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  1. A Simpler Workflow

    I seem to recall David Kilpatrick suggesting that Program mode and OOC JPGs was good enough for most stock purposes. I think it was probably in one of his magazines a good few years ago. I guess you should still do the 100% review for dust, artifacts, CA and noise so would need simple photoediting tools PS Elements or one of the other amateur products would be good enough. I'll stick with my raw based workflow though.
  2. News rejections

    One would hope that Alamy news team would pick it up. They certainly did with one of my mine where the camera data had been misset and was showing as too old for news, they called me and we fixed it.
  3. News rejections

    Could they have used a US format date (MM/DD/YYYY- 5/12/2018) that should have been 12 May 2018 (12/5/2018)
  4. What have we learned about stock?

    Yup, I would go along with that
  5. That is why I use a colour managed laptop, I would never rely on the appearance of a photo on a phone. Phones, and many other devices, have images boosted (exposure, colour and sharpness) to look good at small sizes whatever the conditions rather than correct at all sizes which is what we need as photographers. Try putting an image you know is right from your computer on to your phone, it may look to bright and contrasty if what I am suggesting is right. It is also possible that the phone is reprocessing the image for its own purposes (to make the phone look good) rather than taking the image as is.
  6. accreditation for event

    Indeed and the photographer has to be able to offer the event organiser something useful in return, usually coverage in credible media.
  7. Exotic car IDs please

    The Aston-Martin is a V8 Vantage(Rob is right, about 1984) and the Porsche is definitely not a 928, almost certainly a 911 but I am not sure which version, a 993 perhaps. A 993 would fit with the sort of age of the other cars. The Bentley might be a Brooklands, I don't think it is the convertible Azure but the roofline looks short enough but appears to be metal
  8. Decentered lenses

    In that case could it be the sensor out of alignment, not square to the optical axis? Have you tried the lenses with other bodies? Just a thought ... Mind you is that were the case I would expect it to be more pronounced with longer lenses which have smaller depth of field/ focus.
  9. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    I just use a letter for year and another for month since 2001, then 2 digits for day. I did make a mistake in that I should have started with a year digit in 2001 which would have extended my sequence to 36 years and kept the sort in the right order (by then I would hope to be 86, so it may well be moot whether I need more ). In 2026, if I am still shooting I will need to think what I do for 2027 onwards.
  10. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    I have been using the same folder structure for 15 years (and backdated to 2000) it is: Year/Month/Datecode + location or event (so some days there are multiple entries - e.g. at a sports event it might be folder for each class or category, travelling it may be different towns) My images are renumbered to datecode (4chars) + 9999 (sequence number for the day) so I can tell when a picture was taken by the reference.
  11. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    You can subscribe to C1Pro but I don't. I started with a free version I picked up at the Focus photoshow, from the Canon stand, in about 2003/4, probably v1 or 2. I have upgraded (major version) every 2 years or so for around €100 (v10 to 11 at the end of last year). I did miss one major upgrade when they were not handling metadata very well, but the next upgrade was still much lower cost than a full new licence. All the intermediate releases are not charged for the life of the version, say every 3-6 months. I take them pretty much as soon as they come out, major releases I sometime leave until the first minor release comes out and the initial bugs are fixed; it depends whether there is something I particularly need, sometimes to support a new camera (although that often comes in minor releases) You have to dopwnload the update and apply, no automatic upgrades so you are in control. Maintains settings between upgrades, at least minor ones and transfers most add-ons etc to the new major release.
  12. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    I think the intention is that Win is IT! Microsoft will just incrementally upgrade until it is effectively a different product but still called WIndows 10. At least that was what they said when they launched WIn 10.
  13. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    I haven't used PS or LR for well over a year even though have PS CC5.1 and LR6 on my desktop. I do all my raw conversion and post-processing in Capture 1 Pro after I have captioned, keyworded and rated/selected (sometimes leave to C1Pro or at least fine-tune selection there) in PhotoMechanic. C1Pro upgrades every couple of years or thereabouts and PM much less freqently (I think I have had one major upgrade, 4 to 5, in perhaps 10 years!). For me C1Pro does everything I need although they can be a little slow to add new cameras but they seemed to have got better in last year or two. The only problem would be if I decided to go for one of the new low-cost MF systems like the Fuji GFX but that is unlikely. Phase One do not support other MF systems as they deem them competitors to their own very expensive system. On my 3 computers I use a mix of Win10 Pro (main desktop) and Home, will move all to Pro as I replace them. I auto-upgrade since Win10 released and have had no significant issues (one video card driver incompatibility, just rolled it back).
  14. Editing on Surface Pro anyone?

    I don't use the Surface Pro although I have been looking at it as a potential future replacement - I favour something that will charge from a usb socket, saves carrying a heavy power brick and bulky mains lead. I currently use a Samsung ATIV Book 9 with 128GB SSD, 4GB ram, i3 and a high-res (3200 x1800px) screen; so not too dissimilar a spec or size. I do very little post-production on it but I carry it for live-news submissions and travel blogging. In those cases I use out of camera jpegs (I shoot jpg+raw), I might do raw conversion if I get an important image wrong (or I might raw convert in camera). I do all my news and much of my travel captioning on the laptop (PhotoMechanic) but transfer the raws to my desk top for serious work. I could do it on the laptop (Capture 1 Pro, or in past Lightroom) but would want to add more memory and a larger screen for proper post-production. A small screen just slows post-processing productivity too much to be viable for me, so for volume stock or other work I would not rely on a small laptop. On longer trips (rather than local news events) to ensure I have enough storage and backup I carry a USB 3 portable hard-drive (2TB, 2 or 3 if I am in a vehicle or) or a 128Gb memory stick for news day trips.
  15. Pinsdaddy

    removing content from Google This where they are using Google Adsense but there are other options depending on which Google service it is using (top of the link structure).