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  1. Yes but only for computer and reading. Four years on and I still have perfect distance eyesight. It is no exaggeration to say what a huge effect it had on my life and especially on my photography. I was having the same problem not seeing things really clearly on screen in terms of sharpness. And the colours - really incredible change. If you can get this done free go for it.
  2. It's a disease and so is Covid-19. Say no more lest it becomes political 😎.
  3. So that assumes that following the rules will keep you safe. I would think that is a very dangerous (literally dangerous that is) assumption given the unbelievable levels of incompetence we have experienced and continue to experience by those who make up and apply these rules. In order to get on with my day I will try to keep this short. Testing capacity is currently at about 20% of what is needed so once again nobody has any realistic idea of the actual number of cases, locally or nationally. I find it truly incredible that those who supposedly manage all this did not foresee that there would be a greatly increased need for tests by now, firstly after society opened up again in most parts of the country over the summer and secondly as kids go back to school simply because of all the interactions. But testing capacity is greatly depleted again because nobody had the foresight to realise that the number of cases would start to increase again significantly. Open the schools at any cost - they are safe places is the message, but don't forget that a lot of kids are asymptomatic and infectious at the same time. Keep them in year group bubbles - that should work. Of course they won't meet up with their friends or family outside of those bubbles - or will they? Shut the pubs early - that might work. What insight they have into the drinking habits of the masses. How about a rule of 6 (did they throw a dice for that one)? Don't wear a mask, wear a mask. Trust the rules to keep you safe. Tell that to all those who died in care homes. But don't forget this is not just about death. This is a serious and potentially life-shattering illness for those of us who got through round 1. We await round 2. OK I said short. It could be a long essay. Take care Allan.
  4. I recall talking about this before with you but having lens replacement surgery was the closest thing to rebirth I have ever experienced. I had mine done 4 years ago and wish I had done it years before. Like you I was being told the cataracts were not ripe and I was waiting to get it done for free on the NHS here but due to ongoing government cutbacks they kept raising the bar every year for how bad they had to be so by the time I decide to pay for the surgery you had to be virtually blind in an eye test to get it done. By the sounds of it your eyes are probably worse than mine were. I guess most people go for years before getting surgery and then wish they had done it much sooner. As a photographer it becomes even more critical. For me it was like having old, yellow filters in front of my eyes. The experience of waking up the day after the first operation and seeing everything really sharp with beautifully clear colours, properly saturated and the yellow filter gone is one of the standout moments of my life. As I didn’t get the other eye done for a few weeks, I was able to compare and the difference was amazing. My only regret was waiting so long to get it done. Mine are mono focal and I still wear reading glasses but I have perfect distance vision. The surgeon recommended the mono vocals as he said they are a lot less likely to have complications afterwards. The bit about age is also likely true. I was in my early 60s. So my advice is get them done now, yesterday, ASAP. One other thing. The deterioration is so gradual you don’t notice it happening so it becomes normal to have imperfect eyesight. The change when you take the eye shield off after the operation is truly and literally amazing.
  5. OK thanks for enlightening. I have accumulated a lot of OS Maps over the years but didn't realise the difference there (my British ones are Landranger or Explorer which are 1:25,000 but restricted to certain areas it seems). Doing a search on Amazon, it looks like the Pathfinders are no longer made. I guess so many people use digital maps now and they can usually go to very large scales so self-printing may be the best option if paper is required. For geology, the BGS website is the place for online geological maps in Britain - an excellent resource.
  6. Actually Allen, you did make me laugh so some good came out of it. You need to get a smartphone or tablet and you could download whatever you need. That said I still like a good ole paper map and am surprised the OS are no longer making them. Have you checked online? Of course you could download and print your own if you want paper maps. Be careful travelling on buses unless you absolutely have to do so. People are very complacent despite the massive increase in Covid-19 cases.
  7. As I said in another thread recently, I have had a few of these WD portable My Passport drives fail or become unreliable. I use them in the same way as Sung - just for backup. I have found a few of them start to back up very slowly (snail's pace) as I am copying and reformatting does nothing once this starts. The backup is so slow that they are unusable and I can't trust them with precious data. This has been mainly 4TB drives but it has happened with some lower capacity ones as well. I still have some that are working fine as well but I no longer really trust them. I have also had a couple of WD desktop drives fail over time. At this time, the only drives I have found absolutely reliable are G-Technology, desktop and portable.
  8. It's probably dead and even if it wasn't would you want to use a potentially dodgy disk for anything?
  9. There is an alternative viewpoint Steve. it is not that Photoshop is better than Lightroom, it's that they complement each other. There are things that are easier or faster to do in PS than in Lightroom such as spotting, creating and saving accurate selections or make very detailed local adjustments. I try to do as much as possible on the raw file in Lightroom and if I think it needs refinement then I take it into Photoshop. It csn depend on how quickly I need to get things done and how many images I have to process. At the moment that is not usually very quickly. Although she doesn't explicitly mention it, Laura must be using Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to convert her raw images as Bridge is not a raw converter but a file browser for managing images, analogous to the Lightroom catalog, whereas ACR is analogous to the Develop module in LR. In fact it is more than analogous as it is now almost identical with the recent updates and the conversion engine has always been the same between the two programs. This is where having used both Bridge/ACR/PS and LR/PS, I would definitely vote for LR/PS as it is much, much faster and more efficient for managing images than BR/ACR/PS. Or if not a PS fan, then just LR rather than Bridge/ACR.
  10. That is not strictly true. The St....mo app which you need to upload images is Apple only but the pictures can be taken on any phone (so Samsung would be fine). I think the app works on iPads as well as iPhones. I don't use S........o myself although I think I have 2 or so photos on there from when it started. I see the app has not been updated in a couple of years now. Oh and it is forbidden to discuss it on this forum.
  11. Mark . Not clear what you mean there. Changing the output profile in LR soft proofing (the dropdown at the bottom of the histogram) or making changes to any of the development parameters does update the histogram. As far as I can recall it always has done as well as I use this a lot for printing to different profiles and the histogram is important here.
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