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  1. The Beatles and a visitor - Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, wax museum at the Peak Tower on Hong Kong Island A traditional Indian "Turhi" (a wind instrument) player. A brass band in attendance, New Delhi, India.
  2. The iconic Charkha (spinning wheel) - the main symbol of the 'swadeshi movement' on display at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum (Mani Bhawan), Mumbai, India Paris hotel & Casino Las Vegas Strip in Paradise by night, Nevada, USA. Iconic Bally's (formerly MGM Grand Hotel and Casino), owned & operated by Caesars Entertainment Corporation, also looms from behind. Old mining wagon, Borax Museum, Death Valley National Park, USA
  3. Painted Grasshoppers Common Mynas piggyback a Spotted Deer Tiger family fording a stream, Ramthambore, India
  4. 1. A huge gathering of Indian muslims saying their prayers (namaaz) on the day of the Id-ul-Fitr festival at the Jama Masjid mosque, In Delhi, India. 2. At the Sonepur (Bihar, India) "Elephant Festival". 3. Immersion of the Godess "Durga" idol at the popular "Dussera Festival" in Delhi, India. Kumar, India
  5. 1. Gala & gallant ... the members of the Indian Camel Regiment. 2. Caparisoned pachyderms in tow on a metalled highway. 3. Transporting a 'transport' ... Himachal Pradesh, India. Kumar, India
  6. I use a fairly versatile 3Tb My Passport Wireless Pro (with WiFi) by WesternDigital. It accepts only SD/Micro-SD cards cards though. Kumar, India
  7. Welcome & congratulations ! Lovely portfolio, no wonder you had early sales. Best of luck. Kumar, India
  8. Alamy also PASSES a lot of 20 images or more if only 2 pas their QC ! ​Cheers, Kumar, India
  9. No Johannes, the general street shots are licensed as RIGHTS MANAGED for EDITORIAL USAGE only. If all necessary releases are available (or none seem required), the images can also be licensed as ROYALTY FREE for COMMERCIAL USAGE, or even RIGHTS MANAGED for COMMERCIAL USAGE as well. Cheers, Kumar. India
  10. How can that be, I mean (+) in a gmail ID ?? Please use only letters (a-z), numbers, and periods >> this is what gmail says. Cheers, Kumar, India
  11. 1. As per your details it won't be prudent to make any fresh investments on camera gear. 2. Your current camera is 14 MP, whereas Alamy's current image-size requirement is about 6 MP. 3. Image size-reduction from 14 MP to about 6 MP may enhance image quality, to an appreciable degree, provided there isn't much wrong with the initial capture itself, especially as you can't shoot RAW with yr current camera. 5. Please exploit your 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor (with primary color filter) in as much as you can. Click at lowest possible ISO under best possible light conditions, taking very good care for an
  12. Birds of the same feather flock all together ! All that glitters is not gold ! Till death do us part ! Kumar, India
  13. Full "auto" mode is rarely as useful in regard of ultimate image quality as some users seem to find it (and prefer it over manual overrides). In "auto" mode, even in normal lighting conditions the meter/exposure can easily be fooled into a 'very average' results at best. More manual control over exposures and shooting in RAW format can indeed be fairly productive in optimizing the workflow. ​Cheers, Kumar, India
  14. True. And when they accept 'one' they accept everything else too. So, it apparently work BOTHWAYS and necessitates that, prior to uploading, we examine each and every sample image rigorously at 100% in Photoshop, as we just donno as to which particular image is gonna be examined by them. ​Cheers, Kumar, India
  15. iQ sale with a rather extended license (almost in perpetuity ) ,,, RM/editorial only as it may have included unreleased property/models etc. Just my view. ​Kumar, India
  16. Philippe I was a mere 45 years then and certainly wished to live a bit longer :P Cheers, Kumar, India
  17. "What was your stupid/senior moment, if you have ever had one with your cameras/lenses/films?" What happened : I got to shoot an Indian Rock Python fairly early one winter morning. The python was quite lazy ... was still soaking up some warmth from the morning sun. I took advantage of its laziness and shot a lot. The last I remember I was clicking its head with a 200mm macro lens - having taken enough care to see that there wasn't any obstruction behind me in case I had to step back in a jiffy in case the snake got alerted enough. After about 10 minutes, the snake had apparently warmed up eno
  18. "Unprofessional latency" perhaps btw I recently had some problem with my iTunes store account. While on online help-chat there was a big lull of about 4-5 mins with no response from Apple's side. When the 'help' did appear eventually and I asked the reason for that 'lull' ... "professional latency" was the reply ... of course I had to snap back, professional WHAT ?? I just couldn't comprehend whatever she tried explaining. So, all sorts of things do happen ! Cheers, Kumar, India
  19. He's with Alamy since November 2016. An agency won't register you at Alamy. You have to do that yourself. Five months is a bit late for your penny to drop Cheers, Philippe Philippe just a bit of delayed reaction perhaps from the OP. The following 2 lines just about explain the scenario ... if I get it right : i am currently with an agency but i want to go alone by myself out and about what do i need to do to my current Alamy account, does it need to be changed so i can sell? Just my view, Cheers, Kumar, India
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