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  1. The author has demonstrated a classic ignorance of a specific problem and the result is misleading information. What I can agree with is that relevant keywords are important
  2. I wrote yesterday that the cleared balance was $ 262 and was reduced to $ 69, Today the value returned to $ 257. The boys seem to have solved this "technical issue" overnight. Starting a new contract with a loss of $ 200 would be another annoying fact. I would like to be surprised by something positive in the future, but that is probably just a pious wish
  3. Yesterday I had a current cleared balance of $ 262 and today only $ 69
  4. I fully sympathize with you Without $$$ sales, we can't think about mountain peaks
  5. In general, the situation in stock photography is not good. Each of us copes with this unfavorable situation differently. Some are stepping up their efforts, others are diversifying, others are leaving this declining industry and heading somewhere. But you are probably the most injured person who has to tell everyone. You are very persistent in this, I would say stubborn and really good. Maybe if you used this ability in other areas, your rating would grow. In your defense, however, I must say that your photos are not stupid or boring, on the contrary, I really like them. The
  6. 44 sales for $916 gross, last June was much better, 50 for 1789
  7. Tagging and captions is more important. A stupid photo with good markings will probably sell sooner than a beautiful photo with incorrect tags drowned in a black hole of 250 million photos. A beautiful photo and the right tags are ideal
  8. Welcome to Alamy Patsy As MizBrown has already said, scientific names are very important. You miss it. Next time, I would recommend exploring what I photograph better. Do more work and find a specific sign with the name of the plant. I'm not saying that a picture called 'Summer Roses' cannot be sold, but an accurate description increases the chance of a sale. I would also recommend the UK tag. It is very important. I will be looking forward to your first 1000 photos, which we will be able to comment on later. Until then, I would not have high hopes for a
  9. I fully agree with your opinion, I'm just embarrassed why it's under my post when we're not obviously at odds or I'm missing something?
  10. Yes, Alamy skillfully hides a link to any help for contributors on his site. The current situation is that if I have a problem, I will ask in the forum. It is caused by the complexity and search for official help. It is clear that this condition suits Alamy This state should end !!! Alamy should clearly declare its assistance to the contributors and take responsibility. It would be an expression of professionalism and a move for the better. I see the persistence of the current situation as a shortcoming. With the 20% profit we are losing, Alamy should invest in solving
  11. Yes, so far the Alamy seems to be coming up with a new treaty that is more restrictive for individual members. Furthermore, Alamy will make a 20% profit as a bonus and in exchange offers nothing, no qualitative change. Even PA / Alamy continues to expect our happy faces and all loyalty. Am I falling on my head?
  12. In another thread I read a post about selling pastries and photos. He is very understandable and instructive. I will stick to this story If I sell great buns on the street where I'm alone and someone moves in and starts selling cakes too, I probably won't be happy. If he starts selling ugly disgusting buns, I will lose some customers anyway. It hurts me. In addition, the street rating is reduced, which is known for baking great buns here. However, I find it outrageous that these "bakers" those who don't know the craft come to my shop and they ask me - How do you d
  13. I must say that plants are sold and many times they are not just peanuts. I recently had a sale for $ 500. It is not easy to say why something is sold and something is not. There are many reasons. The prerequisite for the sale is to be on the first page at the top. After a brief review of the keywords 'daylily + closeup' I found that no one had looked for them in the last year. I don't want to take away your hope, but with 123 images, the probability of a sale is almost zero.
  14. As for me, In general, I would recommend Alamy to be more vigilant against hobby photographers migrating from the SS who think - that there is a perfect repository for their toxic photos. I'm in favor of a tougher approach to "festive" photohobbies. I would easily increase the $ 250 per year limit. Those who are sincere with the Alamas and working on themselves, they will certainly achieve higher sales during the year. Alamy is primarily a space for the sale of photos. If you want to sell, you're in the right place. But something needs to be done
  15. With 123 pictures here you can't make a hole in the world. I recommend more work. When I enter my archive, I will also produce 123 photos in two days. You can't move anywhere in stock photography without everyday hard work. So far, you seem to consider stock photography as a hobby for Sunday afternoon.
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