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  1. I think it is probably genuine as I have had something similar but the first part was worded differently as for some reason they couldn't pay me and just want me to check my details on my contributor dashboard I too have forwarded it to them just to double check but at the moment have just received the standard 'auto reply'.
  2. Raptors generally poop right before they take off, lighten the load I guess.
  3. I agree but this is Alamy, not another agency and RM/RF is pretty blurred at the moment If an image is marked 'editorial only' there is a banner on the image stating that 'get in touch for commercial uses'. By all accounts they do contact contributors to possibly remove restrictions, so I can make a decision then based on the potential riskiness of the image. It just seems to me like an added protection buffer amidst the new contract furore at present
  4. Isn't the risk that the contract places on us that the buyer may not get permission from the owner and the buyer may not eliminate trademarks? I too am staying ultra cautious at the moment. I may lose some sales but at the moment that seems the lesser of any possible losses.
  5. I am taking my philosophical guidance from the German entry to Eurovision 'I don't feel hate, I just feel sorry'
  6. I still can't believe a grown man ran to the mods to get somebody banned from a forum,
  7. If my images have the slightest chance of having people or property in them I have always marked them as 'people/property - yes', 'no releases' and 'editorial only' since I started Whether that will still cover me on the expanded/newly worded new contract I am still trying to work out
  8. She is probably too busy forwarding e-mails about possible liability issues back to the contributors
  9. Unfortunately this is me. I was on MS as I thought Alamy was slightly above my pay grade but dropped MS when I got accepted by Alamy. I only have a small young port but it seems quite efficient. This year I have licensed 1-2 images per month on a port of up to 400 and my average CTR is 1.2. The problem for me is that at 1-2 licenses per month and ever decreasing fees, I am unlikely to hit 'gold' and therefore my commission is likely will drop from 40/50% to 20%! Seems like a pretty big stick to try and encourage me to expand my portfolio. If I was A
  10. Not sure I really understand the question but I'll try and answer. Bear in mind I am just an amateur and this is what I try and do, not that I am often successful, so take from it what you will. Every lens tends to have a sweet 'f/stop' spot but if you are worried about IQ there are plenty of other things that will have more effect on IQ in wildlife photography than the aperture. Birds are not static objects they twitch, move, lots of motion blur, jump from good light to poor light and that is if you can find them in the first place, get close enough and get anywhere near a de
  11. This little chap is probably a juvenile so plumage is a bit drab, he started to colour up a little bit and began to get that beautiful green, purple sheen that they have for breeding. He has gone now probably off to Spain for the summer like most British teenagers
  12. I'm blushing now! Wow, thanks for your kind words The pigs are fun. In the New Forest in England they have a tradition of allowing farmers to release their pigs into the wild to clear the acorns that are otherwise poisonous to wild ponies. The rings in the noses are to stop them from rooting around too deep but does give them a kind of fun punky look, like rebel teenagers. Its a shame that there isn't audio as you could hear my missus, 'Martin, your too close!' 'Get back, Martin, get back' 'She's gonna charge!' She calmed down and got distracted when one of t
  13. This reminds me of somebody shouting 'bundle' in the playground. People are even having a pop at me for trying to add a bit of reason and I'm just on the outside watching eating my Lemon Sherbert.
  14. Lets be fair, it was Ian that posted the link not the OP
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