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  1. The other thing I do when I have 'deleted' images waiting for removal is to move the hto an 'awaiting deletion.' pseudonym. But if there are not a huge number of reedits I would ask memberservices to swap them as previously suggested so that there are not duplicates in your portfolio.
  2. As someone else said. Appears just another kindly older lady but who over tea drops out details of the assassination assignments she undertook with the French Resistance (she is not actually old enough)
  3. That why I love my varifocals - they live on my nose from when I wake up until I go to bed. I can usually find my nose ... ;)
  4. Why not harness your renowned pie making skills and bribe a neighbour?
  5. I would have thought Alamy has many more pressing matters to address than this trivialisation ... Is Alamy in business or is it a social club?
  6. Try a coffee shop, Starbucks say, or my preference Caffé Nero - they have free wifi. I am sure if you want a beer with your wifi some pubs will be able to oblige. McDs have free wifi I believe as do many other bars, fast food places and even possibly museums and galleries., Here in Nottingham the centre has free wifi provided by the city, perhaps Liverpool has something similar.
  7. Even if only as a starting point to get established. Especially as over-66 any resident qualifies for free travel pass on public transport, incl;uding cross-border with Northern Ireland (with some conditions).
  8. I too am having access issues from my Android tablet. Will check desktop shortly - same problem. Not much activity about the problem on Twitter.
  9. Good luck Edo Galway is a university town and so is likely to have a lot more happening. Perhaps you will be able to make it the Irish Aberystwyth from a photography point of view An Irish colleague who went to university in Galway would have been happy to go back to live, but for the rain! Martin
  10. #1 Someone still remembers! A personal tribute appears on nottingham's War Memorial most years #2 Martyr village of Oradour-sur-Glane, France #3 Silence for Orlando
  11. Not entirely true, my wife studied French to age 18 (would have done French degree if she had not gone into nursing). She did not use it from18 until her 40s when we first started going to France. A week into trips (1-3 weeks every other year) she was holding conversations in shops and with people we met. Now (in our 60s) we spend much more time in France and she drops straight into it when we arrive. A friend had almost identical experience. So it does appear it can come back with exposure and practice.
  12. Edo My hopes are that your health recovers soon. I appreciate you have ruled out the UK but as an Irish citizen my understanding is that you would qualify for most rights from day one, including health care in the UK. See this Irish Times article or Citzens Advice. The habitual residence test is probably not needed for healthcare for an Irish citizen and anyway that should be straightforward as you have no other home, speak English, have an income to support yourself and an Irish paspport that gives you the right of residence and to work if you wished. As an Irish citizen established as habitually resident in the UK other social benefits, like free bus pass (I use mine all the time) or winter fuel allowance will probably also be available. As far as I am aware there is no requirement for an ex-pat British or Irish passport holder to have paid tax in the UK to access healthcare, would be needed for a UK pension of course. As Allan has mentioned, living costs can be a lot lower in the Midlands, North, Wales and Scotland than in Londown and the South of England. Obviously there are still unaffordable hot spots all over the UK. Returning to Oxford would probably be too expensive. Bear in mind that the pound is weak against the dollar at the moment so your savings/ US income will go further, for the moment anyway. I hope you get yourself sorted soon. All the best Martin
  13. I had the same problem - I eventually had to go via Google Image search! The Alamy display no long threw up the i mage location option on right click. I suppose it reduces risk of theft but with high resolution screen a screen grab will do, but not, of course, for adding an image to a fourm post. Drag and drop did not seem to want to work either.
  14. #1 National basketball finals #2 Winning, school sports #3 Powerboat crash, thrilling for the spectator, not so much for the driver! (unharmed)
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