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  1. Hmmmmm, E-mail 'gmail.com' plus first three letters of 'Crosscountry' = gmail.comcro
  2. Bit late to the party. 1. Sea Fog or Fret, Low Tide, Christchurch Harbour UK 2. Does no weather count? Minimalist pic of a very calm day looking over the Solent/Christchurch Bay from Milford On Sea (you might know somebody from there, Michael 😉) 3. Jumping the waves during Storm Francis, UK
  3. Hmmmmm, maybe. The problem is that for big (3.5 inch) SATA drives they do consume power to drive them so it is better to have a powered dock rather than just a cable. Might be ok for a PC but never tried. Those cables are fine for SSDs and laptop drives (2.5 inch) as they take less power to spin them up (in fact a lot of the external drives that you buy pre-cased are actually laptop drives if you dismantle them as Vincent suggested)
  4. A USB docking station (like this Docking Station) and you are good to go. We use them at work like this all the time with no issues and I have a 1Tb attached to a docking station for music, photos, videos etc.
  5. Taken from the Twitter feed today: 'Somewhere in the 560 photos you’ve taken today, you’ll find ‘the one’' Yes we know but please don't license that for 0.18 cents!
  6. Almost got the shot but my disguise as one of those knitted dolly toilet roll covers was unfortunately rumbled quite quickly me being 6 foot and all
  7. Low prices are bad enough but what I think really rankles is that a simple shot of a shop sign can license for the same low amount as say a rare shot of the Queen of England on the toilet. What would be nice is a check box on AIM for something like 'Include in Image Pack'. Alamy trust us enough to do our own QC, they can surely trust us to know when we have a 'cheap'un' or a 'good'un'. We could then choose if we want only the 'cheap'uns' to be part of the 'image pack' and possibly smaller fees but license more often and keep the 'good'uns' in a more premier collection. Th
  8. I wasn't taking offence. I'm the one that should apologise for poorly wording a feeble attempt at a joke that could be misconstrued in that way, sorry.
  9. Favorite upload just because of the most appropriate Latin name ever.......Phallus impudicus.........even more appropriate if you pronounce the last name 'impuDICKus'
  10. Couple of days ago, we had 2 1/2 inches of rain, followed by two days of wind which got up to 60mph. There were power outages and some trees fell. That’s life in the plains on the south coast of England
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