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How was June 2023?

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Don't suppose any more sales will come in now. So here's my stats for June.


A better month for me. 20 sales for $251 gross, $100 net.  A record in terms of number of sales in a month, but not in terms of revenue (especially net).

Includes $18 gross, $7 net for an infringement by a National Newspaper from 2014 which I found and reported. Shame they weren't billed at 2014 prices and commission rates (60%?).

Also includes 5 of those mystery $9.66 UK magazine licences all on the 23rd June (as reported by others). Anyone found any of their uses from these?


Views ~3,000

Zooms ~20

CTR% 0.66%



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43 minutes ago, gvallee said:

13 sales for $226

An uneventful month. 





For me that would be a big event.




Just 2 sales for mid$$ gross.  Still it is better than it used to be.




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13 licenses (plus one of those puzzling sale-refund-immediate resale for the same amount events) for $280 gross.



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