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    Used to love skiing, before I got too old and too poor! Obviously, I am into photography big time and run my own, one-man, photography buisness! I also like to try my hand at digital art and sometimes drawing with a pencil or rotring pen. I do a bit of running/jogging, mainly in local parks. I'm into films and I am currently, the official photographer at the Misty Moon Film Society, at Flatplanet in Soho and The Cinema Museum, where I get to meet and photograph a wide range of "stars of ther silver screen".


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  1. Something good, as I've had very high levels of zooms, hope some of them translate into future sales!
  2. Had four sales so far this month, of varying amounts ranging from a few dollars up to to reasonably high amounts.
  3. Nothing for me since August 20th! A bit of a drought at the moment! Stats quite poor too with a very low number of Zooms! I Haven't uploaded much over the last few weeks though!
  4. Editorial use as 2 page spread https://c7.alamy.com/comp/H6T2WG/niche-of-the-virgin-mary-and-to-doon-rock-near-doon-well-kilmacrennan-H6T2WG.jpg
  5. I feel like a nervous wreck, but I just passed my online, PfCO Theory Exam with a score of 91% (The minimum pass score is 75%). I though I was going to fail, as the questions were quite different to those I had encountered in the mock test. They were more indirect and so you had to think them through very carefully. Stress of what! Now I need to pass my Flight assessment and I will have my permission for commercial operations from the CAA! Then I can actually start to use my drone to take commercial images and video footage and put them on Alamy!
  6. Yes, thanks Avpics, Its so long since I've done this, I just could not work out how to get the image to display properly
  7. Stock Photo - Image of Genevieve, a 1904, Darracq, famous for staring in the British comedy film, of the same name https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-image-of-genevieve-a-1904-darracq-famous-for-staring-in-the-british-125653225.html
  8. On Saturday, when the Alamy data-base updated, my portfolio image total reached and surpassed 10,000 images. A moment of muted celebration, given the hundreds and thousands of hours needed to achieve this milestone. But, this achievement feels a bit hollow at present, because, like many other businesses, the lock down has effected the stock photography business dramatically and not for the better, since sales, zooms and views have taken a nose dive! Of course, there is now a considerable demand for lockdown-related images, so I've taken the decision, like a few others here on Alamy to s
  9. I've always used Canons so I'm a bit biased, I've had a 5D MkII, for several years now and I regard it as a very capable piece of kit. I bought It used but in almost new condition. Its all the camera I could ever need really, I would not upgrade it to the later marks until it reaches the end of its useful life. Its good in low light shooting too. The only time I don't use it is in wet weather, as its not weather proof. Although has got damp outside from time to time and not given me any problems. I do use it with EF- L lenses, and it always gives me great results.
  10. Been studying for a PFCO, (Drone Pilot: permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA ) with COPTRZ. and editing processing and uploading images from a variety of shoots including the London Classic Car Show which was held back in February, before the lockdown started and the world was a very different place. Still have images from other location to edit etc too! Not that its doing me much good financially at the moment, as the market is dragging on the floor right now! But keeping busy has been a big help!
  11. Yes Sales, Views and Zooms all drastically down over the last week or two, definitely related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Like others on this forum, I think it will take weeks if not months to return to anywhere like normal.
  12. John Gaffen

    Thank You

    Dear Alamy, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping everything running during these strange times of lockdown! Processing images is helping to keep me sane, in these very difficult period we are all currently living through. Please try to keep up the good work!
  13. Haven't read all the above comments so this might be a duplication, but if I find that the image is slightly of the horizonal, I will use free rotate layer in photoshop to correct it, followed by a slight crop to restore the edges of the frame.
  14. Many congratulations John, I still have a long way to go to equal your achievement!
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