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January 2021 Challenge: Pandemic


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Many congrats on your win Sally!
three from me...


Shedding blood for my art ... antibody test arrived in the post.

Finger pricked, speck of blood ready for Covid 19 coronavirus in home antibody testing research study. Antibody test kit.Pandemic,epidemic,blood test. Stock Photo

(I was negative for antibodies, but it did get me a few shots)


Empty Esplanade in Sidmouth

Keep your distance signs, social distancing, painted onto the Esplanade at Sidmouth, Devon, England, UK Stock Photo


Empty playground in Sidmouth

Sidmouth, Devon, 26th Mar 2020 Chioldren's playground closed near the seafront in Sidmouth, Devon, due to social distancing measures in light of the coronavirus lockdown. Credit: Photo Central/Alamy Live News Stock Photo




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I'll submit mine now because I don't think I'm going to get any more like this for a while. All taken in 2020 and posted without captions per the spirit of the OP.


Coronavirus Tier 3 very high alert in Manchester near the Arndale Centre, Christmas shoppers on the streets during coronavirus pandemic, Dec 2020, UK Stock Photo





Manchester, England, UK. 30th Dec 2020. Scenes from around Manchester city centre late on the evening of the 30th. At midnight the city will be placed under Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions after a government announcement earlier today. A woman in a tram wearing a face mask makes eye contact. Credit: Callum Fraser/Alamy Live News Stock Photo





A man applies striped tape to the ground outside a chip shop in Manchester city centre as a social distancing guide. Customers wearing PPE wait Stock Photo


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I have several more. One of the things I did in the early days, was just walk around outside through empty streets and parking lots day after day to get some exercise. I feel a lot of emotion looking back at those photos. Especially one of a tiny solo rollerblader blissfully skating in a giant parking lot with his arms outstretched. I'm torn whether I should include that one instead or one of the other three I submitted. I can't tell if it's a good photo or if it has just mostly private meaning. It was so poignant to see someone happy and enjoying such freedom, after the whole world was shut down.

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Three from me


A lone protester on the steps of the City hall in Berlin protesting the closure of schools

her signs say 'I want to go to school', 'I am bored' and 'where are my friends?'


'Fridays for future' Protest in Berlin


Graffiti and street art  - Haus Schwarzenberg




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10 minutes ago, Phil Crean said:

Si!! Well spotted!

Only time I got airsick flying over them!

Crap pilots threw us all over the place and didn't provide sickbags! 



Me too! Am never sick anywhere, plane, boat or car, but was feeling very queezy over the Nazca lines. The pilot would dive over a figure while I was behind the viewfinder. I did aerobatics in a biplane with no problems at all!!

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