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  1. Learning today that since 1970 we have lost over two/thirds of wildlife
  2. That is a big statement, what level of seriousness in your experience do you recommend? I don't use Adobe, I now feel inadequate in that I am not serious enough about my photography.
  3. If people haven't seen these already, some are just amazing https://www.birdpoty.co.uk/2020-finalists
  4. For the location it really looks like somewhere on the Sierra Nevada in California as the scape looks very much what you find in Yosemite National Park. Now where exactly is another question (of course I could be in the wrong part of the world completely!)
  5. It's an adult goldfinch. Male and females are pretty identical so take your pick
  6. You forgot to put your normal 'nothing personal' in front or has your opinion now changed to a more personal attack?
  7. I apologise if I misinterpreted you but the comment above didn't sound over complimentary to new contributors hence my initial reaction
  8. Thanks. Sorry to the op for hi-jacking his thread, I'll back out now
  9. Sorry John, might be new to Alamy but have you thought I might not be new to stock? Anyway thanks for the welcome, reading some of the comments from 'other' existing contributors just stank of arrogance. If they are worried about more competition maybe they should up their game.
  10. As a new contributor I would love to know why existing contributors think they have got all the bases covered and I have nothing to offer ?
  11. Found my first hedgehog in the garden last night, today I built it a house.
  12. There is a bit of a story behind this little lady. If you notice she is blind in her left eye. I kept seeing her for a couple of weeks and even saw her hunt successfully once which I was amazed at due to her disability and that they rely so heavily on their acute vision. Unfortunately I haven't seen her since but as we have regular nesting kestrels nearby maybe (hopefully) she found herself a new territory.
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