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  1. I would be grateful if Alamy would clarify what is classed as a personal website. New Clause 2.10 says, By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you. Where pursuing such infringements if it is found that the Content has been licensed through another licensing platform, Alamy has the right to recoup any fees incurred in the pursuit of any action taken. Is Photoshelter classed as 'another licensing platform'? The definition of Exclusive is
  2. Thanks, Steve. That has worked nicely. I don't get too many in the paper editions, so it's always nice to see. Are you ok with me taking a screen shot of that? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks very much for this, SShep. I don't suppose you still have a copy of the page that you could send me?!
  4. I don't normally post in this thread (perhaps I should) but I would be very interested to know which publication this was licensed for, if anyone sees it: Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 10,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1/2 pagePrint and Online, up to 10,000, UK, Quarterly Thanks in advance!
  5. I think it's a load of nonsense. On the same festival's website it says, "The Committee owns the copyright to all photographs taken by members and volunteers of the [Festival] and any freelance photographer paid by the Committee to take photographs at the Festival." As we all know, it takes more than simply saying you own the copyright in order to actually own it - a photographer has to assign copyright through a written agreement, and I very much doubt this happens with their 'members and volunteers', and I very much hope it doesn't happen with any freelancers. Last ye
  6. I can imagine they have been working with some of the bigger news submitters on this, and that they wouldn't need to apply. Seems reasonable to me, it being Live News.
  7. Hi Pietrach Live news sports images are very difficult to sell - you have to be able to get them in front of editors in an instant, perfectly edited and captioned. The big photo agencies have a lot of it sewn up, and it's difficult to break into.
  8. Well, thank you so much to everyone who contributed here; I really appreciate all your help. It never ceases to amaze me the effort the people on this forum are prepared to put in to help others. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi i gyd! I think you solved it, Joseph - thank you. PS I have some flowers in need of identifying, so I am afraid I am going to bombard you with those over the next few weeks.
  9. This is on a hill above a beach in west Wales. Looks as though it would have been used for pulling something up - but what? Boats, perhaps? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. Watching BBC Wales' "Big Six Nations Kick Off" this evening and saw one of my own pictures used. Interestingly, I tweeted that same image yesterday by way of congratulations to this local boy winning his first cap for Wales on Sunday - I wonder if that brought the image to anyone's attention, or whether that was just coincidence.
  11. The Journalist (magazine of the National Union of Journalists), March-April 2018 F3EP15 Russell Hart C39KDH Newscast Online Limited
  12. It might have been zoomed, just not by a 'registered' Alamy customer. Congratulations, by the way. Gruffydd
  13. I have suffered a pretty dry period as far as sales are concerned recently, so hopefully this one will be the start of something.
  14. No, not throw them away, but say, "I don't expect any bad apples. We are a professional outfit. Take them away and come back when all the apples you can give me are good."
  15. Apologies if anyone has highlighted this site before, but I just found an image of mine (EGPM4C) on the Facebook (@FullFact.org) and Twitter (@FullFact) feeds of fullfact.org. They don't seem to use images on their actual website, just in their social media feeds. But given that it says at the bottom of the page at fullfact.org, "Thanks to...Alamy for providing stock photos" there's a good chance many of you could find images there. The details of my licence were: Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldw
  16. It's got to be the 24-70, I think. The 70-300 isn't such a big lens, though - can you really not take both?
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