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    Used to love skiing, before I got too old and too poor! Obviously, I am into photography big time and run my own, one-man, photography buisness! I also like to try my hand at digital art and sometimes drawing with a pencil or rotring pen. I do a bit of running/jogging, mainly in local parks. I'm into films and I am currently, the official photographer at the Misty Moon Film Society, at Flatplanet in Soho and The Cinema Museum, where I get to meet and photograph a wide range of "stars of ther silver screen".


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  1. Commission change - James West comments

    A little discouraging, because this year I really feel that I have made genuine progress in the stock industry, with Alamy specifically. Both in terms of growing my portfolio, gaining insights into the market, branching out into new areas not covered particularly well by other photographers, and creating a specialism in certain subject areas, that some clients will seek me out for. So I am hoping, as I approach semi-retirement, that my huge investment in time and effort will not be wasted! Time will tell if Almay's move to again reduce the photographers commission will pay off, both for us, the contributing photographs and Alamy itself. Since I have all my eggs in one basket, so to speak, It worries me that this will happen again in the future, and we will see yet further reductions in the commission rate to its contributors?
  2. Same here, its not updated for a couple of days
  3. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Well, I've already exceeded my gross revenue for the whole of last year and my sales numbers are still pretty healthy, (54 so far this year), although, they have slowed a bit in the middle of this month
  4. Hello from Greece...

    Well, a camper van is a lot more practical than a sports car!
  5. Hello from Greece...

    HI Jay, Not visited this forum for a considerable time, I admire your life style, I was thinking of doing something similar myself, particularly as I am approaching retirement age. But I though of buying a sports car and touring around the UK visiting all the remote places I'd never been before!
  6. Alamy measures still down this morning. I'm not used to being deprived of my daily fix of views and zooms (and the occasional sale too!).
  7. How was your April?

    Pathetic, with just two low value sales. Does not justify the hundreds of hours of work I put in over the last four months
  8. Slow month?

    Slow for me, just one medium sale so far with views and zooms very low too! My wife says its due to it being the end of the financial year! perhaps April will be a bumper month?
  9. Whats your CTR

    My CTR is currently 0.1 (Average = 0.44 Total =0.44), I think I'm uploading too many car images!
  10. The Image Manager thread

    Certain data fields (for example additional information and caption are in light grey, which becomes very tiring on the eyes. Eye strain is one thing a photographer really does not want. Alamy, please could you change the font colour to make it easier to use please!
  11. Alamy, please can we have our original Image Manager Back and also the original home page layout too! I have not got thousands of hours to optimize all my images or correct all the mistakes and meta data omissions ? Also, it is very slow at bringing up images too, particularly if they are a long way back in ones portfolio?!
  12. Alamy measures

    Its that thing you do whilst wandering round with a heavy camera!
  13. Canon 5D MII Users

    Definitely RAW and that applies to any SLR you are using! (PS Sorry if i'm a bit late with this comment )
  14. Milestone Reached

    Today I have reached and just exceeded 6000 images accepted and key-worded in my Alamy Portfolio! This has literally taken thousands of hours work to achieve! So I think I will be taking a short break, before moving on to the 7000 image target!