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  1. I just had eight images sell on Alamy for a pithy $1.25 each for use as web editorial. I am beyond pi$$ed.
  2. @kimberlykradel Mostly personal stuff, travel, all iPhone images, some of the images also go to S*&^%*#%0
  3. I made this sale yesterday and it's not marked NU, but it is marked "Bulk Discount": Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 July 2018 End: 01 July 2023 Italy, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate $ 2.21 I've noticed that my sale prices have been going down lately. But this is not good.
  4. Tools before Furniture! I've just started researching drones and the DJI Phantoms seem to be the thing.
  5. My degree is in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting. And I also studied in a two-year program in art school for Photography (way back in the day). I do both. I am not conflicted about it. I even draw a line between my fine art photography (very abstract) and my editorial photography (very point and shoot). My painting is very abstract as well. When I travel, I take both a camera and a sketchbook, but I in those instances, I usually use my camera as a notetaking/editorial recording device as I've not much patience for sketching. On days when I'm not inspired, like today, I keyword. Stokie! I have so much respect for anyone who can make something of watercolor!
  6. fotoDogue, I think Alamy does right by its photographers. Other than saying they are sending payments on the first of the month when they actually mean any day after the first of the month. Sometimes Alamy is the only cash I have coming in for the month, so it's kind of a huge deal. I've been paid a number of times by Alamy, so I do know that it takes a few days to process once it's been sent - the bank transfer times are fairly fast with Wells, often times they are in my bank account for a day or two before the bank sends me an email, so I always check the account. I did get the email later today after this thread was already started.
  7. Wow. Thanks for your support. May you all have a beautiful and abundant day.
  8. People, I didn't ask the question to get trolled. I just wanted to know if I needed to push a button. FWIW, yes, our banks are open on Saturdays. In the US, in the tech sector (don't know about the others) if a payday falls on a weekend, the payout usually happens on the Friday before.
  9. I am rather impatient when people say they are going to pay on a certain day and then they don't. It seems like Alamy doesn't have this set up as an automated system? It shouldn't matter what day of the week the 1st falls on. I did just get an email saying they paid it out - but it's already the 3rd.
  10. It's frustrating enough to have to wait to meet the minimum payout required, but when a payout is due and the the first of the month has come and gone and nothing has happened and the pay is still sitting in my Alamy account rather than my bank account ... grrr. Do I have to press a button somewhere? This has almost never automagically happened on the actual first of the month.
  11. They are US dollars. It didn't even occur to me to ask for permission from the US Treasury. I think it's because they are too easily copied (forged) if the bills are laid out flat rather than jumbled up in a basket.
  12. Yes, I have images of tip baskets that were accepted on Alamy, but I had a few images that were bills that were laid out flat on a table and they weren't accepted.
  13. I had decided that I wasn't going to care so much about the older images that were marked "orange". I don't have a lot of images, compared to a lot of you, but the idea of re-tagging almost 1500 images (including the ones in "that app") seems daunting and I'd much rather be editing new images to upload. I noticed that my stats seem to be down last month and this month, views have sort of dried up and sales, which were never much, have kind of died. So I did a random search on my images for "farmers market" and came up with a bunch of images that only had a couple of tags and the optional information was missing. Gee. I'm kinda bummed.
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