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  1. This month it's the race who buys the cheapest, out of nine sales none of them made even $ 10 net profit, four not even $ 1
  2. Using caption generators is a road to hell
  3. In September, 42 sales for $ 915, unfortunately again no sales over $$$ The total number of sales is already higher than last year However, the value is still below last year's level Nevertheless, this year will be my best in history
  4. I feel that there has also been at least a 20% drop in confidence
  5. Alamy could send this reassuring message, for example, Posted August 11 Hi all, We're aware of the issue and have raised it with our IT team - we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible for you. Kind regards, Alamy
  6. and no one is able to give any explanation, are they playing a dead beetle?
  7. I also noticed that there were several network outage over the weekend. Apparently The IT Crowd were working overtime
  8. Yes, I see it the same way. The client does not lose any money, Alamy will increase the commission only the contributor will pay their joke.
  9. Does AoA work for you? Not since yesterday. Also, the photos approved on Friday and yesterday have not been updated yet. How are you. Thanks.
  10. PA/Alamy basic principle is mainly not to harm the interests of buyers. Unfortunately, contributors are in second place The loss of a client is a bigger scarecrow than the loss of one or more contributors. We are on the side that has no way to defend itself. PA/Alamy can say at any time that if we don't like anything, we can leave. Our relationship is not equal. We are pulling for the shorter end of the rope for a very long time. From this point of view, I do not believe that the agreement on the change of commission will be corrected. I do not believe that in the future awaits us in the
  11. today I have the same experience, the same amount for a picture sold in June, Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education Start: 17 June 2021 Duration: Unlimited I feel the same, lousy
  12. I still don't have money in my account. Is this becoming a rule?
  13. Pero esa es una respuesta estupida But that's a stupid answer
  14. In my experience, they did not always provide information, but sometimes they said something. I knew them before I set out on a journey of stock photography. I used to be one of them. It's probably not advice on a quick way to find out. I am sorry.
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