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  1. I had the same problem - I eventually had to go via Google Image search! The Alamy display no long threw up the i mage location option on right click. I suppose it reduces risk of theft but with high resolution screen a screen grab will do, but not, of course, for adding an image to a fourm post. Drag and drop did not seem to want to work either.
  2. #1 National basketball finals #2 Winning, school sports #3 Powerboat crash, thrilling for the spectator, not so much for the driver! (unharmed)
  3. As I acknowledged, but the problem is an AIM just creates uncertainty of what will be acceptable in any given circumstance, and the likelihood of inconsistent decision making with regard to what is accepted. I don't want to spend hours at an event only to find that, on this occasion, someone deems them too late, perhaps because half are more than an hour old. There are enough posts about QC other decisions that get overturned. Oh well, I probably won't be bothering to reapply, I'll go elsewhere if I am covering news, or even send it directly. As I did before Alamy created its Live News feed.
  4. Does the time start ticking from the last shot or from time of exposure for each shot submitted (whether it is one hour or some discretionary and uncertain longer period?). So much uncertainty; I can see poeple submitting within an hour (or so) of their last shots and being rejected, making it a waste of several hours.
  5. Similar experience. So why would a contributor who has had or gets publication through other channels switch to Alamy?
  6. Absolutely agree, people could have got accreditation to upcoming events on the basis they submit via Alamy Live News. I am a UKPCA press card holder I have never sold through Alamy Live News although I have sold from same/ similar events through other channels. I am not shooting much at the moment (been rather more focussed on a busy time for my PhD work, into photojournalism) but had been planning to seek an alternative, more specialist news focussd agency/library when I restart shortly. I usually submitted during the event (not always but within 2 hours) and would be well within the hour. But as Ian D suggests one risks missing action, I can certainly recall doing so (at a demo someone threw a smoke bomb while I was in a nearby coffee shop uploading - only found out when I saw the following day's reports). I do agree with Martin C that increased discipline was needed.
  7. That's HCB's decisive moment, or the Zen archer.
  8. When I go into the community category page I get just the headline, filter by, sort by which usually shows number of answers. That's it, I am trying to share a screen dump. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApTZmjkOogN_if5I7BbfCpSz0ILsYg May be visible there, I don't seem to be able to insert it as an image from OneDrive.
  9. I find the new category front pages frustrating. Sometimes they show the old style list of threads showing the latest person who has posted and when so you can go straitght to the latest post (and you know if it is from someone whose posts you enjoy or value). Other times it is a list with just the count of answers and no way to go straight to the latest post. Am I missing somnething, a setting perhaps? Anyone else finding the new forum category front page very user unfriendly? Martin
  10. In post processing one of the first things I often do is to set white and black points to ensure I use the full brightness range. That then gives a full width centred histogram. I may move the mid-point (readjust the b& w points as necessary) to brighten or darken the mid-tones to give the image a lift. In camera I work by exposing to the right and just avoid clipping the highlights (the very brightest specular highlights do clip) so I then usually have to open up the shadows., especially on bright day. I usually use the evaluative metering on auto, with a touch of exposure compensation based on experience (can be +1-2 stops for snow scene), unless liughting is particularly difficult. As Bryan says, check and take another if possible, and practice, practice, practice when you get the chance - and analyse the results carefulloy and crically, make notes to help internalise the thinking and decision making. It is possible to get it right in camera, in the days of film we had to, especially if we were shooting transparencies. I work with 16bit in post-prod and do the adjustment in curves/histogram adjust or whatever it is called in your raw converter. I ALWAYS start with a raw file as that has maximum information, with jpgs you can end up with banding/posterisation. I may use shadow/highlight sliders to tweak things.
  11. Wim is right, inadvertent changeof source is the most common cause, and cheapest to fix. There is usually a row 4-6 buttons either down the side or under the bottom edge. The function legend is sometimes just a small moulded icon and may be difficult to see. On mine it includes the on/off button but that is not always the case. Google the monitor spec and search for the manual.
  12. With a very long lens esp like a 150-600, the OP's 100-400 is maybe more marginal, I would be using a monopod in the lens tripod bush anyway (essential in the days before IS). In that case I would carry it over my shoulder like a brickie's mate's hod; lens pointing down my back. Easy to swap shoulders to share the load or to bring it into use if you keep the monopod extended; just make sure it is well padded. You can also carry it by one's side, in the hand with straight arm with the lens pointing down (as soldiers do with heavy guns), monopod is probably better unextended in that case. I don't think my neck and shoulder would cope with it on a strap these days! I used to shoot sport, and you will often see sports photographers carrying them that way at events. At a motor-racing, rowing or cross-country equestrian event for example I would cover many miles. Perhaps not as many as a day walking on safari, but with a major course being several miles round I would cover it at least once, often more, during a day. Bear in mind I would also go back to the media centre to upload between the main races. I reckon I would do at least 8-10 miles a day.
  13. Forum is still all over the place. A thread I posted on has lost several hours of posts.
  14. I agree. CameraBits support has, for me at least, been very good. When I got a new laptop with a high resolution screen the dialogue boxes etc were way too small. An email to support and they sent me an unreleased build with the necessary fixes to tide me over until it was included in a production release. Photomechanic has always been one of those wonderful, and rare, pieces of software that is highly focussed on its purpose and just does what it needs to. CB do not do bloatware that adds new functionality just because the developers could. As a former software developer (and manager of same) I really appreciate that arrow-like focus on real user need and avoidance of marginal functionality just for sake of having a longer feature list.
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