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How was your September 2018?

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It's been a while since I've had a blank month, but that's what September was for me.  I surpassed last year's total sales in June, but sales have slowed since then.  Zooms and views are good so I think things will pick up again in the months ahead.

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16 licenses for $570.

77 zooms

CTR I never look but since some of you are quoting: .79


Since Alamy consciously uncoupled PU and distro, I've asked them to pull my whole portfolio out of PU.

Next battle will be an opt-out option for Newsletter/Presentation...




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Average for numbers and income, but zooms and views, like August markedly down on previous averages, so concerned about sales for the rest of the year


4 in the $$$, best $179



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4 hours ago, Jill Morgan said:

Had four sales for $160.  Not bad for my port.


Though still, zooms are almost non-existent. No zooms in August and only 1 in September.  Does not bode well for end of year sales.  We shall see.



I'm glad (well, not glad, exactly, but you know what I mean) that it's not just me. CTR and zooms down by 66% and views by 25%. Sales unaffected of course- for now.

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Worst month for 17 months!!


I usually average 14 a month, last month was 7.


Revenue was $185. A couple of $$ sales, highest for $61.


Zooms and views pretty meh.


Oh well, onwards and upwards!!



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