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  1. Totally agree with the lack of eye contact thing and the looking down rather than at people I use an angle finder on my ancient Canon for close to ground shots and have noticed a complete difference in peoples attitudes if I use it standing up
  2. Well I can see a concept. How about 'I'm nuts about you'. A bit cheesy but I've seen worse
  3. Nice try! It may be interesting for people to see different results with different software as I had a crack at it with a free open source software (I can hear the thump of Adobe-ites falling off their stools from here!) How can we do this?
  4. I really enjoyed this processing problem, never had to do anything as extreme as this Thanks for posting the image Ian (don't worry I have already deleted the original RAW, I downloaded it before you got rid) I'm not sure how anyone would organise it but a monthly 'processing challenge' thread would be fun.
  5. Warning: If your optically sensitive get your sunglasses. Doors on an old barge Illuminated shed through an open door at night Doors of an old cabinet in a workshop
  6. 10 cents are not what the buyer pays that is the commission the contributor gets. Yes buyers can get a lot cheaper licenses but only applies if they have bought a monthly/yearly subscription allowing them 10/50/100 downloads depending on their package. If they have a subscription license I doubt they will have looked on Alamy first, they would have gone straight to their subscribed site.
  7. Yes he was claiming about lack of sales but that does not prove any hypothesis. We all know the rate of MS licenses and Alamy licenses are not comparable Like Alex I have had image license on here for $$ and pennies on MS (not anymore as it has been removed from MS) which tends to disprove your disprove and goes along with James's theory in the article
  8. I have wanted to post a link to this article for a while but have upset enough of the red arrow wielding locals on here that I couldn't really be bothered. Alex always has interesting articles on the general state of the stock industry (and while I have been typing he's replied) I haven't bothered to submit to MS sites due to the crazy AI QC process and the paltry commission since the summer and just concentrate on Alamy. At least they are trying to do the right thing by me and I think that deserves my stupid little bit of support. I initially tried the idea of pi
  9. Those two would make a brilliant transition pic of one side in snow and the other in sun
  10. My theory is that the majority sit on hard drives never to see the light of day. A lot of the 'cheaper' images are through subscription packages where an upfront fee entitles you to x number of downloads. Therefore people download to fill their monthly quota and have 'just in case' images for well....just in case and because they can
  11. Did a double take then, thought I had logged into an MS forum
  12. Crispness, sharpness seems to be a digital obsession, the ability to inspect images at such a high magnification on a PC I guess doesn't help. I used to stress about it quite a lot but remembered that I never did in the film days. My limitations as a photographer certainly outweigh the limitations of my ancient equipment I tend to chill about it now, lots of other things to worry about.
  13. To help the people more expert than I, you may have to clarify your definition of 'very low sales'
  14. New contributors could do exactly the same. Unfortunately nobody knows which images the market has had enough of.
  15. Only two years ago on the 15 Nov 2018 that was you. Everybody has the right to upload whatever and when ever they want
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