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  1. Hey thanks The Blinking Eye. Much appreciated. It feels like things are getting better. The weather here the next several days is predicted to be very nice for early April which is really nice. Still intending to continue with slide copying. Take care 😀
  2. Yes keeping this thread as a safe haven from virus talk is a good idea Forgive this anomaly but I would like to give some thoughts on Ian's post quoted above. I have been seriously considering a long break from the forum anyway as rational discussion has become impossible in certain areas. However, as I am still spending most of my time lying down trying to recover from Covid-19, the forum does provide a break from my other generally non-interactive activities. So here is a hopefully rational thought or two based on my own experience with Covid-19 in relation to the quotes above. So the dilemma of how to proceed for those who have not got Covid-19 yet given that a vaccine is probably a year away: 1, Isolate long term and hope not to get it until a vaccine is made available. This is probably not an option for many as isolation for a year is not really viable. This has the disadvantage of ongoing fear of the unknown which may be as bad as the disease itself in the long term. Living life in fear is most unhealthy from a holistic perspective. 2. Isolate for now until the lockdown is lifted perhaps in June. At that point the risk of getting Covid-19 will be much less as many will have already had it so the danger of infection will be much less than now. It is important to be aware that the disease is likely to be currently rampant as the official figures are now fundamentally irrelevant in terms of the true extent of the pandemic due to the lack of very extensive testing. 3. Actively go out of your way now to get the disease and get it out of the way. I don’t recommend this, as the consequences might be very serious or even fatal and the risk of that becomes much greater with age. Having said that, I can tentatively say myself that I am actually glad I have got it at an early stage although that is with the benefit of hindsight and the assumption that I am actually going to survive it. While I see that as highly likely at this point, it is not a given. I feel improved for a few days and then get hit by it again. The trajectory is definitely upwards but it is a sneaky, insidious illness so I will not tempt fate. by saying I am clear. So although I am no longer afraid of getting Covid-19, which is wonderful as I was worried beforehand, there are caveats. One is that the length of immunity is unknown and another is that, with my immune system pretty battered right now from fighting this virus, I could be prone to other infections. So if I had to make a blind decision in the situation that most people are still in, I would choose option 2 as the best bet. I would keep in mind that the disease is generally only fatal in the very elderly with serious pre-existing medical conditions. I would try to control anxiety by rationalising the situation, keeping well-informed of the ongoing situation by getting my information from trustworthy sources and I would try to maintain good health by diet and exercise if possible. Above all I would use reason and not give in to blind fear. I hope to have the energy soon do something productive like copying slides and contributing to this excellent thread on topic. Good luck all
  3. Or letters although I did see something saying that the chances of getting infected from letters or parcels is tiny. However that is debatable I imagine, especially if the delivery driver is infectious. How long can the virus remain on a parcel or letter surface anyway? Writing letters to the elderly warning them to isolate would seem to be a potentially self-defeating activity as well as being very expensive and unnecessary.as the elderly appear to be the most aware of the dangers anyway through the broadcast media and the internet. Back to the topic: I am intending to start back on slide copying as soon as energy levels permit and looking forward to it.
  4. You can’t be too careful although none of my gear appears to have caught Covid-19 from me yet. My iPad is most in danger I guess as the most used bit of kit recently. 😀
  5. You would probably be far more likely to get infected in Washingon than Hong Kong now. Anyway you probably don't need to quarantine and fumigate as human to extension ring transmission of Covid-19 has not been confirmed 🤓
  6. I've not seen anything like that. Perhaps it might have something to do with the Sigma close-up lens? I don't know how this setup works on non-fullframe cameras but perhaps the 50mm lens will effectively become a 75mm so may not focus close enough. But you are probably reducing image quality introducing the Sigma lensand you need everything you can get with copying. If you could get hold of one or two of the spacer tubes that fit in front of the lens you might get a lot better results. It is not possible to do slide copying and not be a pixel peeper by the way - it comes with the territory.
