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  1. Open the Actions Panel, choose the action you want to run, pick the command within the action at which you want to start the step by step process and then command-click the run button (arrow) at the bottom of the panel. You have to choose a command within the action - if you start with the title line of the action, then it will just run the entire action as far as I can see. If there are any commands that can't be executed because of the context, it should throw an error.
  2. As Harry says, these errors are usually because that particular command is not available at that time and stepping through the action a step at a time usually reveals what is happening. There is no general fix. Actions are powerful but also coarse in how they deal with errors. Like Harry, I used to use Photoshop actions quite a bit for batch editing but nowadays use Lightroom for most of that. For example, back in the day I would convert a folder of PSD files to JPEGs using a Photoshop action whereas nowadays I would normally just export the images from Lightroom using an export
  3. The builders - who knows? Another 4 months at least I guess. They are now building an extension out the back so I can get away from the noise a bit by moving to the front of our house together with the usual noise-cancelling headphones and loud music to drown it out. Previously they were renovating the inside of the house and the noise was horrendous at times - knocking out the chimneys was the worst and I went away for most of that - it started back in July last. I had to quarantine for 10 days just after I got back so I could not get away at all and it was torture (literally). The hum of a d
  4. No worries Allan. I tend to copy onto an SSD and turn off the desktop drive while working on images so the hum is not an issue. In any case, the builders are back next door ............It never ends.
  5. Some semi-random thoughts on Covid and the removal of restrictions. 1. There were 108,000 confirmed new cases reported yesterday which is a huge number and even then is likely to be greatly underestimated as the UK government figures do not include re-infections (astounding) and there have been shortages of lateral flows tests in recent weeks. 2. The Omicron variant is much more infectious than previous variants but is supposedly milder (less likely to result in hospitalisation is what is generally meant by that) but far more people are getting infected so hospital numb
  6. I don't think a slide a minute would be achievable even with an ES-1 as you need to get it properly fixed in the holder and focus, as well as basically taking it out of whatever it is packed in, blow any loose dust off, ensure the mount is flat and possibly remount if necessary. I would not touch someone else's slide with anything - just a blower with no brush. I would estimate about 12 copies an hour just to produce raw images. You would also need to check the focus on a computer screen as a minimum check. You would need a really good physical setup where you are not straining yourself physic
  7. It finally gotcha then Kumar. Take it easy and don't rush trying to get back to full speed is my recommendation to the Doc. Wishing you the best. My son tested positive today but is asymptomatic which is fortunate as he had an exam today as well. He is also triply vaccinated.
  8. This has made me really conscious of the hum of my drive now. I've had to switch it off. Driving me nuts 🤣🤣 🤣 Actually I tend to use an SSD as a working drive these days, either an internal or external. I move the files when I am finished working on them and just relink them to the Lightroom catalog.
  9. I think these scammers pick very early morning when potential victims are just waking up and still half asleep so more likely to get fooled. At least nothing came of it.
  10. The idea of offering a premium service has crossed my mind but only in passing as something for an unknown future and it would probably not be lucrative. There are a lot of potential problems, not least the quality and preservation state of the originals. I keep my own slides very clean and it takes a minimum of say 30 minutes to copy and process one. What if you get dirty, poorly mounted slides - how would you price that. You would need serious insurance against loss or damage as well as professional indemnity insurance.
  11. I've just checked one of mine and there is a hum when it is placed on the desk but it goes away when I lift it so it is due to the vibration within the desk itself. Try placing it on something that will prevent the vibration.
  12. You know what they say about learning something new every day. From personal experience I have found these G-Technology desktop drives to be incredibly reliable, fast and extremely robust which is why I recommended them. My Western Digital portable drives (made by the same company) have proven to be much less reliable and they are significantly slower for use as working drives than equivalent USB-3 desktop drives. Portable SSDs are the best (and there are several flavours), completely silent and extremely fast but very expensive so not ideal as storage drives.
  13. Are they portable drives or mains driven? The ones Allan got are mains and they have vents which should not be covered over. I posted the previous at the same time as you and am wondering as you also said if the hum is mainly due to the surface on which they are placed. Perhaps some polystyrene from the box in which they came placed underneath would reduce any noise.
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