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  1. Yes, it's pretty mind-bogglng that some places have had more rain in a few hours that notoriously wet areas of the UK (such as Manchester) get in a year! Sydney's tropical enough for me at this time of year. Good luck. Hope you and your property stay safe, and that what's happening in Townsville stays away from Cairns. David.
  2. Gen: I was wondering how you were doing up there. I hope Cairns isn't being affected at much as Townsville! Martin: it woiuld be good to make the meet-up something of a regular event - maybe we can make sure the next one happens when you are available. Stephen: thanks for organising it - see you in the afternoon (maybe late afternoon?) of 17th. Ilya: I hope you can make it. Will be good to meet you, too!
  3. That'll explain why your phone went straight to voicemail when I tried to call, Stephen :-) Fair day sounds fine! Depending on schedule and heat, I may focus on the later part of the day. And like you, I am open to other ideas. Somehow I haven't managed to get to Barangaroo yet - perhaps we could throw that idea in the basket, too?
  4. Sorry, folks - I've been meaning to call Stephen but keep getting caught up with other stuff. I'll try again for tomorrow, but if any of you want to call or message me on the number I gave above, please feel free. It'll be great to catch up with all of you - Illya, Martin and Stephen - as well as anyone else in Sydney! David.
  5. Switching off auto-complete will probably help, but there may be another thing happening, too. I find that if I inadvertently pause slightly between, say, the second and third characters of the word I'm entering, LR immediately hangs while it searches for all the kws that include the string I've already typed. It's just an annoying quirk of LR, I'm afraid - something they haven't rectified in a number of versions. Having said that, I'm gaining a renewed appreciation of LR's handling of key words: I'm switching to Capture One for image processing, which it does far better than LR, b
  6. Okey doke - I'll try to give you a call tomorrow, Stephen, but if I don't manage it, feel free to catch me on 0403 791 238. Anyone else in Sydney want to join us? @Foreign Export? I remember we nearly met up a couple of years ago ... William: I'm likely to be in Melbourne in September if that's close enough to you ...
  7. Lucky I stumbled on this topic! I'm based in central-ish Sydney and would be happy to meet up (schedule allowing).
  8. How about one of these? http://www.cameras.net.au/index.php?cPath=36 A little bit more sophisticated and designed for this specific purpose. A bit more expensive, though. David.
  9. Well, Jame West is remaining as Chair. I'd expect that nothing too radical, such as a further reduction in our commission, would happen without his say-so. Here's hoping, anyway :-)
  10. 5 sales for $111 to me (i.e what Alamy calls net). No $100+ gross sales, unfortunately, thought I did have one at $99 gross. One track to beat 2016 Alamy income, but not to reach 2015 Alamy income. Hopefully though it shows we're bouncing back off the bottom! Onwards and upwards?? :-) David.
  11. The D7100 should indeed make a big difference. If you're serious about photography, it'll be a good investment whether you take stock any further or not (as will any number of DSLR and mirrorless cameras of a similar generation). It's often a steep learning curve though from amateur photographer to being successful with stock - I'd suggest getting the new camera, and spending time learning to get the best from it (lenses are important, too, for image quality, though most of the time a cheap kit lens will be OK as long as you get to know its weak spots - often the widest aperture - and avoid th
  12. Yep, appreciate they're the same image processed with different RAW converters. There are numerous comparisons on the web with opinions on which does best with Fuji RAF files; this one is just an example: http://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2017/1/one-fuji-x-pro-2-image-7-different-raw-converters Incidentally, the auther acknowledges that his sample image shows 'mushiness' - look for instance at the left side of the buiding in the 100% crops, and the railings. This is the kind of thing I sometimes get with the OIS zooms, and to me is unacceptable - I wouldn't send it to Alamy. If
  13. Don's example looks rather similar to what I've seen a few times - I can take two shots in quick succession, one will be like the example (which, incidentally, I wouldn't submit to Alamy even with the Irident processing) and the other will be just fine. But I've only noticed this with OIS lenses, so it may well be relate to the issues I mentioned above. Other than that, I haven't had many significant problems with the 'watercolour' effect on foliage. Just another of those mysteries you have to deal with when using Fujifilm! I can understand people sticking with full-frame Nikons, if the
  14. Interesting about OIS Mode 2 (shooting only). I'd have thought Mode 1 (continuous) would work better, because it's already activated when you press the shutter button - presumably it saves having to wait for the moving lens elements to move into the right place. Anyway, I'll try it and see what happens. Thanks!
