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  1. I agree with you. They checked their main sources for uploads and set the limit accordingly. Of course, Alamy is a business, so they will have to do what is best for them. What makes Alamy so special are all the photographers all over the world covering every little corner, in my opinion ... but I don't think Alamy sees it that way ...
  2. How many photographers will be motivated to go through their images and remove the "exclusive" check mark when uploading to other sites? .. so if Alamy felt it was not accurately checked in the past, I doubt that it will improve. I have no illusion that Alamy would care one way or another what I do with my photos .. so I'll stick around as long as I stay above Silver. If anyone would care to share where "elsewhere" is, feel free to send me a message /Rose-Marie
  3. Fun subject but didn't have much in portfolio: Sir Walter Raleigh dressed for breast cancer awareness
  4. I see a lot of good photos with potential to sell mixed with some where the lighting could be improved. The lighting needs some work to it, in my opinion. It was already mentioned the dark shadows, but you also have some photos that are just too dark, and some photos where the background may be OK, but the focal point is too dark. You can easily brighten up key features. I love PE2H95, PE2H9G and PE2HFP but PE3112 and PEJ8G are examples of under exposed focal point. Perhaps also decrease the saturation a little.
  5. Three from me. Note! I am just an observer and not advertising any political sides 4th of July parade in 2012 Race for the Cure Pro choice demonstrators at a Pro-life event
  6. Congratulations and welcome to Alamy! Another North Carolinian Looking forward to your stunning fall pictures from the Blue Ridge parkway! /Rose-Marie
  7. Didn't find much fun in my portfolio ... just this one.
  8. Congratulations! I have 929 photos .. so hoping to reach that goal before end of 2018 .. but I am slow to process and upload ...
  9. Hobbyist with a non-photography full time job, but in some years I will be a gal "over 65 with a camera and pension income that needs a monthly boost".
  10. Lots of nice photos already. Three from me World War II memorial in Washington DC Trieste, Italy Richmond, Virginia
  11. Thank you for sharing your success! It's an inspiration for all of us. Almost 49k photos ... is also very impressive. I am trying to reach 1000 photos this year
  12. Here are three from me. My sister, and she is in a boat that is on the water, even if the water is not visible. Not sure if that counts. .. and the actual boat and the water. Venice
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