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January 2021 Challenge: Pandemic


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If you have taken any photos during 2020 then you will undoubtedly have something that reflects a very unusual year affecting everyone across the world. It seems fitting I think, when cases are on the rise in many places and the end still seems a long way off, to make this the first challenge of a year which will hopefully end better than it starts.


Given the long list of topics already set, I found many I thought had already been chosen. It’s going to get increasingly difficult to find new ones and it will be interesting to see how inventive we can be in forthcoming months.


Rules are the same as always: any Alamy contributor can post up to 3 images that are on sale by the deadline of midnight January 31st UK time. The image should convey something about the pandemic, whether it be someone wearing a face mask, a closed notice, social distancing etc etc without the viewer needing a caption to know it was taken during the pandemic. 


I will choose a selection for everyone to vote on in a poll following the deadline.


Here are a few examples of mine:











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40 minutes ago, meanderingemu said:

Congrats on winning. 


This is going to be tough to choose 3.  Thanks for the instructions however that narrows it down as many of my Pandemic images are about the adaptation, so caption required.    Will choose this week-end

Thanks. Yes, I realise it may be a tougher challenge than usual as it's limited to one year. Maybe it will encourage people to take pandemic related photos though - you don't have to go outside to do so as some of my examples show.

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I have one image with "pandemic" in the keywords and it does not stand up for itself so I am going to have to search through all my 2020 images batch by batch.


Ah well! It gives me something to do.


Be back later, much later.




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1 hour ago, Sally said:

Thanks. Yes, I realise it may be a tougher challenge than usual as it's limited to one year. Maybe it will encourage people to take pandemic related photos though - you don't have to go outside to do so as some of my examples show.

i have plenty, but some of them like a theatre company forced to move the play outside the entrance,   turning the local sports field into a drive in require caption,  and anti-vaxx and QAnon protests are wider then the pandemic.


but not to worry still have options. 


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Congrats again Sally, loved the penguins! Tough one for me but I will give it a go!


1) An overhead warning sign on the Capitol Beltway, near Washington DC





2) A hospital ER Doctor who works with Covid-19 patients




3) Outside the hospital where my daughter works!




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Pandemic Halloween decorations Canadian style






Uyghur rally, where to encourage usage demonstrators were all provided with masks in colours of Uyghurian Flag.




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removing exposure of image now that contest over
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Congratulations, Sally. Here are are my three pandemic offerings.


People physical distancing in downtown Vancouver





Older couple making some noise in support of healthcare workers





Children's chalk drawings advising people to stay safe at home






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After trawling all my 2020 images I have only one image I can enter for the competion.


Discarded anti virus mask in grass at road verge May 2020

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Congratulations on your win, Sally. Here's my three pandemic pics.


1. Family shopping trip (2C81NHN)




2. Socially distanced friends (2BYB42E)




3. Phone box decorated in appreciation of NHS and carers (2C40NWG)




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Three from me


A rare attempt at a conceptual picture


A UK passport with US dollars and a mask, in response to travelling with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 Stock Photo































A man reaching for one of the three remaining packs of meat in a supermarket.

Empty shelves in a supermarket in Quebec City as people panic buy in response to the Covid-19 hysteria. Stock Photo





The milk section in our supermarket. The pasta, spuds and loo roll section looked the same.


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1) The first days of the pandemic in the USA, submitted to Live News, about a week before the initial lockdown.


Oakland, USA. 9th Mar, 2020. Grand Princess cruise ship disembarks at the Port of Oakland after 19 crew members and 2 passengers tested positive for Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus. One person on the cruise died from the virus.








2) Billboards in downtown Oakland, CA, USA. Billboard for black community to raise covid public health awareness. Black Lives Matter. Virus is real.













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Congrats on your win with your perfect penguins! 

Tough challenge really, every picture from last year is "pandemic" somehow. I see a winning picture already though :D Here are my three:


1) Schrödingers covid on a Vaporetto in Venice. Didn't see any fish in the canals (was probably too late for my stopover during the "good" phase) and wish my involuntary model was wearing their mask right but I really like this semi-hopeful split shot... 



2) But in march.. All the deserted landmarks. Hadn't been to Brandenburg Gate in years, but walked there just to see what it looks like without people. Some others on bikes, everyone taking pictures of this rare sight. 



3) And this was true all year, not much to add. 


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