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  1. Haven't read all the above comments so this might be a duplication, but if I find that the image is slightly of the horizonal, I will use free rotate layer in photoshop to correct it, followed by a slight crop to restore the edges of the frame.
  2. Many congratulations John, I still have a long way to go to equal your achievement!
  3. I have to admit to being a bit worried, as I have all my eggs in Almay's basket, so to speak. Lets hope it all works out OK, as Alamy is my main photography income stream and also represents a massive investment of my time over the last 15years .
  4. Can anyone tell me if they have images shot from a DJI Mavic Pro 2 photography drone, passed Alamy QC please?
  5. Jon, Please could you tell me if you have got images taken with the DJI Mavic Pro 2, through Alamy QC? I am very interested in this drone and in taking up the challenge of getting involved with Aerial photography. I know I would have to get CAA qualified first.
  6. Hi Ed, Yes I tend to do the same as regards similar' s (e.g. limit them to 2 -3), I will upload the same shot in different orientations, sometimes, in case clients want the choice. But I will certainly take the same shot/ view under different light /weather conditions. I will also, sometimes re-visit a subject to see if I can improve on my first efforts. I sometimes exceed this rule if I am capturing someone in the public eye, as I see these images as potentially more commercial
  7. Yes, I was considering doing a course to get my CAA licence, but I probably need to have my own drone before I book up. Since it also involves flight training. I think the RX sensors are similar to the one on the DJI Mavic Pro 2?
  8. I am thinking of entering the aerial photography game for stills photography. I see the DJI Mavic Pro 2 as an entry level machine. I know it only has a 1" CMOS sensor, which falls below Alamy's recommended minimum sensor size (which they see as 4/3rds). Does anyone have any experience with this drone? Have you used this drone to capture images which have passed Alamy QC? As this is the main use I want for my aerial images, so if the quality is not good enough for Alamy, I would have to think again. Upsizing to a professional level drone, from the DJI Mavic 2 is quite an expensive and frankly confusing business.
  9. On holiday until the 6th, so no uploads until then!
  10. Third best year by total revenue and best year, for number of images sold.
  11. Mostly a wimp, except if I'm covering an outside media accredited event, in which case I have to take it on the chin! I will occasionally venture out on snowy, frosty or misty days, for a good seasonal image. But like most Brits, I find grey cloudy conditions to be mostly uninspiring, The possible exception being when I'm photographing cars, which sometimes benefit from the lack of reflections in lower light conditions. I do like large puddles after heavy rain, as you can sometimes get interesting reflections in them.
  12. Over the last week or so, I've had images passing through QC almost instantaneously, the first time I've ever experienced this on Alamy. Today, things appear to have reverted to the status quo, e.g. 24hrs or more. No, they have gone through in about 30mins this time!
  13. I would just die for a 0.49 sale in November! (just joking of course), but things seem to have gone awfully quite on the sale front, must be the election, or something!
  14. I've no experience with the 100 - 400, but I do have a 70 - 200 which I sometimes use with a Canon Doubler, which extends it out to 400. Something I have found very useful is a monopod, which does provide extra stability and gives you more keepers, than with a hand held rig, Takes most of the weight off you too!
  15. Nothing Yet in October, seems a bit slow, but I cant complain too much, as this year, my sales have been quite high up this point!
  16. David, A year is not long in the stock industry, as it takes a considerable time to get noticed, particularly in a large agency like Alamy, with many thousands of photographers contributing, and millions of images to choose from. I have found stock to be a numbers game, with the more images you have online in your portfolio, the more chance you have of selling. It is not only about numbers, of course, its also about what you shoot. My advice is to cover a wider range of subjects, people photography is always important, so is variety. Topics in the public eye, news related issues, politics, celebrities, etc. Another good strategy is to get known in one or more specialist areas or subjects. So clients know where, or who to come to, for certain images.
  17. Fixation every time for me! They also clean the outside elements of any lens attached to the camera backs you bring in. For a small charge they will do this for other non-attached lenses too.
  18. Well, I'm just a week off my 65th Birthday so I'm one of the old guys! I do contribute to Stockimo too though!
  19. Fields left blank under the " Optional" Tab, in image manger, also have some impact on the, discoverability, this could be a factor in your case.
  20. Mine were grayed out Steve and I had to re-apply. I'm waiting on the result, it may be some time!
  21. I hope you will give fair consideration to photographers like me, who often want to submit images taken under difficult circumstances, that would otherwise not pass the QC criteria. I have sold quite a few images submitted in this way, for instance at indoor car shows and music festivals where lighting is poor. I note that you have a second category of reportage or archival, which I have applied for. If I could not submit images taken in poor conditions I stand to loose quite a few sales and consequently so does Alamy too!
  22. Same here. This must be across the board for all photographers, including myself, who have previously contributed to live news. I think the 1hr deadline is too tight for most on here. I did not try to reapply for access to the news feed, but I did apply for the reportage and archival route, this is because Ioften, I am shooting subjects where the conditions are difficult (low light etc), so they cant be submitted by the normal route because they would not meet Alamy QC standards! I have had quite a few sales with this type of image and I certainly don't want to loose the opportunity of uploading and selling them, whatever the time frame might be!
  23. Others have probably already answered this already , I am a Canon user, but I would use a mid-range zoom (e.g. 24-70 or 24-105mm), over a prime. I only use L-series Canon Lenses. the 24-105 is the most useful lens I have and can cope with most situations. In general, the wider angle you shoot, the softer the edges of the frame tend to get. I have always worked with a full frame sensor and the best quality Lens I can afford. In addition, this type of Lens can cope with a large range of lighting conditions when paired with a camera back which has a good ISO range. I only need a longer or wider lens when conditions demand, The 24-105 is my ideal walk around lens,
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