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  1. Man, these are great pics, aren't they. Even a hint of a smile on Gretas face in appreciation!
  2. Phil Robinson posted an image that he said was one of his favourites (I can see why) but had only just licensed for the first time. It got me thinking, I bet there are lots of fantastic images that for some reason have never licensed Maybe for us as photographers it was a favourite because it was a particularly difficult shot or it had some important personal meaning It would be great to see them. For me it is this one. I don't really know why and it probably isn't that great an image to other people (probably why it has never licensed 🙂) but for me being a nature lo
  3. Pigs > cows 😉 Grumpy Mummy Pig Happy Baby Pig Pigs Foraging In the Wild... (pigs arse > cows arse)
  4. We had a hedgehog regularly visit last year and my missus christened him Branston Prickle (probably one for the Brits).
  5. Some people I think use the red arrows for a different purpose, in this instance they are probably disagreeing with Alamy's protracted procedure of payment rather than Betty's reply and explanation. (I gave her a like to balance it up)
  6. Alex I am not the worlds best at this but with a similar size port and having joined at the same time, I generally get approx 2 licenses per month (although last month was rubbish for me) I didn't make this comparison to try and boast or belittle as my pics are not that much better but I think what might be the difference is keywords and captions (and I struggle at those as well) To be honest your keywords and captions are a bit feeble. No matter how good your pics are if people can't find them they won't be bought. Sometimes it just involves quite a lot of research e.g.
  7. Sorry but I find this a bit patronising. Sure insects are difficult but you have no idea of anybody's expertise on this forum.
  8. Don't think its a Mosquito, the antennae are much too small and it has quite a distinctive striped thorax, also a bit too big. For me its a Dagger Fly, family Empididae. Good luck on the species however, maybe Empis livida https://www.naturespot.org.uk/family/empididae
  9. My old football coach used to say that the only use my right foot got in a game was for standing on
  10. I've now got this image of lots of different various people across the world squinting at a pot plant through their fingers 😄
  11. Chuffed. Thanks Paulette. The OH and I were stalking a single doe which eventually led us to the rest of the family, all enjoying the winter sunshine. Those two were watching and seemingly judging a pair of youngsters and potential future rivals 'play rutting',
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