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  1. and no one is able to give any explanation, are they playing a dead beetle?
  2. I also noticed that there were several network outage over the weekend. Apparently The IT Crowd were working overtime
  3. Yes, I see it the same way. The client does not lose any money, Alamy will increase the commission only the contributor will pay their joke.
  4. Does AoA work for you? Not since yesterday. Also, the photos approved on Friday and yesterday have not been updated yet. How are you. Thanks.
  5. PA/Alamy basic principle is mainly not to harm the interests of buyers. Unfortunately, contributors are in second place The loss of a client is a bigger scarecrow than the loss of one or more contributors. We are on the side that has no way to defend itself. PA/Alamy can say at any time that if we don't like anything, we can leave. Our relationship is not equal. We are pulling for the shorter end of the rope for a very long time. From this point of view, I do not believe that the agreement on the change of commission will be corrected. I do not believe that in the future awaits us in the
  6. today I have the same experience, the same amount for a picture sold in June, Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education Start: 17 June 2021 Duration: Unlimited I feel the same, lousy
  7. I still don't have money in my account. Is this becoming a rule?
  8. Pero esa es una respuesta estupida But that's a stupid answer
  9. In my experience, they did not always provide information, but sometimes they said something. I knew them before I set out on a journey of stock photography. I used to be one of them. It's probably not advice on a quick way to find out. I am sorry.
  10. I think it would be good to make friends with some local agency photographers
  11. Recently, technical shortcomings have become more frequent. Is it due to your 20% increase in revenue?
  12. The number of sales was great - 78 I'm not complaining about the total price - $ 1015 Unfortunately no sales over $$$, , with them it would be better I hope these sales come again Stay safe
  13. I also received this email after my question why I don't have money on my paypal account yet. I can't shake the feeling that the explanation is strange. I hope that there will be no changes in the future " to better".
  14. I see you are full of enthusiasm, that's good and good luck
  15. I make the video briefly, I use the VideoPad editor. It's free, but after the trial version he wants a registration code. I will uninstall it and reinstall it. The time starts counting down again. But I'm not an everyday user. It's easy for me because I'm also simple.
  16. Last three pages Goldfish in aquarium with green plants, why?
  17. The author has demonstrated a classic ignorance of a specific problem and the result is misleading information. What I can agree with is that relevant keywords are important
  18. I wrote yesterday that the cleared balance was $ 262 and was reduced to $ 69, Today the value returned to $ 257. The boys seem to have solved this "technical issue" overnight. Starting a new contract with a loss of $ 200 would be another annoying fact. I would like to be surprised by something positive in the future, but that is probably just a pious wish
  19. Yesterday I had a current cleared balance of $ 262 and today only $ 69
  20. I fully sympathize with you Without $$$ sales, we can't think about mountain peaks
  21. In general, the situation in stock photography is not good. Each of us copes with this unfavorable situation differently. Some are stepping up their efforts, others are diversifying, others are leaving this declining industry and heading somewhere. But you are probably the most injured person who has to tell everyone. You are very persistent in this, I would say stubborn and really good. Maybe if you used this ability in other areas, your rating would grow. In your defense, however, I must say that your photos are not stupid or boring, on the contrary, I really like them. The
  22. 44 sales for $916 gross, last June was much better, 50 for 1789
  23. Tagging and captions is more important. A stupid photo with good markings will probably sell sooner than a beautiful photo with incorrect tags drowned in a black hole of 250 million photos. A beautiful photo and the right tags are ideal
  24. Welcome to Alamy Patsy As MizBrown has already said, scientific names are very important. You miss it. Next time, I would recommend exploring what I photograph better. Do more work and find a specific sign with the name of the plant. I'm not saying that a picture called 'Summer Roses' cannot be sold, but an accurate description increases the chance of a sale. I would also recommend the UK tag. It is very important. I will be looking forward to your first 1000 photos, which we will be able to comment on later. Until then, I would not have high hopes for a
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