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  1. Forget the word clone - it is a total distraction and irrelevant to your current purpose. You would never use a clone for setting up a new Mac from an old Mac as a clone would contain the old operating system which won't even work on your new Mac. A clone is useful if you have an existing computer and just want to replace the entire disk, byte for byte (if you had a disk failure or some other serious problem). Your best bet is to remove as much stuff as you want from the old computer and then run Migration Assistant. It will only install apps that work and it should put all your se
  2. Don't mention it Betty. I am still pretty much in lockdown mode (although that is starting to change now) and the forum has been a big part of my social life, as I have been spending most of my time on a computer. I learn and re-learn by helping people as well so it is not all one way as I do benefit. It is also really gratifying to hear that someone has benefitted and to be thanked of course - that feels good. So don't attempt to lift that computer. But, when you do get it out of the box and plugged in, I do suggest you start it up and use Migration Assistant as the easiest way t
  3. Click on the cross (at the top left of the box ) which appears when you put your mouse over the box and hit Delete on the keyboard. I have not used SuperDuper.
  4. I think you are going in the right direction there Betty. I didn’t realise you weren’t able to lift the new machine out of its box although the boxes often weigh as much as the iMacs. I expect asking somebody in a shop to do a manual install of your info and settings could be expensive as it could be very time consuming and you would have to give them access to your passwords It would be more likely that they would suggest using Migration Assistant. However, if you can manage to get somebody to help you get it out and plugged in, then a better bet might be to try Migration Assis
  5. I am not clear about what is happening Marianne. It seems to work but there appear to be multiple issues with Big Sur. The link I posted was last updated on April 30, 2021, from their knowledge base and details issues with Big Sur, whereas on the website there is a banner that links to an article from Nov 30, 2020 that says it is fine. Anyway I changed my post that you have quoted to "Since the reported issue for Big Sur bootables". It is very confusing and well beyond my knowledge and likely to stay like that for the foreseeable future. I am a dabbler with CCC, far from an expert.
  6. Apple Silicon instead of Intel - the M chips currently at M1. Major change is afoot. That is interesting about CCC. Must have a look.
  7. Thank Mark for the Disk Utility link. I have never used it for that purpose but it might be an option alright. I am really used to having a very minimal internal drive with my files on externals now. I should probably start using CCC for backing up the externals but I currently do it manually. Big Sur or subsequent macOS will of course not be optional for anyone going the silicon route but it is nothing to fear. Apart from the CCC issue and the strange password thing which has never recurred, I have had no problems with it.
  8. Since the reported issue for Big Sur bootables, I've not bothered. I had only been using it a short time as well so it was a bit disappointing. I just back up my files. If I was to have a problem I would just reinstall. I only use a very small range of apps anyway so it really is not a huge deal. Back around Christmas I had a weird thing with my login password which I sorted out but decided to reinstall Big Sur which I'd only been using for a few weeks at the time. It took a few hours to reinstate everything but no problems since then.
  9. Easy is a very relative concept. Your easy might be another's brick wall or dense fog Mark. I bought CCC a while back mainly to make bootable backup volumes and it was great but there have been serious issues with bootable volumes on Big Sur, explained in detail in that link. I think that alone is enough to cause panic in the uninitiated. Now if I wanted to put my mind to it I could become adept at using CCC, as it is a good backup app as well but it is not high on the list of things to do right now. But it is definitely not what Betty needs. As I said, if I had realised how much w
  10. Last person to say the words angel and Michael in the same sentence in reference to me was my mother.
  11. It's running 52 - 48 right now. Rings a bell 🤔.
  12. I somehow don't think Adobe are going to go back and reprogram the CS6 installer given that CS6 has not been available for several years now I recall that Betty doesn't use the Lightroom catalog and the subject caused a little consternation some time back so will not mention it further here 😀. I do recommend you check out the Lightroom search and filter facilities though Allan. It is an amazingly fast and extremely efficient database which can use a whole range of criteria for searching.
  13. PSCS6 is 64 bit so in theory would work on Catalina or Big Sur which will only run 64 bit apps but the Adobe installer is 32 bit so it won't install.
  14. That is where the Lightroom catalog comes into its own. The search and filter facility for images is powerful and extremely fast.
  15. It may do Betty but I don't know and it is a complicated program - very good but complicated and I don't think it is the tool for the job at hand. If you can get to grips with CCC then you could do a clean install with your eyes closed. It would be much easier to use the Migration Assistant. Anyway bedtime for me. Enjoy the rest of Mother's Day.
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