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  1. True for the 70-200 and other heavy lenses. However, the 24-70 f4 (superb lens) on a Z6 or Z7 (or II versions) body is just over 1kg whereas the D850 with 24-70 f2.8 (the VR version) is pretty close to double the weight (around 2.2 kg) The f4 max aperture on the Z lens is not generally a big deal for light levels as the EVF brightens things up. So as a carry round combo the differences are very significant. I still have my D850 with the 24-70 f2.8 VR version, as it is the perfect camera-lens combo for a lot of what I do (e.g. weddings) with amazing low light ability, AF tracking but it no lon
  2. Yes that and the ability to print at very low resolution.
  3. Billboard printing uses a totally different process and it is apparently possible to make huge billboards from tiny files. You seem to be confusing megapixel size with sensor size. The Nikon Z6 and Z6II have 24 MP like your Fuji but they are full frame so have physically larger sensors.
  4. Don't mention it Michael. Really glad to help. I don't use the Camera Raw filter too often but it can be useful for a quick white balance tweak.
  5. Something obviously just got reset in the update. If you follow what I said, you will be in control - much better πŸ˜€.
  6. You can open a JPEG into Photoshop and then use the Camera Raw filter in the Filter menu. It should do exactly the same thing as you are trying to do.
  7. Don't panic Betty. This is really simple. There are numerous ways to get it to how you want it as it is all completely customisable. A really simple way to do this is to hit Window-Workspace-Reset Standard Workspaces. Then choose say the Essentials Workspace either by clicking on the button at the top or choosing the menu option. You then have a basic workspace which shows Metadata and Keywords in panels on the right hand side as well as some other panels. You can choose whatever panels you want to show or not by right-clicking on them. You can save your own workspace if you want. And the meta
  8. Thanks for the good wishes Allan. Health is improving daily but I am finding it very hard to sleep at night - pumped up with steroids which they use in hospital to suppress dangerous immune system reactions and gradually weaning down, so I spent quite a while in the middle of the night writing that long post. I think I will stick to the list method for calling people over and use more subtle techniques than blowing a whistle. What I like to do is get a face on shot of each group first but then get them chatting among themselves - telling the groom how pretty he looks makes for muc
  9. Deffo Phil. There is no probably about it. It is multi-skilled and highly-skilled. The strange thing for me is that I never thought I would really enjoy it or be any good at it. In fact you were a big inspiration when I decided to actually do it. Thanks man.
  10. One thing that bugs me with other photographers is simply not making the effort to make a half-decent picture into a good picture or a good picture into a great picture. This can be a very simple thing like moving slightly to get light or background right, it can be compositional in-camera or in post and so on. The basic principle is that if something is worth doing, then it is worth making the effort to do it properly. This goes out in to life as well and is not necessarily just about photography. Another thing that does not bug me so much as intrigue me is why so few photograph
  11. The celebrant/priest/registrar will normally announce something along those lines for the ceremony itself where they ask guests not to take pictures and leave that up to the official photographer. But that is not an issue. It is the formal groups that can be problematic with other guests. The celebrant/priest/registrar has usually long gone before the group formals which are best done outdoors and away to the side. I choose an area based on lighting (can't be sun from the front) and background and I get the couple to delegate a guest or two who know everyone to call people over wi
  12. Thanks Bob. I don't think 100% recovery is ever going to be on the cards as 18 months of Long Covid has taken its toll but as long as I can rebuild a decent level of fitness then I will be pretty happy. This disease Is insidious and the older you are the more potentially insidious it can be. Take care and avoid if at all possible,
  13. I don't know the answer in general. I was given some leaflets to read but I am already aware of a lot of this basic info. Because of having Long Covid, I have already had respiratory investigations - scans and pulmonary rehab therapy which is a general therapy, not aimed at Covid recovery but geared towards conditioning the body. I will be waiting a bit before I attempt anything strenuous. I have had advice on breathing techniques designed to clear phlegm and better breathing in relation to Long Covid as well. When I had the scans early this year, there was no evidence of fibrosis
  14. Yes Betty as you say we only live once so make the most of it. Thankfully I have never had cancer. And severe illness can be a great awakener. I feel very emotional in a very beautiful way in fact. Earlier I had to cry with joy and relief. My wife is such a wonderful soul. She has stood by me right through this and is recovering from Covid herself although much milder than anything I had. Family is so important as is true friendship. Wishing you the very best from my heart.
  15. Yes I was very pleasantly surprised by the food. Being vegetarian I am used to having one or two options but there were loads of choices and really good stuff. I never buy Ryanair food - they are a great airline for getting one to one’s destination at reasonable prices but food is not their strong point. I always bring my own sandwiches and water.
  16. Thanks Michael. Yes I do feel battered but actually not as bad in some ways as the seemingly endless long Covid exhaustion. It will probably come back but in the meantime I am going to try to appreciate life to the maximum. πŸ˜€
  17. Thanks Paulette. Yes the nurses and healthcare assistants were amazing as well as the doctors and the catering people - every last one professional and dedicated even though they seem very understaffed. There was one senior nurse who seemed to be dealing with the entire ward and was always rushed off her feet.
  18. Not much sleep Mark but a lot of deep, peaceful rest which was really welcome. I didn't get much sleep even when had a room of my own in the hospital, as they were monitoring me closely, checking my blood pressure (which is fine) and oxygen during the night, antibiotic injections, steroid drips, nebulisers and so on. But the care was excellent. Listening to one of the other men gasping for breath on the ward on the last two nights made me feel very grateful to be as healthy as I am.
  19. Cheers Steve πŸ˜€. Yes hospital food has improved immeasurably since the last time I was in hospital in 1965 with a foot injury. The advantages of our multi-ethnic society: a huge choice of veggie and vegan food including loads of different Indian dishes as well as pastas, tortillas and all sorts of desserts. I had hardly eaten for the 9 days before the fever broke and probably lost a few kg which has now gone back on I guess. You are right about the pulse oximeter. That little device is a potential life saver. We already had one but it wasn't accurate and was giving erratic readings
  20. Thanks Betty. Definitely going to be taking it easy for a while but elated to be feeling so much better. It's a beautiful morning here for October. Early morning fog/smog has cleared to blue skies. Life is good.
  21. Thanks Gen. I don’t really know what I want to do specifically yet but I want to try and produce stuff that inspires- maybe a mix of video and stills. All I know is I am going to try to appreciate every day like it is my first and last. πŸ˜€
  22. Thanks Carol. I’m just taking it easy and having a late night looking at pics on my laptop, luxuriating in my own bed and looking forward to tomorrow - another day in the life.
  23. Cheers Allan. I am hoping this will have built up some real immunity for now. Flu jab next. The last thing I want now is another chest infection. Take care.
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