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  1. iMac Pro always shut it down at the end of working on something unless I'm going to start using again within a short space of time. MacBook Pro usually shut it down if I'm not going to use it for quite a while, or just close the lid if I'm going to use it say, in the next 15 minutes or so.
  2. Running 10.13.6 (HighSierra) on both Macs. Should be OK to go to Mojave for most photographic applications by now. I have problems and usually wait a while because of audio software.
  3. For grim death, especially if someone is going smash me in the face with their shoe.
  4. I have a Nikon D800 and the 3 holy trinity lenses. Awesome camera and even more awesome lenses. But most of the time I use either a Fuji X100 or a Sony RX100 MkII. Only get the the big Nikon gear out if there's something planned. Generally I'm not a planner when it comes to photography because there's not enough time in the day. I can't recommend either of those two smaller cameras highly enough. Easy to use, quirky in some ways and not that expensive in the second hand market.
  5. Well that's very kind Ed and Martin, but I am really not able to put the time in. It's a very hit and miss affair with photography. If I wasn't doing the other job, I would certainly go at it in a much more professional way. And get to travel! I do however understand where the guys that have an enormous library of images are coming from. The difference for me is when I get a photography sale, it's a fun surprise. It's basically like a little kid would be probably. With music sales I don't get that. I expect sales every day. I expect to see software show usages around the world every da
  6. I'm an amateur when it comes to photography here because I don't do enough or make enough money to be regarded as anything else. However, I get the rules and have 3 stars and treat the agency with respect. Ergo, in my case, photography remains more of a fun pastime as opposed to what I do for a job otherwise.
  7. When I read the headline I thought someone had been taking photos of that funny little pixie that runs the Green party.
  8. Noise will creep in with the RX100 if you're not careful. It's a quirky camera imo. I would just experiment a lot with settings.
  9. Out of interest, which lenses do you use with the D800?
  10. I would agree with that second sentence, but coming from PS, I didn't find LR intuitive at all, quite the reverse in fact, particularly the sections associated with the database. I suspect this puts a lot of people off, which is a pity because it is a great tool, once you know how to use it. Yes I will qualify it by saying that I got into using Lightroom at around it's 4th iteration and I remember going through a ton of photographic magazines and many YouTube videos as part of the learning process. I would recommend that to anyone that is going to start using LR for the first
  11. Lightroom is a very intuitive software program to use. Once you get used to it, the whole process is very quick IMO.
  12. Do the OP's original thing all the time with the D800. Ironically, the small cameras like the RX100 MkII are probably more labour intensive through their menu systems than the big Nikons.
  13. Ed I like the Doc's analogy/formula. I've had just a couple sales this month. One was zoomed a few months back and the other was not zoomed ever.
  14. The Nikon D800 is a great camera. Had one since they were released a few years ago now. But. The D800 is not a great camera if you don't use the high end lenses. Sticking a less than good lens on a 36 MP camera will be worse than using the same lens on a much cheaper camera because of the resolving issue. For walking around and carrying something quick and light with a fixed lens, then I favour the Fuji X100 series or a good small compact Sony.
  15. I like the guy on the bicycle photo the best. Your photos are too dark imo. Also, you have on a couple of images with just 4 keywords. Good luck with it all. Also, just as a sidebar, I find it interesting what people like, or think they like, about photos and photography in general. Stock photography included. Most people wouldn't have a clue about why they actually like something. It's usually just a reactive, instinctive thing.
  16. Could be a Safari problem. Could try Firefox etc. If that's the issue then it is technically a software bug.
  17. Yes Ed it's a software bug. It's definitely not the iMac. What I did when this happened a couple of times, was to start again, and I think I had about 25 images that I broke down into batches of anything from one to six, until they had all downloaded. Little bit of a faff, but they went in no problem.
  18. I think T is a good choice, but having looked some more at the F, Fuji seem to have taken this model to the enth degree and I'm going wait for full reviews and probably pick this one up. I get the half price and that's a good deal, but I'm comparing this one to a Leica Q.
  19. Big fan of a lot of Fuji products. My wife still uses her original X100 and it's still good. Anyone looking at, or even bought the new iteration X100 F yet? What do you think?
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