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  1. A good suggestion - thank you. But its a busy day and for $4 maybe more effort than is warranted. If it doesn't make sense soon - I'll email alamy support. If they're taking a 60% commission on sales they might as well earn it by doing the legwork to figure out why there's a discrepancy. It already takes far too long for me to keyword images, prep them for sale, occasionally find/report sales Alamy left unreported - I shouldn't have to be doublechecking their math on top of that.
  2. I have, I don't see anything labeled 'affiliate bonus' in there or any refunds/etc that would account for a $4 change. We'll see - I'll check back at the end of the day and see if anything has updated or an affiliate bonus has popped up.
  3. Checking the site this morning to see if there were any sales, the 1st thing I noticed is that my cleared balance dropped by $4. I was curious as to why but there's nothing in the sales report or account balance tabs to suggest why this happened. In fact, the only evidence is that I've gotten used to seeing a particular number up there and now its a smaller number. $4 isn't much and if there was any sort of explanation (refund, a fee, etc..) I'd shrug and move on - but with many images selling for pennies, at least getting those pennies seems like a reasonable expectation. I remem
  4. 8 for $732, the last one brought my avg down from ~$100/image. No matter, a very good month for me. 3/8 were $$$ which is around the ratio I've been getting for $$$ sales out of total sales this year. Pity that soon the commission will get slashed, will be hard to get excited even with decent sales.
  5. Well as of about a week ago despite some very low $ sales, my revenue for this year is still ~26% higher than the total for last year despite having only ~89% of the sales volume. I'd guess I'll surpass last year's sales volume right around the time the new contract kicks in.
  6. This thread got me curious and I did a search as well. Within a few minutes turned up several images of mine credited to myself & alamy used last year that never appeared in the sales records. Some small uses but also a few big organizations. Incredibly frustrating that alamy is letting image reporting slip through the cracks. These are images I was able to find online in a few minutes, obviously I cannot do the same for images used offline or if the credit is removed. The fact that I was able to find multiple unreported instances from within the past 12 months by blindly poking around m
  7. Really disappointing. I'm primarily a wildlife photographer - I have some images in my portfolio which represent the ONLY photos of a particular species, many others which are very rarely seen or photographed. The costs of obtaining these images are not insignificant with tropical disease, travel to remote locations, equipment wear, etc... While I'm not delusional, I know my small biodiversity focused portfolio is of no real consequence to Alamy - I'm joining my voice to the others here. I have been exclusive with Alamy since I joined. I no longer see any reason to do so - I might as well c
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I had a QC failure years ago but none in a very long time and none that I can see in image manager. I've only ever deleted maybe a dozen images that were already on sale - when I noticed I had accidentally uploaded & keyworded a batch with my watermark present in the lower corner. I don't do much curation of my images after they're on sale. But you're right the number may be explained by deleted images as I'll sometimes delete images before I put them on sale if I notice that multiple images I am keywording are overly similar - that might
  9. Hello all, 1st post here. There's been an issue that has been bugging me for quite a while and I'm finally getting around to asking about it. There appears to be a mismatch between the # of images displayed on Alamy image manager which tells me that I have 4661 photos and then when I go to my Alamy portfolio page the number is 4547. The number hasn't been the same for as long as I can remember and the difference keeps getting larger. I don't have any images in QC, or waiting for keywording, & the difference can't be accounted for by only recent uploads Does anyone know why this might
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