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  1. Dear Colin, When we're broken and feel like we're drowning... (Cerclo Humano sculpture at the Museo Atlantico underwater museum) ... empty inside and suffocating... (The "gas masks room" inside the abandoned elementary school number 3 in Pripyat, Chernobyl exclusion zone) ... it helps to remember that even the biggest f**kups can and will be fixed, somehow. (New Safe Confinement of Chernobyl reactor no. 4)
  2. August was gravity defying,... ... Under water ... In the sky ... And on Mars
  3. Here we go. As all I grow at home is hair and dirty dishes, my entries are a little more interpretative 😁 1) Berlin, my home, always growing. Not only in buildings but in and out of its own history too. The historical City Palace reconstructed in this picture is in the former location of the Palace of the Republic, a previous modernist building that housed the GDR parliament: 2) Homegrowing woes, only in India edition: 3) Not really home and not really growing, but a traditional way of preserving food: Harðfiskur, Icelandic dried fish, hanging outside to dry. If you ever think about growing your own dry fish clotheslines at home, make sure you can handle the nightmares these heads can bring:
  4. It does, loved it. So much of Lanzarote looks like Mars... I rented a bike and drove around all alone, I felt like an astronaut explorer ❤️
  5. Surreal nature meets surreal summer of 2020...
  6. Looks like I don't have to eat my shoes 😊
  7. Just look at this crazy piece of nature on acid... Lago Verde in Lanzarote:
  8. That said - I'll eat my shoes if that fire waterfall doesn't win 😁
  9. Last second entry! 1) Fire & Air: Mascleta (a daytime fireworks display, wonderfully loud and with the rest of the festival part of UNESCO's immaterial world heritage) during the Fallas of Valencia on March 8 2020, just days before the lockdown in Spain, and shot by the most famous female pyrotechnician on woman's day... 2) Earth & Water: Baltic sea and the white cliffs of Rügen, Germany. 3) Fire, Water (well, ice), Earth & Air: On Myrdalsjökull glacier in Iceland. Where is the fire you ask? The black material on the ground you see there is not just regular gravel, but ashes from the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Where is the air you ask? Well - we all remember Europe's air traffic back then don't we...
  10. Mid-pandemic fresh air on the white cliffs of Rügen island in the Baltic sea...
  11. These sum up June I guess... The mural at Mauerpark (Berlin wall site): Racism is a pandemic too: It doesn't get more 2020 than this (I already made it into a sticker 😅) : And here I laughed so much and made the guy hold his sign straight for me so we can read it in its full glory: True dat.
  12. Hi everyone, first post ever here 🥳 Love the idea of a monthly subject and the entries so far are great, laughed so hard at a few! 3 signs from me: 1) Don't go there 2) Spiritual healing 3) Yeah...
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