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  1. Believe it or not I've had an "Alamywhack" (two zoomed out of three, all mine) as a whole sentence of 13 words matching exactly the image caption (excluding only the country) I've put, so ...we'll see. 🙂 Still early days!
  2. Nothing editorial in this capture, nothing commercial, nothing even stock ( I guess), but oh, boy, how I love the colour and the mood...
  3. ...and after 300+ submissions without even a single fail, my last one is still in QC for more than 24 hours for the first time. I don't mind having 3 stars as long as I get my submissions go through the next day after the upload...
  4. Enough! I've wasted a lot of time reading about this... It's fake news - just face it! 🙂
  5. Thanks once again to all participants in the October Challenge. So, meanderingemu - CONGRATULATIONS! It's on you now! 😉
  6. Thank you, Detlef! I was just about to remind the forum, too... C'mon guys!
  7. Same here, Marianne. I have a lot of views for the 1500 images in my port, but not that many sales and my CTR is at the Alamy's average. But I know the reason for that. I live in a popular, but VERY small town, surrounded by a VERY popular "National Park" and 95% of my pictures are shot locally. And I'm just SHOCKED how poor the searches are for that area. I've never seen any specific searches, but only general ones and since there are thousands of results showing up with every search, the searchers just give up after 100 or 200 views without even a single zoom. It's a miracle how I have sales at all. The people who make many sales with small ports just travel a lot and have very tight edit from every trip, they do...
  8. Same here in the yesterday's #ContributorSpotlight on the Facebook page.... Captions and keywords way off....
  9. Detlef, it'll be highly appreciated if you do this for me. I've really tried.... Thanks!
  10. Thank you to everyone involved in the October challenge. There're tens of great pictures and it was really hard for me to pick the eight ones... ...and as a "bold colours" fan I've picked these (in no particular order). Please, somebody to help me with the poll!!! domonabike - "Reflection of the iconic bronze Eliza statue on the Swan River Perth Western Australia" meanderingemu - "Silhouette of people against an orange and purple sunset of the Greetings to the sun monument" Kumar Sriskandan - "A yellow New York taxi cab reflecting the american flag, Times Square, New York city,USA" Avpics - "Aerosparx display team flying Silence Twister aircraft during their dusk display at the Clacton airshow with reflection in water and lone watcher" AntipasM - "BMW Welt reflections of BMW HQ and museum.Munich,Germany" Paulette Sinclair - "Abstract reflection of pink flowers and greenery in water" CBW - "The CN Tower reflected in the RBC Centre (aka The RBC Dexia Building) in Toronto, Canada as seen from David Pecaut Square" Michael Ventura - "USA Washington DC Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall"
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