  7. Yes I definitely agree Colin. In the days of film it used to be that the lens was the most important factor in determining image quality but nowadays both the sensor and the lens rare equally important. There is no point in having a great camera with a poor lens and vice versa. The sensors in all the full frame Nikon cameras have been world class now for several years going back to the D800 at least if not the D700. Putting a heap kit lens on one does not do justice to the capabilities of the sensor. That 50mm 1.8 you mention is an incredible lens for the price. For anyone buying Nikon lenses in the UK I would highly recommend Grays of Westminster for very competitive prices on new stuff and a huge collection of secondhand lenses. A really great thing about Nikon F fit lenses is that they will continue to work into the future with an adapter as well as things go more towards mirrorless so they are an excellent long term investment. In fact even non-stabilised lenses will work as stabilised with the in-body stabilisation in these new cameras.
  8. I agree with the others that the image would not fail QC for noise although downsizing it to 3000 pixels on the long side decrease the noise to being almost invisible. In terms of the overall image I think there are a few issues although I don't think these would cause QC failure. However, seeing as you asked, I might as well make a few comments. You were presumably handholding and using maximum aperture on the kit zoom lens which has led to the banister and part of the stairs in the foreground being competely out of focus. I guess even with a tripod and a smaller aperture (f11 not smaller) it would be difficult to get the whole image in focus with the lens you used but it would be an excellent subject for focus stackinh (see nearby thread). Also the lens used is probably not the best optically wide open as this has led to a lot of softness towards the edges in the background. The D610 is an excellent camera and capable of producing really high quality images so I would suggest getting a 24mm prime if you are doing a lot of pictures like this to really do justice to the camera. You can pick up secondhand Nikon primes pretty cheaply secondhand so a 50mm FX format would be good as well (or a good quality 24-70 FX zoom but the kit lens on this camera is never going to allow you to realise its potential).
  9. People work hard to produce software and, if I decide to use it, then I will pay for it according to what is asked. To me there are no grey areas. If I use something professionally then I will purchase a professional licence. But each to his own. Life is potentially too short for this type of semantics. I actually bought Helicon Focus anyway which is cheaper and the licence is not limited in the same way as Zerene.
  10. Again a matter more of ethics than legality.
  11. I wonder if there is a name for the law that says whatever law it is doesn't apply to me (impersonal)? Y'know the guy or girl who has a few drinks (alcoholic) before driving or uses a non-handsfree mobile phone while driving or makes up the rules for social distancing and ignores them himself thereby ensuring everyone around him gets a disease as well as himself. The "I'm alright Jack Law"
  12. Yes I totally understand your reasoning in a purely objective way and I was just questioning the notion of what is essential work from the perspective of a photographer, which is the original subject of this thread. Lest we forget, Covid-19 is a potentially very serious or even fatal illness so the personal risk of travelling on public transport into and around London is not insignificant, not only to oneself but also to one's family and anyone else one comes in contact with. The symptoms can be very mild or non-existent so one can actually be infected or be infectious without realising it. I think all that should be factored in when making decisions about what is essential or not. I wish you the best of luck whatever you do.
  13. Yes but he is putting it out here in a public forum and I am just giving an opinion based on the information provided. Social distancing only works if everyone buys into it. We can all find excuses if we go against the guidelines for social distancing. I am all for commonsense solutions. As for commonsense, it is very easy to cherry pick the one or two silly cops and that is what makes the news as always. The real news is the many thousands of police out there risking their health and perhaps their lives for the common good. If everyone used commonsense, the police who are having to enforce social distancing could be much better employed elsewhere.
  14. I know. I am not talking about what is legal. I am talking about what is ethical and socially responsible. We should not have to be bound by law, just commonsense. I was asking does he have to actual travel to Downing Street rather than take news pictures elsewhere - in other words is it essential for him to travel?
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