  15. This is a funny one. I currently use an X-T2 alongside a Nikon D800, the idea being that the X-T2 is the nicely portable, go-anywhere stock camera, and the D800 (overkill for Alamy stock) with primes is the high-quality potential fine art camera. I have very mixed feelings about the X-T2. The portability is great (fits in a laptop bag/briefcase well), meaning I take photos in situations I wouldn't otherwise. Everything people say about this camera being a joy to use is true. However, image quality is very mixed (and I guess you're going to get lots of different opinions on this). Colours a
  16. I'm very sorry that I can't answer your question, but I would like to say how sorry I am to hear about anyone having to give up photography. You aren't the David who had a long career as a Fleet Street photographer, who was quite prolific on the old forum, are you?
  17. They did? That's very odd. I can't remember how I proved it and I'd have to look back at other threads and test results, but my conclusion without any doubt was that they are not independent. I'll look into that and may post again soon, if I find anything. [Edit] This is a link to where I proved it. Post 11 in that thread shows the test results..... http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/7237-pseudonyms-per-account-appear-to-be-connected/?hl=%2Bindependent+%2Bpseudos I'm sorry Alamy if it seems as though I am disagreeing with you again, but those tests prove to me that ps
  18. ... I've seen recently that pseudos are linked together rather than being independent as they used to appear to be. That doesn't mean that ranking doesn't come into things at all, but it does mean that something regarding rank and image order has changed. I have a feeling (with possible evidence but nothing definite) that there might be a new way of ranking that uses an average CTR/sales of all our pseudos. Of course we only supply the images and do all the keywording, so why would we be told anything about the way the search engine works? Geoff. Interesting. Member service
  19. Haha! I hope Alamy are doing something with the BHZ results, because my pseudos appear in pretty much exact reverse order of success! My biggest selling pseudo, with the most zooms, comes almost at the end. The second most successful pseudo comes a little higher. Highest of all is the one I dump images into when I realise there are plenty of better ones of the main subject on Alamy! I haven't checked BHZ for several months, so I'm not sure if this is a new thing or not. Perhaps an algorithm tweak, changing the weighting of, say, supertags and words in the caption compared with tags, w
  20. Whoa - does that mean there are now enough Alamy contributors that phishers feel it worthwhile to target us? Scary, if true.
  21. My suggestion: hang about on this forum, learn as much as you can not just about photography but also about the type of images that sell, look carefully at the images at Alamy of those photographers who report a good sales rate, buy a camera that has at least 1 inch type sensor as Sandro suggests (preferably larger), build a collection of images that you think may sell (not just aesthetically pleasing - for each image, you should be able to think of several ways it might be used in a publication) - and then you'll be in a position to decide whether stock is the direction you want your photogra
  22. I can't see how this would be possible as Bridge will interpret the exported set as individual keywords and they will appear in alphabetical order in different rows of the Keywords panel - the same as if you had done it in Lightroom. If you really want to have non-alphabetically ordered keywords, then you would need to do what ReeRay suggests - what you are then getting is a single Bridge keyword with the words and phrases separated by commas or semicolons. You can't do this in Lightroom and of course you lose all your hierarchy if you start creating these as non-alpabetical single keywords in
  23. So, does this mean I can't export my hierarchical keyword list from LR, import it into Bridge, and then use that to keyword in non-alphabetical order in Bridge?
  24. Maybe we need to compile (a.) our own list of questions, and (b.) contradictory replies from MS/CR, send them to one of the senior people at Alamy, and ask them to give definitive answers ... Edit: to try to stop the b in brackets/parentheses from changing into a smiley!
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