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  1. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Betty I gave you a greenie. Your comments are spot on. Dick
  2. I may be paranoid, but I shut down my PC and I also shut off the power to it. I not so worried about wearing out the PC as I am about a power surge during a loss/restart of the power coming to the house. The last one we had blew the timer that ran our front door lights. Dick
  3. Your highest sale

    2011 $486 It has been licensed seven times since then bringing the total gross to $1,005.13 Dick Janzig
  4. Country: Qatar Orthostat of Phoenician writing in King Asitawada's palace, Karatepe, Turkey The orthostat was paired with Hittite Hieroglyphics and combination made it possible to decipher the Hittite. Country: Qatar Usage: Indoor display Media: Non commercial display Industry sector: Education Print run: 1 Image Size: up to full area Start: 21 November 2018 End: 21 May 2019 Next to the best price I have ever received. Dick
  5. Sigurd Stone, Ramsund, Sweden
  6. Quiet August

    I had nothing for over a month and then four this week and for a total of over $400. A very pleasant surprise. Dick
  7. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    I just started resubmitting after a year's pause waiting for the new editor and keyword values to settle down. My zooms and sales were my second best last year. Dick Janzig
  8. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    This seems to be my lucky week. This is my third image leased this week. Village kids with a lamb at Kanytelis, ancient Elaseuas Sabaste, near Kizkalesi in Turkey Scanned Kodachrome slide taken in 1969
  9. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    View of Sultan Bayezit II Mosque (1485) complex in Amasya, Turkey.
  10. Holiday

    Happy Holidays to all!
  11. I just logged in, but it took two tries.
  12. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Darius I multilingual inscription at Behistun, Iran
  13. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Aya Sofya Deisis
  14. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Aya Sofya and the Bosphorus