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It's been a great year for the most part. Sales and zooms are up, I'm working harder than ever getting my numbers up, but best of all is being a member of ALAMY and this forum, where I feel like I'm knowing you all better and better.

Thanks to all who jump in at the expense of their time to help fellow members with problems or ID of a subject.


I remember when I became a member 10 years ago, I hesitated to ask anything for fear of being flamed for my ignorance. This has developed into a kinder, gentler forum, and it is to your credit, my friends.

Thank you all for your help and my wish is for the happiest, most prosperous new year ever to YOU!


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Happy New Year to all of the Alamy Forumites from me too and most especially to all of the guys (literally) I've met in the real world for lunches or long walks. Hopefully we'll meet again this year and maybe even meet a few more of the forum regulars.

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