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  1. Images Sold in November (one per day per contributor)

    That is exactly why I have opted out of PU. I have some rather special pictures of David Bowie on Alamy and I sell these as Fine Art prints for decent money. So no way I want my hi rez files released into the wild! Rolf
  2. Your highest sale

    Good luck! Rolf
  3. Your highest sale

    I had a $ 950.00 sale just last month. A book cover and it had to be exclusive-
  4. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    It is a nice picture but not recent ;-) Add 20 years. I have looked at IMDB and it seams you are correct, it is The Man Who Haunted Himself. Thank you!
  5. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    I'm confused now. At the same time as I took this picture he was on the set as Simon Templar in his Volvo P1800. You mean he was doing two things at the same time? Or did I miss something? I was told that they were shooting one of the last episodes of the Saint, but I could be wrong. The date was October 31st 1969.
  6. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    Ah, didn't know about Lord Lucan but read up on him now. I had left London and gone home to Sweden when that happened. So it is RM dressed up as The Saint!
  7. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 September 2018 End: 02 September 2018 Including digital use within the same context, life of article $ 11.00 50 year old picture sold to national newspaper for $11! Crazy business! Rolf
  8. Another low point?

    Sorry, you are right! Rolf
  9. Another low point?

    You do it in the AIM and you can do it in batches.
  10. Another low point?

    I am really tempted to leave "Presentation or newsletters" behind as I have done with PU since a few years back. 10 dollar sales don't sit well with me and I can't understand how it can be a good business for Alamy either. The cost of each transaction must be over 5 dollars no matter the size of the bulk. Rolf
  11. Images Sold in September (one per day per contributor)

    Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: Front coverImage Size: 1 pageStart: 19 September 2018End: 19 September 2028 My best sale ever and I have been with Alamy for 15 years! $$$ almost$$$$
  12. Re-rank

    Yes, slight! I'm still stuck on page 7.
  13. Re-rank

    My "BHZ" image has been in the same spot on the same page for a long, long time now.
  14. Re-rank

    Has Alamy stopped doing re-ranks? It seams it was a long time since the last one. Rolf
  15. So how was your May, eh?

    Blank month for me, but June started out great with 2 sales!