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  1. Yes. That is good. Wex have them for £36 new so that is good and sold direct by Amazon so authentic presumably. These Pro-1 filters used to be a lot more expensive before Hoya brought out their new range a few years ago. Definitely buy that. As others have said, the lens hood is not a protector although it can help that way. It is primarily intended to reduce flare. The UV filter will protect the lens from scratches which believe it or not do happen.
  2. There are a lot of variations in white skin tone though but it is invariably lighter than mid gray unless the subject has a deep tan so exposing off white skin will underexpose. A gray card is the thing as it can also be used to colour balance. That said there is a lot of variation between and even within grey cards. The x-rite card is the best I’ve tried.
  3. I'm agreeable. Not sure I will be there yet but it would be nice to meet up.
  4. Haha. How about the Nikon stand? Surely there is a Nikon stand. I wasn't intending to come but there is a possibility now.
  5. They look ok in terms of brightness levels, certainly a lot better than many of your other pics. There are two things to be considered there though - camera exposure and Lightroom exposure levels and they can be impossible to distinguish without seeing the raw files. The reason I suggested you were underexposing some time back is that images with sky in them were darker on the main subjects than images with no sky suggesting that you were allowing sky to influence your exposures and thereby underexposing. Spot metering on a mid tone is the way to fix that (grey card is ideal but not essential).
  6. I think a lot of this may be moot until she gets a monitor, preferably hardware calibrated, rather than a TV. It is very difficult to choose a truly neutral grey area (colour neutral that is) which is why I like to have a grey card to hand, especially if shooting portraits. Looking at the top image above (RYFMHK) I think there is probably a strong yellow cast and blown out the highlights on the doll's head. The trick in LR I think is to set the WB and the mid-tone exposure first (grey card very handy for both) and then pull back the highlights if necessary (or push them out to white if necessary either) - also deal with the shadows of course. Then deal with mid-tone contrast and make local adjustments as required. It becomes easy with practice.
  7. It could make sense but you would probably be more likely to see a colour change as Lightroom Develop Module is automatically colour managed whereas your browser probably isn't. It may also depend on how you export the JPEGs (sRGB, aRGB ). Using a TV for a monitor is far from ideal though. If you can afford £36 to buy a decent grey card before you get Kumar's monitor, you could save yourself a lot of trouble - spot meter it in the scene, shoot in in the scene and use the eyedropper and exposure controls in Lightroom to take the uncertainty out of the process. It may not look right to you but it should be right in the file. However, Mark may have hit the nail on the head there - it might be an optical illusion.
  8. I am no legal expert buy I expect that the Law Society of Ireland would only be interested if your complaint was about legal malpractice. This is clearly not legal malpractice.
  9. The article is dated December 2018. You are seeing today's date on the website.
  10. I don't know as I have never had any dealings with them but I would be really surprised if it was blatant image theft. The Irish Independent is one of the oldest national newspapers in Ireland and they would certainly be aware of the laws around image usage. Let's know how you get on.
  11. The Irish Independent is one of the major newspapers in Ireland so I would be very surprised if they would just grab an image and use it intentionally without licensing it. You should probably send them an invoice as I would be surprised if they refused to pay. I can't advise on how much to ask for.
  12. I understand but, unless you are shooting in changing light or dappled light, then you will only need to set the exposure once for all the shots of a particular spot meter reading as that won't change. I find it is a lot faster than having to adapt my exposure for whereever the camera is pointed. Choose an area with an approximate mid-tone, spot meter that and leave it alone unless the light changes. Your pictures look properly exposed anyway with a good tonal range so whatever works is best. Just that backbutton focusing is so much worth having.
  13. Why not use manual mode when spot metering (with back button focusing on)?
  14. An external monitor is really the only option. I have a 13" Retina screen on my 2014 MacBookPro and I can't use it without an external monitor for any length of time. That said, I know Ed uses a 13" retina and does not seem to be bothered by it. EDIT: Just realised you asked about the reflection problem so I guess using it in a dark room is better than having bright lights shining into it. A laptop is never going to be ideal for serious image editing anyway though so a matte external monitor is the best solution if not moving about.
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