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How was your February 2022?

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 3 sales. 2 for $0 and 1 for $3 gross. Absolutely c**p. Next they will be asking me to pay them for giving my images away. What an insult. Now I will put on my tin hat and wait for the usual Alamy apologists. 

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9 sales, $138 gross, $55 net.

At $15.33 gross average, still vastly underperforming vis a vis the alleged average $30 gross sales.

Lowest: $1.43 gross.

Highest, $97 gross was for a use where they asked me to release editorial restrictions. I decided the particular risk was low, so agreed provided the buyer agreed to take responsibility and he agreed.

Later in the month I got another request, this time for a calendar* use. I felt the risk was miniscule, but said I'd agree if the client or Alamy would take responsibility. Both declined, so I guess the risk was somehow greater than I'd thought. No problem, I don't need to spend the year worrying!

*Interestingly, a few years back, I had a calendar use of a famous piece of public art with an extant artist, when you couldn't tick 'editorial use only' for RM files and I just had needs release, no release for property. I was worried then, but for all I know, the calendar company might have already cleared it with the artist. I'd imagine you could make a calendar solely with different images of that work, close up, small in its environment, elevated, daytime, nighttime ...

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6227 views.  35 zooms.  Average CTR  0.56.

18 sales for a gross total of $243.32.  Highest $52.00.  Lowest $0.77.  Average $13.51.

This monthly average price is by far the lowest ever in my sixteen years with Alamy. I hope that things will only get better.

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Average number of sales with 21 but lower than average prices, a gross of $468.  No sales over $$$.  But started of March with a $200 sale this morning!


Average price (gross) $22

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Not a good month but results only reflect up to 24th Feb. No data since then. 4 sales for $59 gross.


Outstanding data looks to be updated as of today the 2nd March, 2022. To complete the month of February the sales figures above are unchanged but views are up 23% and zooms went up by a wonderful 84%. I hope a few of these translate into sales.


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