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  1. So how was your May, eh?

    Blank month for me, but June started out great with 2 sales!
  2. January

    4 sales, which is normal, for $311, which is better than normal. I don't do PU, Novel Use, UK newspaper scheme or distribution.
  3. US market

    Talking about the US market and the new CEO in another tread, I noticed that The New York Daily News had a slideshow from Elvis home Graceland marking his death 40 years ago. The slideshow was a dozen pictures, 11 from Alamy and only one from Getty. I think that is good news! Rolf
  4. Personal Use?

    I have some very early pictures of David Bowie here on Alamy. During the last 5 years I have sold more than 80 signed prints, directly or through galleries. No way I'll let Alamy send full-rez files to clients so they can make their own prints. No way! Rolf
  5. I feel cheated

    I recently had a picture in Dagens Nyheter through agency TT and they charged 720 SEK for it. Still on the low side but much better. Rolf That's great. I applied for becoming a TT contributor last year but got rejected. I'm gonna apply again this year. They don't sell that much, but at least they try and get decent prices. About joining, talk to Leif Blom. Rolf
  6. I feel cheated

    Yes, It's IBL and I found out that the buyer is Dagens Nyheter. Their monthly edition is about 280 000 so I've asked IBL why the usage info says 10000. Since I haven't sold other images I have to stay with the distribution deal until my sales go up someday. I recently had a picture in Dagens Nyheter through agency TT and they charged 720 SEK for it. Still on the low side but much better. Rolf
  7. I feel cheated

    Well, the agency is IBL and they are in competion in the race to the bottom. They have a deal with the news-paper Expressen that gives the paper a no-limit access to the IBL files for a fixed sum per month. This sum is then divided up among all the photographers whos pictures sold that month. Not a very good idea, I think, so I'm out of distribution and please note: it is only during the month of April that that is possible. Rolf Stockholm, Sweden
  8. Slow month?

    No sales for over a month now. I don't know what happened.
  9. Personal Use

    I never been very happy with Alamy giving buyers hi-res files for PU, so I'm out.
  10. How was 2016 for you?

    I only do 3 distributors, no PU, no newspaper deals. Keeps my blood pressure down.
  11. How was 2016 for you?

    This has been my 2nd best year in the number of sales, but I have had 6 years with more money. I have been with Alamy since 2003, but I don't add many pictures anymore as I get upset by the low prices they are getting. Pity.
  12. DACS payment

    As I am over here in Sweden I am very happy that Alamy claims DACS for me. Wouldn't have got it otherwise. I got $240 last year and §234 this year, so I'm quite pleased. Rolf Stockholm, Sweden
  13. The State of Things?

    53 sales in 2015, 54 so far this year. Money about the same thanks to 3 good sales in September.
  14. How was your September 2016?

    7 for $729 gross. 2 for over 200, 1 for 150. Best month in years! Rolf
  15. Rerank

    Not so sure about that, at least no change for me. Rolf