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  1. Kumar should get a free upgrade for his promotional work 😀.
  2. Yes they were bought up by DxO a few years ago and they released a version 2 which was no longer free. Kumar is asking about the latest version 3 which they are plugging at the moment. I have not tried this upgrade but I did buy version 2 in a Black Friday sale back in 2018 (partly on your recommendation as well as Phil Crean 😀). I have been getting emails urging me to upgrade but it doesn’t look to me like there is a big benefit to the upgrade reading the blurb on the website so I will resist for now as I don’t use V2 enough anyway. There doesn’t seem to be a lot that is really new in V3 as far as I can see. I bet they will extend the sale or have another before too long anyway. If they could be used for actual raw editing then I would be more inclined to use them more but I don’t think they can.
  3. No worries Sally. I haven't dropped mine yet but I always use the wrist strap as it would be very easy to drop. I checked out those grips but I wasn't sure if they were compatible with the VA so didn't bother in the end.
  4. This article is very useful as a comparison of all the RX100 models. I had the same dilemma last year and opted for the VA. Aside from the longer focal length which may or may not be an advantage, the main advantages of the VI and VII appear to be with video. If you just want a tiny high quality camera for stills, then the VA might still be the best choice.
  5. Careful. You are in danger of seeing the light and being converted. 😎
  6. Must be something with DownloaderPro. I always use a card reader to copy files to the hard drive and import from there. No problems. If DownloaderPro is a Windows app which I assume it is, then it is not entirely surprising that something might get misinterpreted.
  7. Thanks Carol. I only went into such detail about the benefits of a Lightroom versus Bridge/ACR workflow because Gen asked. Not intending to push it on anyone. Each to her/his own for sure.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but unless I missed something, that is a fairly new addition and is Lightroom CC only. I believe you are still on 5.7 or thereabouts. That is what I use since it was introduced. I no longer generate full size previews but I tick the generate standard previews during idle time box. For images that I am interested in developing, I just go into the Develop module and see them at 1:1 then. I am more of a skimmer than a culler - I skim off the stuff that I want and get rid of the rest later when I am sure it is safe.
  9. I don’t know if there are still problems with Fuji raw files and Lightroom but a much slicker and more modern way to do this would be to use the camera profile provided by Adobe based on the in-camera presets as a starting point. This will probably only work in CC so that may be a step too far for you. Anyway check out this video by Juleanne Kost explaining how this works.
  10. 😀 Partly trying to correct some misconceptions and struggling to sit up at my computer in this heat, so passing the time lying on the couch with my iPad. Again I could take issue with the idea that your workflow is more flexible. Using Lightroom does not preclude using the Mac Finder or indeed something like Photo Mechanic if one was in a hurry to cull. My main point is that using a workflow that would not enable me to see full size previews rapidly and allow immediate editing as well as do searches within an imaging application would be less efficient for my needs than Lightroom which does all of that very well.
  11. There have been numerous Improvements in the ACR raw converter over the years so it can be worth redoing sometimes. For example, highlight recovery improved massively in more recent versions. Shadow recovery and noise control in particular have also improved a lot. I have been reworking some raw images from 2008-2011 with significant improvements but then I have had time on my hands recently. In relation to learning new software, the capital labour expended can be worth it in the longer term if it leads to a more expedient workflow.
  12. I’m not talking simple file management. I’m talking about the ability to find and work on an image file or group of image files within seconds with full size previews available without having to re-import or open them in a new app. Lightroom is made for the job and does it really well. If you are unable to relink files that have not been renamed outside of Lightroom, then you are missing something. I relink the folders rather than the files and it recognises the contained files. I can move a catalog plus images from my desktop to my laptop and back again with no problems. I do always write to xmp as I said above and the xmp files move with the image files.
  13. I didn't mention the Print module but I agree - it is excellent. I never print from Photoshop any more. And the soft proofing in the Develop module works a treat as well. Even if you don't print yourself but send images to a professional lab that provides printer profiles, the soft proofing is invaluable and a lot better than Photoshop.
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