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  1. Same thing for me about a week ago, deleted one uploaded by mistake and re-added the same pic but with adjusted colours. Old one was deleted immediately.
  2. Bionic answered the question I was just being a bit slow Just to clarify that these were not similars as in the example above e.g:
  3. I guess the clue was in the word 'Views'. I really should have taken it literally. I didn't think it was that clever and was just the results of a search. Duh! Thanks
  4. Something strange seems to be going on but maybe its just me and somebody can help In my 'Your Images' under 'Alamy Measures' there is an entry for the term 'steam ship' that somebody searched for. When I click on that it only brings up one of my images. I have about 5-6 images of steamships. So I thought maybe I had messed up with the keywords and missed putting that term in the tags so I want through double checking. The one that shows in the results has 'steam ship' in the caption, the rest that didn't show have (the correct) 'steamship' in the caption but do have
  5. Conjured up memories of the late Eric Morecombe: "He's not going to sell much ice-cream going at that speed, is he?"
  6. Yeah, sorry, you are right, what was I thinking. Maybe you can help, Is there a sort of kindergarten forum for new contributors where I can try and help but not upset any of the older contributors?
  7. Blimey, ease up. Nobody is talking about being bound by the restrictions. In fact I was there today snapping away. Surely it's better to find out about these things no matter how 'un-enforceable' to prepare other snappers against any possible surprises or challenges Fore warned is fore armed after all. I understand some people get heated up about their rights as photographers but if I speak to someone in authority that says 'nah, mate, stock is not a problem' then I know I can put my tin hat away and hopefully pass that info on.
  8. What happens when something rare turns up on the local marshes........I actually couldn't get them all in
  9. I phrased that wrong. On the website their 'commercial' means selling photos for profit, which therefore doesn't matter if it is commercial or editorial on Alamy. It's up to you what you do with the photos or what anyone else does so ignore it if you want, I just thought it was worth letting you know that there are photographic restrictions in force. i have looked into this as I only live down the road and is quite frustrating as I have yet to find the answer if permission is required just for big photo shoots with vans, models, lights etc or if it does include someone like me just t
  10. I only found this out last week, I guess you are aware but if not, apparently you need to apply and get permission from the Forestry Commission to take commercial photos in the New Forest. Not sure what they would do about it but it might be wise to be careful.
  11. This is not comparable at all. One is 'changing' reality and the other is 'presenting' reality necessary due to the limitations of lenses etc
  12. Here's my attempts.... Drop of nectar from the flower of a Mother In Laws Tongue (Snake) plant Little Egret landing at sunset ' Get off my land' Puffin
  13. We are different then as I take notice of the quality of the work regardless of earnings.
  14. True, I apologise, it didn't come across very well that's all Probably with jealously For some people it probably is
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