the head of a fly that is trapped in its nest
  6. I had my first sale with 60% commission on Friday. Disappointingly it was an earlier sale that was refunded on Friday morning and then sold for a few more cents that same afternoon, only this time with the higher commission rate. C'est La Vie Simon
  7. I have had an image with exactly the same terms come through today. It's interesting that I don't see the price of magazines dropping.
  8. A not so great Alamy print sale (Will look lovely on a wall) Countered by a very nice book sale
  9. Usage: Marketing package - Small business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide
  10. My three: Thai dancers in costume A Thai Ladyboy cabaret singer A traditional Victorian Santa
  11. Thank you for picking one of my photos keith! I'm up against ome stiff competition, lots of good images there!
  12. There are all kinds of strange people hanging out in the mens toilets John . I was locking up an old building where I used to work, I'm not sure that I would have been brave enough to take the photo and risk somebody walking in on me mid shot
  13. This one has sold multiple times and always surprises me:
  14. 100M, hmm! well over the road from my home is a shoreline path from which I can see the M275 and the Canute crane. Also one the same footpath, a young lady running There are also wrecks of old boats.
  15. I thought it was just me!. Everything was going quite nicely until around 4 weeks ago, when suddenly zooms and sales seemed to slide off into the distance.
  16. A group of young men stand topless against the waves breaking over the sea wall of Southsea seafront as Storm Brian hits the Southern coastline of the UK at high tide. A "We are the 99%" placcard at a demonstration against austerity measures in Portsmouth, England The Duchess of Cambridge shakes hands with Grinder, Sam Bell of Team Emirates New Zealand at The Americas Cup World Series in Portsmouth
  17. Elizabeth Allan, found at this website https://www.collectors.com/entertainment-item/1963-elizabeth-allan-cover-japan-vintage-magazine-marilyn-m/9088116268223852425
  18. Two knights shaking hands prior to combat, taken at Portchester castle in 2016 and sold for the first time this week.
  19. Mines Bitsa, bitsa this and bitsa that. https://www.instagram.com/evanssimon/
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