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  1. 2 sales of the same image to the same publisher for $9.99 total. I guess that's the 'Presentation and Newsletter' category. I'm expecting one of them to disappear. But maybe not.
  2. How does one opt out of Personal Use? I've opted out of Novel Use, but I don't see a way to opt out of PU.
  3. I've been getting Upload Error messages, but I thought it was more on my end with the wifi connection I was using. I haven't had any problems in the past week - as I'm on a different network right now.
  4. I keep all of my raw, tifs, and jpgs. Most of them now live on two external hard drives, but keeping them gives me easy access if I want to use them for my own web site content, or someone makes a request and I don't have to open up photoshop to make it.
  5. I use A2 Hosting with my own WordPress installs using Imagely Themes and NextGen Pro for image management.
  6. I work on both Apple and Windows and of the two evils, I prefer Windows. Mostly because it fits my budget. I currently have a Lenovo Flex pad something or other - 15? It works fine although I have to keep making room for new images. I've been thinking of doing more film footage and thinking that my next laptop might be a gaming one. Even when I bought the Lenovo, I looked at the Alienware and thought it might be overkill, but I could use the graphics upgrade. I would go for the Alienware if you can afford it and if you don't have to carry it around all of the time. They are a bit
  7. I'm on track to equal last year (although 2016 was my best year).
  8. One little sale for $12 - an image that has sold multiple times.
  9. Oh, I thought maybe the reason for the contract changes in what we are paid (or not paid) has come to light, But maybe not. I'm not awake yet and thinking clearly.
  10. I've just started shooting small video clips and was going to research Pond5 - do Alamy and Pond5 have a distribution relationship or did Alamy purchase Pond5?
  11. Yep. I was both a photography and painting major in art school then university. And have been a visual artist and writer ever since. My fine art portfolio: KIMBA.COM
  12. I wish it happened all of the time, especially for publications. It's nice to be able to tell potential clients where your work has been previously published.
  13. I'm not going to talk about composition or subject matter, but I will mention editing. Are you editing your images before uploading? Some of the images might pop better if the shadows were lightened up and and a tiny bit of contrast added. You've got a fabulous city outside your door - explore the color of it and experiment with your compositions.
  14. Thanks Steve - uppercase M and uppercase S confused me and I couldn't think of two words they would stand for. I get it now.
  15. I've have people in my social network circles who say they are going to continue wearing masks, especially during flu and cold seasons - which I think is a good thing. So, photos may not be as outdated as you think. It may be one of those things that we retain from the pandemic.
  16. I agree with Steve. I'm in the US and it took me awhile to get that Alamy is a global company and sometimes people on the other side of the world need all the details, especially the location, in the caption to make sure they have the right photo for their picture needs. I've worked as a travel guidebook editor and the more detail in the captions for a place I've never been, or hadn't been to lately, made all of the difference. I think we at first think that the caption will be printed with the image, but that is generally not the case. The caption is more for the photo editor who
  17. John, I don't check "Editorial Only" for photos of my own objects, food that I've made myself, personal lifestyle, etc. and plants and veggies or things/objects that are now gone (but even those I weigh the options). I'm currently going through my portfolio and am surprised that all of my editorial ticks are gone. I don't remember going through it before and making all of my images commercial. All of my sales have been editorial, so I'm not worried, but, it's weird. Maybe I did untick everything a while back when Alamy hinted that we would make more money if we didn't tick editori
  18. David, ok I get it - the same reasons we always checked "Editorial Only", just more so now.
  19. I had my first distribution sale this year and received 1/3 of the image sale price, which was still over $100. Why is everyone ticking editorial only?
  20. I agree here. And to take it a little further, I would say to think of stock photography as more "point and shoot", still composing the images - especially when it comes to travel - but not adding the drama. Most editorial stock is used for illustrations, to illustrate a story or a listicle. You can keep adding your dramatic images to your stock portfolio, but they may sell better from your own web site as prints.
  21. I have Prime, but I'm not keen on storing any of my files on big company servers. I won't put anything in "the cloud". I'm a luddite when it comes to this stuff and I also know too much from my years as a QA Engineer and working on networks. I use external hard drives - I have two right now with the same files on each. I store them in separate places.
  22. My other option might be that I could just leave my laptop and back up drives (that hold the images) to someone and they can do what they want and start their own stock account/s. Or not.
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