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  1. A very large portion of my Turkish images and all of my Iran and Iraq images were taken in the 60s and are from scanned Kodachrome slides. Some are my best sellers.
  2. Betty I gave you a greenie. Your comments are spot on. Dick
  3. I may be paranoid, but I shut down my PC and I also shut off the power to it. I not so worried about wearing out the PC as I am about a power surge during a loss/restart of the power coming to the house. The last one we had blew the timer that ran our front door lights. Dick
  4. 2011 $486 It has been licensed seven times since then bringing the total gross to $1,005.13 Dick Janzig
  5. Country: Qatar Orthostat of Phoenician writing in King Asitawada's palace, Karatepe, Turkey The orthostat was paired with Hittite Hieroglyphics and combination made it possible to decipher the Hittite. Country: Qatar Usage: Indoor display Media: Non commercial display Industry sector: Education Print run: 1 Image Size: up to full area Start: 21 November 2018 End: 21 May 2019 Next to the best price I have ever received. Dick
  6. I had nothing for over a month and then four this week and for a total of over $400. A very pleasant surprise. Dick
  7. I just started resubmitting after a year's pause waiting for the new editor and keyword values to settle down. My zooms and sales were my second best last year. Dick Janzig
  8. This seems to be my lucky week. This is my third image leased this week. Village kids with a lamb at Kanytelis, ancient Elaseuas Sabaste, near Kizkalesi in Turkey Scanned Kodachrome slide taken in 1969
  9. View of Sultan Bayezit II Mosque (1485) complex in Amasya, Turkey.
  10. Darius I multilingual inscription at Behistun, Iran
  11. Spamming newbies that rip off your keywords, including your name, is truly an ill wind.
  12. Brownie Hawkeye (dropped, cracked lens in 1961) Minolta SR-1 (upgrade to 35mm) Minolta SR-t 101 Minolta XD-7 Nikon F3 (sold all on the Minoltas to pay for the Nikon) Nikon f5 (gave to nephew after going digital) Nikon D100 Nikon D3 (sold when airlines reduced carry on weight allowance) Nikon 610 and 7000 (current bodies)
  13. I'm glad that I am not running this challenge. The images are fantastic. How could you choose.
  14. I only did the calculation for 2016, which has been my best year: A 20% B 49% C 1% D 10% E 20% 33% if the images licensed were shot on film dating back to the 60s.
  15. Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport, OR Desert View. Grand Canyon, AZ Queen's Garden Trail, Bryce, UT
  16. This is my second one: A little boy getting training wheels.
  17. Bicycles in front of hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark
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