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How was your September 2016?

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13 sales - $607 gross.


Highest amount $225 gross.


Statistics destroyed by low distributor sales and newspaper scheme sales at the end of month. Seriously considering to leave that option and leave a few more distribution countries next April.

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My highest ever month, in terms of sales, with 24 sales but only for £538. At least 7 of these were unreported usage sales which I had notified MS of. All of these were paid at $6.39 or less bringing my average sales price down but also taking me over the 2014 & 2015 sales totals and equaling last years revenue. In summary 14 more sales than my best year but for $600 less than my best year (which was 2014) However the year is not over yet!



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BME for sale numbers with 87 licences for 2687 gross


2 for over $200 (max $255)


additional 2 others over 100


Poor average sale income


1 October sale today on a saturday


Good zooms



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26 for 995
6 distributors

1 refund: -100.00
but re-appeared unchanged

1 refund: -191.56 (large business etc)
but re-appeared as presentation at 6.6%

Only 2 left over 100.


Well under average for the rolling year for all numbers except that last refund.



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