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  1. Not sure as I don't use Twitter or other technology that uses them. I noticed that when Alamy puts out a call for photos on our contributors page that the keywords have the hashtag before them (e.g. today is a call for photos on activism and look at how they have the keywords with the hashtag behind them). Without going into my age/ignorance about hashtags, I am wondering if it matters at all if I add a hashtag to the keywords while simultaneously having keywords stand on their own. It may be my own technological ignorance being put on display here but maybe others have the same question.
  2. I think they are doing what a lot of companies are doing right now who have independent 'contractors'. They are testing to see how low the payments can be in terms of acceptance by the contributors. If we speak up, stop submitting, etc. they will likely see what this low bar is. If we keep accepting these low prices it tells them to keep testing the lower threshold. I personally have been deleting every photo that is sold under a personally/professionally identified level and move it to the other sites where I will make the same, if not more, but many times over.
  3. same here......highest income this month by far is from DACS and that is not much
  4. While I am no longer uploading new photos, I am letting my existing ones ride but wondering about the use of the hashtag during keywording. Maybe I should add hashtags to the existing photos. For example, a lot of my photos are of protests so I have obviously used the keyword protest but should I also keyword it as #protest? Will it make a difference in terms of search engines? Will it make a difference in terms of searches on Alamy?
  5. I personally think that the point of difference between Alamy and the others is that they have been known for their editorial photos which most are photos that cannot be retaken as they are taken at certain points in time. As they move to compete with microstock they are going to lose their identity. I think the other sites are pretty well established in terms of the types of photos they offer and Alamy used to be known for their editorial photos. attracted both buyers and contributors who want this type of photography. If they turn to the RF model what is going to stop the other sites fro
  6. Thank you for your post. I have actually become afraid to speak my mind on here due to their new policy of blacklisting people. They had the ability to enact a system to stop people from speaking up on here but they haven't had the time to refund the "20" people who were cheated by having a sale before the contract change, having them refunded and charged again for them but with the only change being the commission taken out. The reason for replying to this is that in your last line you said the "holes in the system that let all this get past them are vast". I have been here si
  7. Sorry to reply in the open forum here but not sure how to reach you via this site. I looked on FB under your screen name here but couldn't find you. I did find, however, the group for Grey Nomads which I love. Being nomadic, or peripatetic, really opens one up to opportunities for off-the-beaten path photos. MarkMark
  8. I thought it was interesting how you mentioned about the refund timing. During my audit today i found a refund in 2021 for a photo in 2020......13 months later. This is some crazy stuff but they are influx right now and maybe these issues will be addressed under the new 'system'. Its a good point in time for them to reign in the refund policies but I am only a contributor so my writing out loud right now will only go so far
  9. It has been very interesting auditing all of my photos for each month this year, looking at the numbers has really opened my eyes and has also raised a couple of red flags including this one which I know was addressed by James but then we never heard back again. Good to know I am not the only one this happened to and wasn't redressed. BTW love your posts and your photos. Used to live in NZ and spent the summers in Melbourne. Wonderful area of the world I miss immensely.
  10. As I audit my photos for the year I am faced with the reality that this is not sustainable. I had 3 October sales averaging 3.95. Submitted approximately another 100 photos but cannot justify keywording all of them right now. The average for this month is not normal for me by any stretch so major changes have occurred. Here is to hoping all of you are doing much better than I did last month and this month (0 sales thus far in November). I am currently numb to it and still processing what to do moving forward. Like others have stated, many of us have lost interest.
