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How was your June 2021 ?

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A little early, in case I can't post later. I only terminated my contract yesterday, and my content has already gone.


Poor month with 5 items licenced for $62.77 gross. 


At 40% that would be just $25.10 for me.

 or £18.12 (before 19% corp. tax).


A few that I know of still to report. Alamy pay monthly when cleared, even if below the $50 threshold. Let's hope the bank charges are less than the licence fees !


I still have a refunded licence that hasn't been re-instated. Used in a book. I shall contact the UK publisher myself and invoice, as 8 months of emailing Alamy still nothing. I don't care if the customer's budget for their project was used up !  


All the best  everyone.


Phil / Albertsnapper

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5 minutes ago, Alex Ramsay said:

The fat lady's still silent



She's coughed out a couple of low notes for me this morning bringing the month to just shy of four figures gross, for forty-four images. One of the better months of the year despite everything.

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Odd month indeed. First half went strong, second half only one sale. Ended up 8 sales for $507, including 2 $$$. Half way through the year, both sales number and gross total are below 50% of a lousy 2020.

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9 for $74, so number of sales good, but fees were pretty disappointing. CTR plummeted to 0.48 from 0.73 last month. Hopefully just a poor month, still doing well compared to last year overall.


I'm starting to get more and more repeat sales, so will concentrate more on certain subjects....

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3 sales, a bit above average for my small port.

Only about $40 gross though so below average.

One on the 1st, one on the 2nd.....hey this is going to be a good month.....nothing until one on the 29th!

CTR tanking, average gone from something like 1.5 to about 1.07. No zooms at all this month.

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I don't think many of us left.  So far, Alamy has removed my photos but not, apparently, my access to this.  Dashboard doesn't recognize me, now.  If I'd had more $$ licenses instead of three $ licenses and one $$, June would have been a great month. 

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