  11. James wrote in September that this was all being taken care of. Not to beat a dead horse but I have been auditing my photos and saw nothing has been rectified concerning a sale that was made for high XX on June 17 with the 50 percent commission. It was then refunded on September 20th for the same price but minus 60 percent commission. The photo is JKM6RR if James is reading this. Two months later I am wondering if anyone else (he mentioned there were about 20 of us) get their money for the sales made before the contract change, refunded after the contract change and bought again
  12. Since there were only about “20” of us according to yourself, I am not understanding why my account is not showing the correction. Have any of the others on the forum who are part of the “20” received the correction yet? Again, for my photo, it was sold on June 17 using the correct commission model, then Alamy showed a return and resale on September 20th with the sale price the same but with the lowered commission. like you graciously pointed out it was a misunderstanding but I don’t understand why, if there are only 20 of us that were cheated in this way, don’t have the corrected amount in
  13. I don't know about others but I was very hesitant to continue with the new contract. After months of not adding photos, but instead deleting many of them, I finally decided to give it a go. That was this past weekend. I submitted a lot of photos in-waiting and then this happened yesterday. This really makes me very, very uncomfortable. Many years ago I had a blog that I worked on for years and one day I received an email stating they will no longer be hosting the blog site and all of that work just disappeared. One person on this person really helped me by finding a portion of the blog b
  14. Same thing happened to me today except when I look at the numbers I actually PAID 9.50 for the photo to be used. I hope I am missing something. The first sale shows the 50 percent commission (thus the logical assumption was that it was sold prior to the contract changes but I was never informed of the sale until now). 20/9/2021 JKM6RR Lincoln Electric sign 2 RM -89.00 44.50 -44.50 20/9/2021 JKM6RR Lincoln Electric s
  15. Tom.....in my case it has/had nothing to do with the Novel Use as I am opted out of it along with being opted out of distribution sales. The plethora of low $ I recently received were RM and have had more low $ in the past month than I have had in the five years with Alamy. As each of our cases is unique, it would be interesting to hear from others as it would paint a better picture overall.
  16. I rarely have had small amount sales but over the past couple weeks all have been $. Like this one (note the last line that says inside or cover….,cover of a magazine for 1.82???) where my take was 1.82: Rights Managed Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 June 2021 End: 01 June 2026 Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.
  17. This is in response to the original post at 11:47 on Sunday as well as the quote from Steve: I too have had photos over the past 5 years sell for different prices but to go from high $$$ RM to $ for the same photo makes me question why we, the photographers, are getting a 10 percent cut in our commission/20 percent in net income and seeing photos that could sell for much more be sold for much less. In other words, if Alamy wants to find an additional source of revenue, instead of cutting the photographers commission and increasing the liability we take on, they should look at how
  18. In 2016 I sold my first photo on Alamy for very high $$$. I was convinced this would be the best fit for my photographs. This week the very same RM photo sold for $ direct. Don't they look at the past sales of photos before pricing them when RM? It is almost like full circle for me with the exact same photos acting as bookends to my time here. I saw the sale this week of the $ photo as a sign that Alamy is not going to make the effort to sell photos at prices they deserve. Not sure if I am going to remove my portfolio as, like with others, we have invested so many h
  19. another month of zero sales....no sales since May 11 and it is now July 9......used to be that every month I had sales and usually a payout. In the past year the majority of months had zero payouts. There are many forces working together, imo, some that can be mitigated by Alamy while some being societal. I have lowered my expectations (and submissions) but hope for better months to come. July 9th marks another full month of zero sales and uploading of more photos. It was never like this. My first two years with Alamy were incredible where I cannot recall a month going by with
  20. I take care of my elderly parents who are 77 and 84......this has been my main concern and was why I worried about going down to the protests to take photos. This is why I still feel I made a mistake by going down there. Cleveland has had 259 deaths and nearly 5000 cases so as the crowd got tear gassed consistently for well over an hour, this meant masks (if they had them) were pulled down, people were yelling, etc.. When I leave the house whether to take photos or otherwise, I am always thinking of my immunocrompromised parents and what the potential is that I get them sick. Lastly, I no lo
  21. This is a great thread and appreciate the comments. Yes, covid-19 is a major issue obviously and while many protesters had masks, as the day wore on and the screaming and shouted escalated the masks seemed to come down. Much of the police force, if you look closely in some of the photos, don't have masks on either. I was scared shtless to go to the protests as I have been VERY careful until this point. I even told some friends it was a slip in judgement to go. I have self quarantined since. As for obesity, as one who has lived overseas on and off for many years, it is a major problem not
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